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There are numerous types of rolling papers such as hemp, flavored, OCB, and branded rolling papers such as Bob Marley. However, have you ever heard of gold rolling papers? These are rolling papers made for use by people living in luxury. Today, gold rolling papers are getting a lot of attention due to their appearance and the quality of smoke they produce. There are various types of gold rolling papers, but the one that stands out the most is the 24K Shine rolling papers. If you make a google search of gold rolling papers, the 24K shine rolling paper will probably top the list.

But what is it about the 24K rolling paper that makes it so unique?

Some Best Gold Rolling Papers:

History of the Shine 24K Rolling Paper

The 24K rolling paper is a product of Shine Papers, an American company whose headquarters are in Charleston, South Carolina but with more offices in Las Vegas. The company became well known in the US due to its gold rolling papers and their blunt wraps. However, much of their exposure was made possible by numerous celebrity endorsements, ideal and lucrative partnerships, and appearance in top magazine columns.

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The idea of the business date back to 2013. Dave D, the founder, was in Vegas, smoking a black-tie cigar with his friends. He suddenly thought to himself of having everything around him wrapped in gold since it would make an awesome smoking party if As they were discussing on the various ideas, they realized that if they made gold cigars, people would barely afford them. When it came to gold rolling papers, the idea was ingenious since everybody would share them as they look to enjoy a high-roller look.

Before rolling out their new product, they had to perform several tests and perfect the ratio of the outer gold and the inner burning paper. Eventually, they achieved an outcome that would burn better for longer while leaving gold in the ashes. Today, you can find their shine 24K gold paper in more than 20 countries. The company has a massive following with backings from some of the most affluent celebrities in the music industry.

One question that you will often hear is how safe is it to smoke gold? The gold used in the 24K gold paper only covers the exterior of the paper. It is also food-grade. Even though we may not say that smoking is safe, the gold does not compromise the situation. It remains in the ashes. Even the levels of gold that you can inhale when you smoke a joint made with the shine 24K paper are not enough to cause any effects.

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Shine 24K Gold Rolling Papers

The Shine 24K Gold Rolling Papers are a luxury brand that created to improve the weed-smoking experience for the affluent. The paper measures one ¼ size but will have an extra 25 percent more than a single wide rolling paper. The Inner part of the paper is made of hemp, while the outer part is an edible gold coating. It burns slower than a regular joint and more like a cigar giving you the chance to savor the experience.

Depending on your need, you can order for a single sheet or a pack. However, considering the price point, purchasing a package will help you save on some costs. The layers of paper are highly durable and can last for a long time. They are not affected by environmental changes such as humidity. Therefore, your paper will always remain firm without drying or becoming brittle. The 24k gold paper rolls easily and comes with a glue that is sticky enough to keep the weed intact, making your experience less frustrating. If you are new to rolling marijuana, we recommend purchasing a cheaper paper to train on how to roll instead of wasting an expensive 24K gold paper since the pack comes with only two pieces.

Pros of the Shine 24K Gold Paper

  • The paper gives you a luxurious look when you smoke it.
  • Every pack has a certificate of authenticity
  • The paper burns slower than the typical joint
  • It includes a base made of hemp

Cons of the Shine 24K Rolling Paper

  • You only get two sheets
  • It is costly for group smoking

What others say

“Quality smoking

I do not have any issues with these papers. Rolled up a couple of fatties and they burnt smooth, didn’t run, didn’t burn up quick. I don’t have a single complaint about them.”


“Perfect and fancy not aggressive whit your throat I always buy them over and over again.”

                                                                                                                                                                               ~Edsson Parra

Gold Rolling Papers

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Summing up

Smoking weed is an experience in itself. Among the ways that you can improve that experience is by rolling marijuana using a gold paper. The Shine 24K gold paper, being the best in the market will help you raise the ranks in social status as you enjoy a joint that burns slower than most joints but more like a cigar. It is best for use if you are an experienced roller since you only get two pieces. It will be a costly waste if you damage any.

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