Hydrofarm Fluorescent Grow Light System Reviews

As a cannabis farmer, you may have tried to use different types of light in your grow tent in your search for the best light that can support your plants all year round. So far, traditional lights have failed to impress, and some of the modern light bulbs as well may not offer you satisfactory results. With many brands filling their products in the market, how do you tell which one you should trust?

Hydrofarm grow lights

Among the top grow light brands in the market, Hydrofarm has taken the reigns and is leading the pack as a company re-known in providing only top quality hydroponic products and lighting solutions. It is a leading producer of fluorescent lamps and, most importantly, the T5 that is increasingly becoming popular due to its ability to promote high yields while maintaining a high level of energy efficiency.

To make it easier for you to grasp why Hydrofarm is leading the pack, here is a quick analysis of some of the top fluorescent lamps that you can get from Hydrofarm today.

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Our Top Pick Hydrofarm Grow Light For Cannabis

Hydrofarm Agrobrite Designer T5

The Agrobrite Designer T5 Fixture with lamps is a top-quality grow light that is a favorite among cannabis farmers due to its high performance, lumen power, and flexibility in any kind of growing environment. It is a product of Hydrofarm, one of the oldest hydroponics firm providing high intensity grow lights and hydroponic equipment. The firm maintains a positive outlook for providing only premium grade and high-quality equipment and lighting solutions. The lamp comes with a daisy chain feature that you can use to connect more than one lamp depending on the size of your growing space and the design of your garden. You may choose to position your lamp either overhead, vertical provided that your plants get complete light coverage. The fixture contains four 6400K tubes to provide the lighting and can produce a light intensity of up to 20,000 lumens without emitting much heat. You, therefore, may not require to install a costly ventilation system, thereby reducing your overall expenditure. The light fixture as well does not take up much space from your farm. The grow lamp has a German aluminum reflector that helps to increase the distribution of light to the plants. You can get the grow light in different sizes of either 2 feet or 4 feet, and it may contain bulbs ranging from 2 tubes to 8 tubes. You can expect coverage of about 4′ by 4′ or 5′ by 5′ without any problem.


  • The light fixture is highly efficient
  • It comes with T5 bulbs that you can install
  • It does not consume much space in your grow tent
  • The lamps produce light that is very beneficial to plants through all their stages of growth
  • It comes with a five-year warranty
  • The lamp fixture is very flexible allowing you to install it in whatever way you want


  • The bulbs have a very short lifespan of only 1 to 2 growing cycles. You will, therefore, need to replace them continually.

Hydrofarm Agrobrite FLT24 T5 Fluorescent Grow Light

Another top quality Hydrofarm product that is perfect to use during the seeding, cloning, and vegging is the FLT24 T5 Fluorescent Grow Light. When you compare it to the traditional metal halide lighting fixtures, it is by far the cheapest and energy efficient. It does not consume much power and radiates minimal amounts of heat. It has an open roof design that as well helps to cool down the light fixture. You can, therefore, hang your lighting fixture a few inches overhead your plant canopy without the fear of heat scorching your plants. It is then one of the best light to use when growing small plants. The lamp comes with an aluminum plate on the inside that helps in the proper distribution of light. The T5 light fixture comes with slender tubes that are two times efficient and produce two times the amount of light than the typical fluorescent tube. You can control the amount of light by switching off some of the tubes through the multiple switches available on the fixture. The tubes can produce a light intensity of up to 18,800 lumens. You can feel confident in the purchase you make as the fixtures has a five-year warranty from the manufacturer. You can, therefore, return the lighting system if anything happens within that timeframe.


  • You can position the grow light in any way you want in your grow room.
  • The lamp has a daisy chain feature that you can use to connect more than on fixtures depending on your planting requirements.
  • It is energy efficient as it uses a small amount of power and emits less heat.
  • You can use it on seedlings and young plants without the fear of burning your plants


  • They cannot fully support the flowering stage as well as an HPS bulb or an LED bulb.

Hydrofarm Agrobrite FLCDG125D Fluorowing Compact Fluorescent System

With the Agrobrite Designer T5 and the Agrobrite FLCDG125D Fluorowing Compact light fixtures focusing on the seedling and vegetative growth stage of a plant, Hydrofarm introduced another lighting system that caters to the flowering needs. The Agrobrite CFL system is quite different from any other fluorescent light as it also contains a 125W CFL grow light. The lighting fixture will power your cannabis plants from the vegetative phase to the flowering stage. It has a reflector hood that increases the coverage of the light on your plants. The fixture can very well attend to a medium-sized indoor garden. It produces full-spectrum daylight that can last for 10,000 hours under continuous use.


  • It can last for a very long time
  • It comes with a one year warranty
  • It produces full-spectrum daylight that helps through all the levels of planting
  • The grow light is compact and easy to install
  • It has a reflective surface that helps in the proper distribution of light over the plants


  • It only comes with one bulb
  • The grow light is quite costly

Hydrofarm, Black FLF27D Desktop Plant Light

If you want a grow light that you will use to supplement or grow your cannabis seeds, you need to choose a light that is not too strong for the plant or too weak to be felt by the plant. The best bulb to provide you with this kind of light is the Hydrofarm, FLF27D Desktop Plant Light. You can set it up on a table in your grow room and adjust its height to the level of the small plants you want to provide the light. The lamp is compact, having a built-in base that you can use to place your seedlings. The light it produces is very balanced and will help your seedlings to grow uniformly. It gives a flicker-free light that is highly effective. Even with its size, the fluorescent lamp can produce a continuous light that is very similar in comparison to that of the sun. The light can last for up to 8000 hours of constant use. You should not exceed the hours as it may affect how it operates.


  • The light the lamp produces is natural spectrum daylight which is similar to that of the sun
  • It helps your seedlings grow healthy and uniformly
  • You can adjust the height of the grow light to suit your needs
  • The lamp is portable allowing you to set it up anywhere
  • The amount of light that lands on the canopy of your small seedlings are of optimum level


  • It produces a significant amount of heat that can damage your plants when they grow tall and get closer to the light source.

Hydrofarm FLF27DF AgroBrite 27-watt CFL- Floor Plant Light

Hydrofarm FLF27DF AgroBrite 27-watt

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The AgroBrite FLF27DF 27-watt CFL is another exception product by Hydrofarm that you can use if you are not dealing with numerous plants. It is quite similar to the desktop plant light; however, it has an adjustable height of 48″ to 61. The lamp gives off a very bright, white light suitable for the growth of plants. The light from the lamp has a similarity to natural light as it excels in color quality and temperature. The lamp has a flexible neck that allows you to adjust the light to the right angle for your plants.


  • It produces a bright and natural light that is important for the growth of your cannabis plants
  • Its height is adjustable
  • You can set the light at different angles depending on what is best for your plants due to the flexible neck.
  • It is compact and has a base that supports the lamp


  • The light may burn your plants when too close.

Summing up

When you are in search of a dependable fluorescent grow light, then the best option for you would be selecting a Hydrofarm product. As seen from the above examples, the company ensures that all its products are of top quality and provide you with the best results. Their lights are powerful and highly efficient. They are easy to install and provide your plants with a consistent flicker-free bright light that is important for plant growth. Depending on the size of your grow area or number of plants, you can get a grow light that meets your requirements. If you want to provide your seedlings and plants in the vegetative phase, the best conditions for growth, then choose one of the Hydrofarm fluorescent bulbs from the list above. The lights beat the competition in the market.

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