V VANDER LIFE 2000W LED Grow Lights Reviews

If you need to get the best out of your WEED crops, you need to ensure that they get full light spectrum through all their growing phases. Full spectrum light allows for fast and efficient growth but nor every LED grow light can give out the kind of efficiency needed to the crops. LED grow lights come in different power outputs, all that have varying light coverage.

The things to consider when you are searching for the best led grow lights are the costs, the cooling system that provides efficient heat dissipation, set up, light coverage, power output and warranty among many other things. Some of the most powerful LED grow lights in the market are the 2000w LED lights.

Not every 2000w LED grow light however lives up to this reputation or claim. In this article we look at one of the best LED grew lights in the market V VANDER LIFE 2000W LED GROW LIGHT. Before we look at the full review of what makes the LED grow light tick, here is a short summary of what to expect from the light.

V VANDER LIFE LED Grow Lights at a Glance


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Great power efficiency

Despite the grow light being 2000 watts, it has excellent power efficiency abilities and draws very little wattage from your power outlet.

Full spectrum

The LED light offers full spectrum lighting with blue, red and white lights needed foe the healthy growth of all the crops.


The light does not come with reflectors, does not melt and it is safe for all the crops.

Long lasting

The lights serve for many hours without flickering or going off.

Larger coverage area

Compared to many other lights, this particular one has a bigger coverage and serves all the crops in your GROW TENT.



It comes with a two-year warranty


The light offers excellent services for its value

Easy to install

The light is easy to install even for first time users.


  • Does not come with an on/off switch
  • It is not waterproof

V VANDER LIFE LED Grow Lights Full Review

V VANDER LIFE LED Grow Light is the kind of light any serious weed farmer would recommend to any other grower looking for the best LED grow light in the market. The full spectrum grow light comes with a design that promotes efficient crop growth. This includes the presence of the universal blue red IR UV light and the white light, which mimic natural sunlight that the plants need for proper growth.

The IR UV LED light helps the crops to develop a defense mechanism too. The lights have extremely high power that provides all the crops the best source of light, ensuring that they grow healthy and fast irrespective of the weather conditions. The LED light has quality aluminum housing and a thermal sealant that allows it to have the best heat dissipation abilities you can ever find in a LED grow light.

The lights are also the best replacements to HPS/MH grow lights. If you are using this light together with HPS grow light, you will only need 1000-watt HPS grow light. The 2000w grow light is ideal for a 4×4 foot grow tent with a height of 16 inches.

It consumes 200 watts of energy from your outlet for every one of its lamps. Many LED grow lights in the market come with reflectors that make the lights appear more beautiful. V Vander life LED Grow Light unlike those other lights, does not come with a reflector. This is because LED reflectors are not heat resistant.

If there is too much heat or a short circuit, the reflector melts and this may cause a fire. The company therefore prefers safety to beauty and you can rest assured that your crops and grow tent will always be out of danger as long as you use this LED grow light. One of the other things to look forward to in owning one of these quality lights is the customer service from the manufacturer.

The company offers all its clients all the help they need and they have an excellent R&D team that continually tests the lights. You also get a two-year warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee. The LED grow light is ideal for all stages of your cannabis plant growth and you can use for both HYDROPONIC and soil culture-growing options. Other similar LED grow lights that you can compare with this grow light are AGLEX 2000 Watt  and BESTVA 2000w LED Grow Light among many others.

Wrapping it up

If you are looking for a quality LED grow light that comes with excellent lighting and one that has an easy setting, then the above product will do you and the crops just fine. It has everything you need for the proper growth of healthy and happy plants. Though the price may be higher than that of many other LED grow lights, it is understandable because you get value for the price.

The best part is it is good for all the stages of your crops cycles and you get full spectrum light that covers the whole growing space. Read on more LED grow lights and HPS GROW LIGHTS from our earlier articles and reach out to us if you have any questions or comments about this article.

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