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In as much as people want fresh produce from the garden, not everyone has the gift of gardening. Some people may actually like gardening, but no matter how hard they try, they do not seem to get the yields they want. Cannabis growers, especially those starting to grow the plant for the first time, have it rougher than the more experienced growers because they do not know much about weed growing.

Cannabis farming, irrespective of the number of plants you want to grow, is challenging, time-consuming, and it does not always go the way you want it to go. Using the self-help gardening system saves the day for people with gardening difficulties. One of the best self-help gardening systems in the market is Aerogarden. Aerogarden is not just one type, but also several options you can choose from for the perfect gardening experiences.

What is Aerogarden?


You may have seen Aerogarden commercials pop up on your screens occasionally if you are a keen follower of TV adverts. If you have not, do not worry as you can read all about the fantastic self-help gardening system here. Aerogarden is a gardening appliance that allows you to plant your herbs without much individual effort.

The hydroponic growing system uses pods for seeds, led grow light, and a water chamber. The pods get their water from the bottom of the appliance or water circulating above the seeds. The system also comes with reminders that alert you when your plants need nutrients. The stress-free device comes with unique calibration that provides the plants with the appropriate amount of light when needed and alerts that warn you when the water levels at the chamber need adding.

Aerogarden uses fluorescent light bulbs as their source of light. The lights are bright enough to simulate natural sunlight. With this simulation, you can place the appliance anywhere you deem fit with you irrespective of the side your window faces. The bulb uses less energy than an ordinary 60-watt light bulb making it energy efficient.

Another reason why the system is a favorite with many herb growers is that it is reusable. You can plant your crops as many times, as you wish without the fear of any damage coming to the appliance and without compromising its quality features.

Types of Aerogarden systems

Aerogarden has at least twelve models, all with varying growing spaces and sizes. Some models are better with flowers, while others do well with herbs. For this reason, there is a need to be sure of the plants you want to grow before choosing an Aerogarden model. Below are the most popular models among many herb and flower growers.

Aerogarden Harvest Elite


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Key features

  • Space for 6 pods
  • Uses LED grow light
  • 20 watt-wattage
  • Comes with an adjustable 12-inch lamp arm
  • It has a control panel with an LCD and buttons
  • Measures 10.75×7.5×10.5-17 inches
  • Comes with a one-year warranty

The Aerogarden Harvest Elite is one of the most popular indoor models for growing herbs. It is small, compact, and easy to use. The unit occupies little space, making it ideal for indoor gardening. The Aerogarden model holds six pods for seeds, which is suitable for crops that do not grow too tall. It uses the hydroponic growing system and automated LED lights that mimic the natural sunlight.

The seedlings sprout in just a few days, and within a month, you could harvest your herbs. It comes with an LCD that has reminders of when to add water and nutrients. The display counter also shows you when you planted the seeds to make it easier to monitor their growth.

The stainless steel build of the unit is plastic, sturdy, durable, lightweight, and stylish. You can place the garden in any room with ease and not worry about noise because the pump is quiet. The model comes with a one-year warranty.


  • Comes with a stylish and sleek design that goes well with your home décor
  • Small, compact, and lightweight
  • Consumes low electricity making it energy efficient
  • Comes with a display with reminders for when to add water or nutrients
  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • Easy to use, clean, and maintain
  • Automated lighting system


  • It can hold only six plants

Aerogarden Sprout


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Key features

  • Space for three seedpods
  • Measures 5x11x10,5-15,5 inches
  • Adjustable 10-inch lamp arm
  • Wattage of 10 watts
  • Control panel with a push button
  • Comes with a one-year warranty

The Aerogarden Sprout is the smallest model of all the Aerogarden indoor gardening units. It offers space for three plants at any given time. It is also the most affordable of all the models, and it comes with a stylish design that goes well with your home décor. The model’s LED lights have the lowest wattage, but they provide enough lighting for the three plants.

With every purchase, you get a starter kit of a gourmet herb seedpod. The control panel has a reminder of when to add nutrients to the system. The reservoir window allows you to monitor the water levels enabling you to know when the plants need an addition. The automated lights relieve you of the agony of adjusting the lighting system. It comes with a one-year warranty.


  • Affordable
  • Small footprint allowing it to save space
  • Uses automated LEDs
  • Control panel with a reminder of when to adds nutrients
  • Visible reservoir that allows you to monitor the water levels
  • Comes with a one-year warranty


  • Can only grow three plants
  • You need to clean it frequently because of occasional clogging
  • Plants cannot grow too tall, as the light arm is only a foot tall

Aerogarden Bounty


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Key features

  • Pod space for 9 plants
  • Wattage of 45 watts
  • LED grow light
  • Adjustable 24-inch lamp arm
  • Control panel with an LCD, and a touch screen
  • Measures 17.25×11.25×15-34 inches
  • One-year warranty

The Aerogarden Bounty provides you space for 9 seeds. Just like other Aerogarden models, it is stress-free and easy to use. The indoor garden system gives fast growth to your plants, and in only five weeks, you could have your first harvest. The control panel of the unit comes with a touch screen LCD, which you do not get with other models, making it one of the most convenient to use.

