Click and Grow Smart Herb Garden Review

Growing your marijuana is a fun and rewarding thing to do. It saves you the agony of going out there to look for what you need for recreation or medical reasons. Even though carrying out their gardening may be fun and rewarding for some people, it is not the same for every grower. Gardening takes up much of your time, and you need patience to go through the whole process.

For those that want to grow their crops but lack the time and patience, they have the option of turning to other systems for help. One of the best self-help gardening systems in the market for weed growers today is Click & Grow Smart Garden. We reviewed the highly proclaimed self-help gardening project and found out the following factors about it.

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Click and Grow Smart Garden Review



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Click and Grow can help you out if you do not have enough time to grow your weed with all the trimmings that come with successful growth. What is Click & Grow Smart Garden? Click and Grow Smart Garden is a self-help mini garden that you can use to grow your weed indoors.

Even if you have zero gardening skills, you do not have to worry as the Smart Garden takes care of the crops from the seedling stage to the harvest phase. The garden comes with everything an ordinary garden would need to grow the plants to the last step. It comprises three parts that make gardening easy. The three parts are:

Smart soil

Plants need soil or any other medium to thrive, and they get everything they need from Click & Grow Smart Garden. The self-help garden comes with smart soil that provides the weed plants with the perfect environment they need to thrive. The NASA technology inspired smart soil releases nutrients in the soil to go in sync with the different phases of cannabis growth.

The soil has its own oxygen pockets that ensure the plants get enough nutrients and breathing space when the soil is moist. The soil also retains its balanced pH levels that provide the crops receive the best.

LED grow lights

Another essential requirement crops need to thrive is light, and fortunately, with the self-help garden unit, you do not need to source for that elsewhere. The Click and Grow Smart Garden comes with a reliable and efficient led grow light system that requires low wattage of energy. It is energy-efficient, consistent, and provides the crops with enough light that mimics the natural sunlight.

Watering tank

Water is also another essential ingredient all crops need for proper growth. Watering plants is a tedious task that requires patience and lots of time on your hands. Fortunately, the Click and Grow Smart Garden relieves you from the agony of individually watering your weed crops.

It comes with a sizeable self-watering tank that provides the crops with what they need throughout all the growth stages. Your work will be to fill the tank with water through an opening at the corner of the unit base. An indicator on the tanks warns you when the water levels are low so that you can refill.

Click And Grow Smart Garden Pros and Cons


Click and Grow Smart Herb Garden products come in varying sizes and the amount of crops they can hold. Each one of the products comes with its advantages and disadvantages. However, they all have some common pros and cons.


They require low maintenance

Click and Grow Smart Garden s do not require much maintenance as they practically do all the gardening for you. They all come with automatic watering and lighting systems. All you need to worry about once you plant your weed is filling the water reservoir every couple of weeks, and adjusting the lighting system per the plant growth. The Smart Gardens also come with instructions manuals that make assembling and cleaning easy.

Efficient power and water supply

If you are worrying about your crops, not getting enough water or light due to your non-participation in their growth, you do not have to worry. The technology used on the Smart Garden s ensures that your crops get the water and light they need with minimal consumption of energy. You do not have to worry about water wastage as the units hold as much liquid as they can for as long as they can. Every drop of water from the reservoir goes to the plants and nowhere else.

Pesticide-free and safe growing

Growing your weed using the Smart Garden s assures of safety, freshness, and a pesticide-free process. The Smart Gardens come with pods that do not contain any preservatives or chemicals. The extra freshness of the pods also ensures that your crops get extra nutrition.

Small, compact, and saves space

Another thing you will notice about all the Smart Garden products is that they are small, compact and take up little space in your home. The largest of the Smart Garden s unit is the Smart Garden 9, which comes with a decent size that can fit comfortably on a counter anywhere in your home.

Stylish design

If you are using the Smart Garden s for weed, you may not want to display them in a place where everyone will see them. However, if you were using the same for herbs, you would want to display the units in a place everyone can see because they come with very stylish designs. They also compliment whatever kind of décor you have in your home.


As it is with every product, the click and Smart Garden s also come with their disadvantages. The disadvantages are minimal compared to the benefits that you can derive from using the products. The cons are:


The Smart Gardens do not come cheap. The price also increases if you buy the Smart Garden with other additions such as the plant pods. Despite the cost, the Smart Gardens provide value for money.

Limited space for plants

The small and compact size of the Smart Garden is a significant advantage, especially when it comes to saving space, but it is also a disadvantage. The units have limited space for crops, and as they grow bigger, you may notice overcrowding because of the limited space. If you want to grow plants for commercial purposes, using click and Smart Garden is not the way to go.

Click and Grow Smart Garden Products

The click and garden Smart Garden comes in three versions: click and Smart Garden 9, Click and Grow Smart Garden 3, and Click & Grow Smart Garden 27

Click & Grow Smart Garden 3


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Click & Grow Smart Garden 3 is the smallest of the three indoor gardens from Click & Grow. The Smart Garden is small, compact, and stylish. You can use to decorate any room with the best of your herbs. The Smart Garden is also cheaper than other, more extensive Smart Gardens in the market.

