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There is plenty of talk about which is the best way to smoke weed. Is it by using vapes, a bong, or the traditional joint? Well, it all depends on your preference. However, if you are new at smoking weed, you may want to learn the ropes from the basics and first try to learn how to make a joint before expanding to other methods of smoking weed. For you to make a joint, you need to get the right paper to use. The rolling paper you use plays a crucial goal in the overall smoking experience. Even so, the biggest goal is to find a rolling paper that you can roll cannabis with ease.

There are very many rolling paper brands in the market, and various cannabis users will have different views about which brand they find to be the best and easiest to work with. The difference is brought about by having different rolling preferences. If you want to learn how to roll a joint, the best place to start is by using rolling papers from one of the oldest rolling paper brands in the industry, Zigzag.

History of Zig Zag

Zig zag dates back to 1879 when the Braunstein brothers established a cigarette paper business in Paris. Their idea was an inspiration from a French soldier in the battle of Sevastopol who had his clay pipe broken by a stray bullet. He later tore a piece of paper from his gun power bag and creatively used it to roll his tobacco. Hence, for every packaging of the rolling papers, the image of the soldier is printed on the top.

Zig zag papers first gained worldwide recognition in the 1900s when they received an award at the Universal Exposition that was in Paris. After six years, the company became a registered trademark that was known all over the world.

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Zig Zag White Single Wide Rolling Papers

The Zig-zag white Single rolling papers are just one of the types of papers that the bran produces. The package contains one ¼ sized paper. The length of such a paper is close to that of a conventional mass-produced cigarette.  It is best for rolling into cone shapes and sharing among a small group. Each package contains 24 booklets of which there are 32 leaves per booklet. The paper is made of the finest natural fibers that help in giving you a smooth smoking experience.

The Zig-zag paper has a thin glue-line that helps in sealing the paper correctly. The glue is natural and comes from the African acacia tree. It does not affect the taste of your smoke.

The Pros of the Zig Zag White Single Wide Rolling Papers

Zig Zag White Single Wide Rolling Papers.

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  • Superior Quality

The paper is of excellent quality. Before packaging, it goes through an intensive and complicated watermarking process that makes it stand out from the rest.

  • Ease of rolling

The paper is easy to roll, making it suitable for use even with a novice. They are great for learning.

  • Burns Slowly

You are sure of enjoying your time with the joint as the zig-zag paper burns slowly.

  • Well Known Brand

Since Zig Zag is a  well-known brand, you can trust that their products are of top quality. The brand has numerous loyal clients that always purchase its papers.

  • Natural Ingredients

The products that make up the paper are all-natural ingredients hence the superiority of the paper. It does not contain any additives.

  • Smooth Smoking Experience

The use of only natural ingredients in the making of the paper gives the user a seamless smoking experience.

  • Good for a small gathering

One package contains 768 sheets of paper. The number is good to share in a small group of people.

The Cons of the Zig Zag White Single Wide Rolling Papers

  • Expensive

The price of the zig-zag papers may be slightly high when you compare it to the other rolling papers in the market.


If you want to get a thin rolling paper that burns very well, the Zig Zag White Single Wide Rolling Papers may be what you need. The brand produces only top-quality paper from natural ingredients. The amount of paper sheets is enough to share in a small gathering.

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What other Say:

“Been using the product for over 35 years – great easy rolling good tasting item.”

Lew Wagerly

“Just The right Weight and Thickness

When rolling tobacco cigarettes, using tobacco that isn’t dry and stale, sometimes just a little help in keeping the cigarette lit on the part of the rolling paper does the trick, but not so much as to impart a “paper flavor.” This thin but not too thin and thereby capable of remaining lit paper is just the ticket for the particular “pipe tobacco” I choose. This is not to say that the cigarette never needs to be re-lit only that it isn’t required incessantly. I, therefore, recommend this paper for an exquisite, high-quality smoke when using high quality, well-cured ‘pipe tobacco.’”

G. Shen

Summing up

Sometimes going back to a brand that has enough experience in the field is the best thing you can do when choosing a rolling paper. With all the new brands coming up, not many can keep up with the traditional zig-zag brand. The papers it produces are only top quality. They are easy to roll and allow you to enjoy a smooth smoking experience.

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