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Smoking has been around for many years and the trend is not ending anytime soon. The difference between smokers of yesteryears and today’s smokers is that more and more of them are choosing to roll their own joints rather than buy the conventional cigarette from the stores. MARIJUANA too is slowly replacing TOBACCO in many states.

One of the reasons for the popularity of marijuana over tobacco is that it comes with medical benefits. While some people still rely on ordinary rolling papers to make joints, many users today use natural rolling papers because they are healthier to use. Some of the best rolling papers in the market today are OCB ROLLING PAPERS, which are slowly becoming a favorite with many smokers. What exactly makes the ocb rolling papers stand out? Read on to find out.

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Short Summary of Ocb Rolling Papers

Before we look at the detailed review of ocb rolling papers, here is a short summary

  • The papers are made from 100% natural Arabic gum of the African Acacia tree
  • Comes in two sizes, regular ocb hemp size and kingsize slim hemp size
  • Kingsize slim comes with a quintessential tip
  • Easy to roll
  • Each box contains 50 packs of rolling papers
  • Eco-friendly
  • Price of the rolling papers depends on your preference

Ocb Rolling Papers Review

For over 100 years, OCB has delivered the best quality paper for bibles, letters and books among others. In 1999, the company went further and added premium rolling papers to their collection. Just like all the other products, the rolling papers became a hit with many WEED smokers because of all the benefits that they come with.

The rolling papers are among the thinnest in the market, which is a big plus to smokers. In many cases, thin rolling papers tear up easily because they cannot hold the bulk of weed or tobacco. You will never have to experience this with Ocb Rolling Papers because the company uses the best art and advanced technology to make strong thin papers that are easy to roll even for first time users.

The rolling papers burn smoothly, slowly and clean. Ocb rolling papers are made from hemp plant fibers. The natural organic material makes the rolling papers some of the healthiest in the market.

Hemp is environment friendly and the fibers create a medium that makes it easier to roll the joints. The gum that ocb rolling papers feature is also very different from many other rolling papers. The gum is made from 100% pure natural Arabic gum found in the African Acacia tree. The rolling paper comes in regular and kingsize slim sizes.

Regular size hemp ocb rolling papers

Specifically designed for normal size smokers, the regular ocb rolling papers are also ideal for everyday and casual smokers. The papers are easy to role and they use ocb hemp rolling paper of the smallest size. It burns smoothly and evenly with no wastage of weed as you roll. The regular hemp rolling papers come in 50 packs per box.

Kingsize slim hemp rolling papers

After the regular size hemp rolling paper, the next on line is the kingsize slim hemp ocb rolling papers. Measuring 109 mm by 44 mm, the rolling papers are also a bigger version of the regular ones. The papers come with a silver holographic labeling in a black packaging, which sets them apart from the other ocb range of products.

Just like the regular sized rolling papers, the kingsize slim rolling papers are also ultra-thin, easy to roll, lightweight and they burn smoothly and slowly. A full box of kingsize rolling papers contains 50 packs with each pack having 32 leaves making each box have 1600 leaves. Connoisseur weed users prefer using the kingsize rolling paper other than the regular size.

Users’ Reviews

With a star rating of five stars, majority of the users of ocb rolling papers have only good things to say about them. Below are two user reviews on the rolling papers.

James from UK had this to say: “I’m really happy with the quality of the rolling papers’ will be purchasing another box when I’ve worked through this one and would highly recommend them”

PaulieP had this to say’ “These are the perfect papers. They are not so thick like zigzags and do not have an awkward taste. They are not too thin either meaning they do not rip easily. You will love this brand. One of the best worldwide.”

Our Verdict

If you want class, and a clean healthy smoking experience, you can never go wrong with ocb hemp rolling papers they are not only healthy but they are thin, do not rip and you have a choice of either the kingsize or the regular size. Ocb is also a reputable company and buying any of their products means, you are buying quality. Our verdict would be buy the rolling papers and you will not regret as they are worth their price.

Ocb Premium King Size Slim Rolling Paper

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Wrapping it up

Whether you are a novice or a weed connoisseur, using ocb rolling papers ensures that you get everything you need from your joint. The papers are eco-friendly and they make smoking easy and fun. We hope this article will help you further in making the right decision as to which rolling paper you want to use next for your next roll. You can also read on other ROLLING PAPERS from our earlier articles.

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