Dimgogo 3000w Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Review

Many weed growers prefer using LED GROW LIGHTS to others because they come with more benefits. They are the ideal lights for all the growth cycles of weed because of their mix of red and blue lights. LED grow lights have the ability of mimicking natural sunlight but with even better results. Crops grown under LED grow lights grow faster and have higher yields.

What is even better is that you can grow your crops at any time of the year irrespective of the weather conditions. Using LED grow lights also doubles up the light HPS grow lights emit. LED grow lights come in varying outputs. One of the most efficient LED grow light output in the market today is the 3000-watt LED grow light.

There are different brands of 3000-watt LED grow lights in the market and in this article; we focus on DIMGOGO 3000W LED GROW LIGHT. Because of their extensive, you need a larger growing space of about 40 square feet. This kind of space needs at least 2600 watts of light for an even distribution of lighting. Before we go to the full review of Dimgogo 3000w LED grow light, below is a short summary of what to expect from the LED light.

A summary of the things that make Dimgogo 3000w LED grow light a good buy

Dimgogo 3000w LED Grow Light

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Full light spectrum

The light offers a full spectrum light with a dual chip LED of two 5 watt LEDs

Cost efficient

Despite their high voltage, the grow lights use only 450 watts of your electricity rivaling many other LED grow lights in the market.

New technology

The LED light uses new technology of dual chips of 10 watts that are much brighter and more efficient than the traditional 3 and 5 watt LEDs

Dimgogo 3000w LED Grow Light 2

Cooling system

The lights come with six cooling fans that deliver better heat dissipation than many other LED grow lights

Long lifespan

The lights work for long hours without changing the quality of light and without burning the crops are any time or stge.

Ideal for all growth phases

The lights are ideal for all phases of weed growth

Hanging kits

They also come with hanging kits that can withstand heavy weights from tools needed in the GROW TENT

Easy installation

They come with an easy installation procedure that even novices can adapt fast


The grow light comes with a three-year warranty



Compared to other LED grow lights, Dimgogo 3000w costs more but this is because it also comes with many other better qualities than other lower watt models.

Dimgogo 3000w LED Grow Light full review

The above LED grow light is one of the most popular and most sought after grow light in amazon. WEED growers like this particular light because it is simply the best when it comes to light coverage. The LED grow light uses the newest leg grow light technology in the market, which comes in the form of dual chips of 10 watts.

The two pieces of chips of 5 watts each are much brighter and far more efficient in light delivery than the traditional 3 and 5 watt LEDs. Despite the power of light output, the LED grow light also comes with great energy saving abilities. The actual power the 3000 w LED grow light consumes is 554 watts.

The color ratio of the lights is very similar to that of natural sunlight, which includes blue, red, white, UV and IR. The IR light is not as bright as the other colors but it is the best to use especially during the flowering phase of your weed. The cooling system of the grow light is also one of the best in the market.

It comes with six cooling fans that have great heat dissipation abilities. The lights also have a long lifespan and you can use them effectively for all the cycles of your crop growth to achieve healthy crops and more quality yields. What makes the LED grow light stand out even more is that when one of its zeiner diode light is out, the rest can work with the same efficiency. Compared to HPS grow lights, this light is three to five times more efficient and it is easy to set up.

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Wrapping it up

From the above review, you can tell that buying this grow light is buying quality that you need for a healthy yield. Very few other LED grow lights in the market can match the strength and power of Dimgogo 3000w LED grow light. You can trust the light to give your crops the same kind of light they would get if they were growing under natural sunlight and come out looking better and healthier.

Though the price is higher than that of other grow lights, you cannot complain because everything about the light is worth its cost. You can compare this light with others in our earlier articles such as BLOOMSPECT 1000W Grow Light or V VANDER LIFE led grow lights among many others to help you make a good choice.

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