It is space-efficient, and its power consumption is minimal. The unit accommodates a maximum of three plants at one time. Irrespective of the kind of plant you chose to grow in the small compact garden, you can rest assured that they will grow with little effort and maintenance. The Smart Garden comes with perfect portioning for water, pods, and light.

The led grow light is adjustable, and it provides enough light to feed your crops for at least 16 hours daily. The unit uses only 8 watts of power, which does not do much damage to your electricity bill. The water tank of the click & garden smart 3 holds 1.2 liters of water, which is enough to hydrate your plants efficiently for up to three weeks.

The Smart Garden also comes with a companion app that helps you to sharpen your gardening skills. It also comes with a starter kit of three plant pods to help you with your gardening process.


  • Ideal for first tie gardeners
  • Suitable for people with small spaces
  • Small, compact and helps to save space
  • Uses low energy
  • Requires low maintenance and upkeep
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easily portable
  • Stylish design that compliment every room
  • Cons
  • Can only hold three crops at any given time

Where to buy

You can buy the click & Smart Garden 3 from the company through their website or from Amazon.

Click & Grow Smart Garden 9


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The larger version of the self-help garden is the Click & Grow Smart Garden 9. It is different from the Smart Garden 3 because it allows you to plant a maximum of 9 plants at any given time. It also comes with the same features, and it is not too big despite having the ability to accommodate more plants.

You can fit the Smart Garden in any counter inside your home comfortably without the unit’s feat taking up too much space. The unit also comes with fully automated features that make gardening easy and fun. The automatic features include the watering system, and the highly efficient energy-saving lighting system.

The device’s energy consumption is 13 w, and the water reservoir holds 4 liters of water. The unit also comes with complimentary starter pod kits and salad capsules.


  • Holds more plants than the Smart Garden 3 with the same gardening effort
  • Provides more yields
  • Comes with low energy consumption
  • Stylish design that compliments any room in the home
  • Stress-free gardening


  • Slightly more extensive than the smaller version of the same which may compromise those with little space
  • Pricier

Where to buy

You can also buy this version of the Smart Garden from the Click & Grow Smart Garden Company through their website or from Amazon.

Click & Grow Smart Garden 27


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Click & Grow Smart Garden 27 is the largest of the three versions, and it is the newest of the three. It comes with the same applications and gardening mechanisms, with the difference being that it can hold up to 27 plants at any given time. It also comes with more starter kit pods than the other two.

The build of the Smart Garden 27 is a sturdy stand made from premium wood with a pine frame and birch plywood shelves. You can choose to use the Smart Garden 27 as a standalone structure or as a shelf mounting on the wall. It also comes with an easy assembly, an instructions manual, and tools to make assembling the unit secure. The unit also comes in three attractive colors of white, beige, and grey.


  • Provides space for a larger yield of plants with the same gardening effort
  • Comes with an easy setup
  • Provides value for money


  • Occupies a larger space
  • Requires assembling which may be difficult for some users

Where to buy

You can buy Click & Grow Smart Garden 27 from the Parent Company Click & Grow.

Aerogarden vs. Click & Grow


Aerogarden is another great self-help gardening system that comes with almost the same features as Click & Grow. Unlike the Click & Grow Smart Garden that comes with only three options, Aerogarden comes with about twelve gardening options.

One of the most popular Aerogarden systems is the Aerogarden Harvest, which is the closest equivalent to Click & Grow Smart Garden 3. Aerogarden Harvest consumes 20 watts of electricity while Smart Garden 3 uses 8 watts. With the purchase of Aerogarden Harvest, you get 6 pods while you get 3 with Click and Grow 3.

Aerogarden comes in three colors of white, sage, and black while Click & Grow 3 and 9 come only in one color white. Aerogarden Harvest is heavier than the Click and Grow 3 with dimensions of 11x8x15 inches, as compared to Click & Grow 3’s 11.8×4.7×18.5 inches. Aerogarden is suitable for more advanced gardeners while Click & Grow 3 is ideal for less skilled gardeners.

The Aerogarden Harvest can hold 6 plants while the Click & Grow can hold a maximum of 3. The prices of the two Smart Garden s are almost similar, and so are the other features. They both come with ease of use and stress-free gardening. Read a more detailed review of Aerogarden and the different types of systems from our website.

Wrapping it up

If you do not have enough time to monitor your weed plants’ growth, you cannot go wrong with the self-help gardening system. Click & Grow Smart Garden comes with quality features that help to take the strain of growing few plants off your shoulders.

It provides value for its money, and the stylish design will add color to any room in your home. What is even better is that you can choose to use the smallest version or any of the other two larger units. Whichever you decide to go with will change the way you do your gardening.

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