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Choosing a rolling paper for your weed is a matter of preference. As a cannabis smoker, it is a right to learn how to roll a joint. You will find different rolling paper brands in the market. However, you make the final decision and choose the best that can give you a fantastic smoking experience. When selecting cannabis buds to smoke, you often have to take it through intensive scrutiny to ensure that you only use the top quality. It should be the same for the rolling papers. You only need to find and use only the top quality weed rolling papers in the market.


There are several things you should consider when choosing a rolling paper. The most significant factor is the use of chemicals in the papers. You can find papers that are bleached or unbleached. People use chemicals on rolling papers to alter the color of the article, its strength and hoe it burns. Some of the substances that are mostly used are calcium carbonate, potassium nitrate, and chlorine. They may cause serious health problems.

If you want to get the ultimate weed experience, make sure that you use weed papers that are free from chemicals. The best rolling papers you can use are Hemp rolling papers. They are entirely natural and do not contain any impurities. One type of rolling hemp paper that is a favorite in the market is the Raw King Size Slim Organic Hemp Rolling Paper.

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Raw King Size Slim Organic Hemp Rolling Paper Review

The Brand name of the company is well recognized and not for any wrong reasons. Raw contains a variety of rolling paper options that are fan favorites to many cannabis smokers. The company uses only top-shelf organic hemp to make the papers. The rolling paper is pure and comes with 32 ultra-thin papers. They are of the right size for a great fat joint. Unlike other brands, you do not require to trim the excess width. When you light the paper, it burns consistently and thoroughly leaving you with an excellent taste experience. The gum used in the Raw rolling paper is health-conscious and a perfect change to rolling papers that derive their glue from animal products. The glue that Raw uses comes from the sap of an acacia tree. Since they do not use chlorine to bleach the papers, they are not as bright as other rolling papers. They have a tan color that stems from the color of the hemp. The Raw papers also have a crisscrossing watermark that helps the joint has an even burn while reducing the risks of runs and promoting a smooth smoke. You can purchase either a pack of 4, 10 or 50. One package contains 32 leaves.


  • It is made from organic materials
  • The paper is easy to roll
  • The paper is always consistent and makes excellent joints
  • It burns smoothly
  • The papers are thin and translucent but not fragile
  • It does not contain any additives
  • It is highly affordable


It does not have any crease

What others Say:

“Absolutely great papers! The papers are organic, burn great, don’t have any tastes, and the owner gives back! I’m all set with the dyes and bleach in the other papers. RAW is where it’s at! My personal favorite is the connoisseur 1 1/4 +tips. Don’t mind if it’s the classics or the organic hemp. Both are good.”

                                                                                                                                                              ~Amazon Grows

“I absolutely love RAW products!!! There are easy to roll with! They seem to be stronger than others, even though they are exceptionally thin. #420sweepstakes.”


Choosing a Hemp Rolling Paper

You should be careful when choosing the hemp that will meet your needs. Your first consideration should be the size of the paper. Does it fit your requirements? Does the rolling paper use any chemicals or bleachers? And which is your favorite rolling paper brand? When you answer those questions, you can make an excellent choice that suits you.

Raw King Size Slim Organic Hemp Rolling Papers

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Summing Up

Every cannabis consumer that uses Raw products is more than impressed by what the brand offers in terms of quality and effectiveness. The brand does not under deliver. If you are a purist that wants to enjoy a good clean smoke without any chemical footprint, the organic Raw Hemp rolling paper is what you need to use for your next joint rolls. The Papers are thin and translucent, but they are strong enough to handle rough handling. They come with a Raw trademark that helps to ensure the joint burns evenly. You can be sure to enjoy a pleasant and calm smoking experience as you savor the taste of your weed while the joint burns slowly. Feel free to contact us if you have any queries about the above product.

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