XECCON 2000W LED Grow Light Review For Indoor Plants

Indoor marijuana growing has come a long way from what it was some years ago. Besides many of the states legalizing the growing and consumption of the product, growers are having it easier because of the introduction of better and more efficient growing tools and equipment into the market.

XECCON 2000 w led grow light

One of the most essential growing tools is the LED grow light as it contributes to the largest percentage of indoor crop growth. The grow lights come in varying brands, designs and strengths. Some of the grow lights have low wattage while others have high wattage. Some come with full light spectrum coverage abilities while others provide average coverage. When choosing the grow light to use for your crops, you have to ensure that it has everything needed for quality performance.

One of the newest additions in the market is XECCON 2000w LED grow light, which uses the latest technology to generate light and heat. The light, which is ideal for all indoor hydroponic crops, boasts of unique and quality features that you do not find in the older LED grow lights. below is a review of the grow light.

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Summary of features

  • Full spectrum light coverage
  • Scientifically engineered SMD LED chips
  • Veg and bloom switches
  • Energy efficient LEDs
  • Two-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Daisy chain socket


For cannabis growers looking for the most modern grow lights, the XECCON 20000W LED grow light is your best bet. The grow light comes with a beautiful design and a durable construction. One of the best highlights of the grow light is the latest SMD LED chip.

The scientifically engineered chip comes with better abilities to balance the par output and offer full coverage to the grow space and all the crops. The chip technology also provides low heat irrespective of the light brightness. The LED grow light provides full light spectrum for the plants with its white light and blue red IR UV.

The light allows your plants to grow healthy irrespective of the season and into the night with ease. Another quality feature the grow light comes with is the double switch system. The system consists of a veg and bloom switch that helps you to regulate the light brightness during the different stages of growth. The veg switch is ideal for crops at their seedling and vegetative stages while the bloom is suitable for the cannabis plants at their flowering or blooming phase.

The switching from veg to bloom stages leads to bigger buds that result in much higher yields. The system also helps to save on energy. Compared to the HPS/CMH grow lights, this grow light consumes only 120 watts, which saves you 50% of the electricity bill.

The energy saving feature does not limit the grow lights coverage area. The grow light also comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty and a 30-day full money back guarantee. The customer care service is excellent and the company is always at hand to answer any questions and provide any information that will make it easier for you to use the grow light.

The long lasting LED light gives 50,000 hours of service. In the package, you get one LED grow light, one power cord, a user manual and one hanging kit. Because of the extreme brightness of the light, the recommended distance between crops and light should be 24 inches. The daisy chain system allows the grow light to connect to up to ten other grow lights for more effective delivery of light and higher performance.

For cooling effects, the grow light comes with two powerful fans that ensure that heat dissipation and temperature control are at their best for the crops best performance. The light weighs only 6lbs and it comes with an easy installation set-up.


XECCON 2000W LED Grow Light

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  • Great light coverage for all the crops and grow space
  • Affordable
  • Two fans for temperature control and heat dissipation
  • Daisy chain system that allows other devices or lights to connect to this grow light for greater performance
  • Cost efficiency
  • Long lasting as it can go for 50,000 hours
  • Lightweight
  • Easy installation
  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Uses newest technology for scientifically engineered SMD led chips
  • Veg and bloom switches that help with the regulation of the lighting system for different phases of growth resulting to higher and better yields
  • Comes with a convenient to use hanging kit
  • Affordable


  • Power cord not long enough
  • You have to use eye protection when using the light as it is too bright
  • Cannot give coverage to more than three crops or a larger grow space

Customer’s reviews

Many of the customers were happy with their purchases due to varying reasons with majority of them giving the light five stars. On average, XECCON 2000w LED grow watt has a star rating of 4.5 which is quite high. Some of the customers hailed the grow light for the affordable price, while others loved it for the unique features.

Some of the features include the veg and bloom switches, the intensity and full coverage of the lights and the daisy chain system. Others loved the product because of its easy installation and set-up. Many of the customers also said that the grow light provided value for its cost.

One of the main complaints is on the bright and blinding light. While the bright light is perfect for the proper and healthy growth of the cannabis plants, you may want to protect your eyes from any damage by wearing goggles.

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Wrapping it up

With more growers embracing the new, there is no reason why you should not try to do the same and try out the best of what technology can offer. XECCON is one of the newest models of LED grow lights making headlines in the marijuana industry. It is not only a new design but it comes with quality features that give it value for its money.

The easy to use and install LED grow light has better energy saving features than the other older models, which is a plus to many farmers. It also comes with a beautiful and sturdy design that looks good in the grow space. The only drawback worth noting is the bright light, which you can take care easily by wearing eye protective gear.


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