The easy setup enables you to customize the gardening settings to your most convenient preference. The LED lights are automatic, and they provide the crops with enough lighting for dynamic growth. They are also more energy-efficient as compared to fluorescent or incandescent bulbs. You can grow anything in this unit without the need to learn any gardening skills. The model comes with a one-year warranty.


  • One-year warranty
  • Comes with nine pod spots
  • Easy to use LCD with touchscreen
  • Comes with a starter seed kit
  • Fast growth of crops
  • Automated LEDs


  • Pricey
  • Does not have a water window
  • Water alarm not too accurate

Aerogarden Ultra

Key features

  • Pod space for 7 plants
  • LED lights
  • Wattage of 30 watts
  • Adjustable 24-inch lamp arm
  • Control panel with LCD screen and push buttons
  • Measures 17.25×11.2515-34 inches
  • One-year warranty

The Aerogarden Ultra comes with 7 pod spaces and a stress-free gardening experience. The model grows the crops fast, allowing you to enjoy your first harvest in just a couple of weeks. It is also one of the largest models, and it will enable the crops to grow full and tall. Unlike other models, the Ultra LEDs consume more energy.

All the information you need concerning the plants shows on the LCD. It also alerts you on when to add water, nutrients, and when to harvest your plans. It comes with a stylish design that looks good on any countertop. On purchase of the unit, you get an herb seed pod kit and one bottle of nutrients. It also comes with a one-year warranty.


  • Stylish design that goes well with your home décor
  • Noise-free pump
  • Provides fast growth of plants
  • One-year warranty
  • Provides space for 7 plants
  • Has an ample space allowing crops to grow wide and tall


  • Expensive
  • Bright LCD screen
  • Not the best in energy saving

Aerogarden Classic

Key features

  • Space for 6 pods
  • Automated LED grow light
  • 20 watts wattage
  • Adjustable 12-inch lamp arm
  • Comes with a control panel with a push button
  • Measures 16x11x15-21 inches
  • One-year warranty

Just like the Aerogarden Harvest Elite, the Aerogarden Classic is also another popular model that comes with a place for holding six pods. You can try out different herbs in the six pods, which makes the model ideal for those that want to plant a little of everything but have limited space. The small footprint of the unit allows it to save space in your home.

Like other Aerogarden models, the classic also enables you to enjoy stress-free gardening. The control panel comes with options that allow you to select the best program for what you are growing with the push of a button. The lights turn on and off automatically, depending on the plants and stage of growth.

You also get a reminder for when to add water and nutrients to your plants. It has a water window that shows you the levels, making it easier to know when to top up. The hydroponic system of growth does not allow you to grow very tall plants because of the light topper that is only a foot tall.

The model comes with a bottle of nutrients and an herb seed kit to start your gardening process. You also get a one-year warranty with the purchase of the indoor garden,


  • Easy to use, clean, and maintain
  • Affordable
  • Automated LED lights
  • Comes with a starter herb kit and bottle of nutrients
  • Small, compact and occupies little space
  • A convenient water window that allows you to monitor the water levels


  • LED light is very bright
  • Noisy pump
  • Seeds sometimes fail to sprout

Who is Aerogarden best for?

Aerogarden is best for people with no yard space, lawns, grow rooms, or gardens, but need to develop their own herbs. It is also great for weed growers that have no space to grow their cannabis but need privacy. The invention of the indoor garden is highly advanced, making it one of the most stress-free modes of gardening.

It is also ideal for growing crops throughout different seasons. You do not have to worry whether the climate outside your home is conducive to grow your plants or not because the unit takes care of all that.

Pros of Aerogarden

  • It is the best gardening solution for those that lack space to grow their crops
  • It does everything for you, and you do not have to worry about seasons, watering, lighting schedule, type of soil to use, or monitoring sprouting of the seeds and much more
  • The Aerogarden alerts you on when to water and add nutrients to your plants
  • The growth period of the herbs is fast
  • The models come in different sizes for varying number of plants
  • Automated lighting systems
  • Stylish designs that go well with home decors
  • They are small, compact, and space-saving
  • All the Aerogarden models come with a one-year warranty
  • Hydroponic growing system that reduces the likelihood of attacks by bugs and pests
  • You can enjoy continuous harvesting
  • Easy to use
  • Few overhead costs
  • Easy portability of the models


  • Some of the models come with noisy pumps
  • Shape of the plants lacks the same beauty as those growing on larger spaces
  • Lack of a growing app makes the system less attractive than others such as Click & Grow Smart Herb Garden
  • Some of the models are expensive

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Wrapping it up

Despite the few drawbacks of the Aerogarden indoor gardening system, it is unique and saves people lots of time and costs. The system also provides you with more options than other indoor gardening systems in that you can choose from a variety of models. You can also select the location you want for your gardening because the units are easily portable, and they come with stylish designs that look good on any countertop.

Even though some of the models are pricy, you have to admit that they provide you with value for money. No better indoor gardening system provides you with functionality and value than Aerogarden does.

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