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With the growing popularity of marijuana and with more states legalising its use, many products are now in the market crafted especially for weed lovers. The products come with special designs such as weed leaves and logos that make every stoner proud of who they are. If you have a stoner friend and wondering what to give them as a gift, we have lined up a list of some of the best STONER GIFTS that will put a smile on their faces. You can get any gift ranging from clothing, cups, pipes, essential oil diffusers, rolling trays, pillow cases, books and much more

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Stoner Gifts for Him

Friendly Tomato Xbox One Console And 2 Controllers Skin Set

If you have a stoner friend that loves gaming, get him or her a perfect set of high quality vinyl Xbox skin sets. The sets are affordable and they help to keep gaming gears free from scratches. They are also immune to the clumsiness of stoners. Replacing the skins is easy because all you do is peel them off without leaving any residue behind. The skins sets also go well for PS4 and anyone you get this bud friendly piece of art will appreciate the gift.

Stoner Mission Sign Zone Xing Weed Pipe Pot

-$1.44 SALE OFF Stoner Crossing Sign Zone Xing | Indoor/Outdoor | 12' Tall Plastic Sign funny weed pipe pot 420 maryjane high 4:20 grass

If your friend is one of those that have a sense of humour and are proud to be stoners, then a crossing sign will be the perfect STONER GIFTS FOR HIM. They can hang it in their cubicles either at home or in their offices. Crossing weed signs from SIGNMISSION, a company in the USA, come with different images and messages all designed with treated inks and all with weed themes. The plastic sign is durable and scratch resistant. They are also ideal for both indoors and outdoors. For ease of putting the signs up, they come with convenient pre-cut mounting holes and they can withstand all weather conditions.

Dope Jars

For people that use herbs, or anyone looking for storage for their weed stash, storage jars are mandatory if you want your products to stay fresh at all times. If your friend uses herbs and is a stoner, why not get for them this beautifully designed weed jar for their herbs. The jars can stack up together easily and you can spin them if you want. They are called dope because they look dope and anyone seeing at them for the first time will agree that they truly are dope. They are also clear allowing you to see inside the jar. The glass is thick and durable.

Steelplant Purple Kush Stash –Baggie of Cannabis Pillow Case-Stoner Birthday Gifts

If you are looking for good  stoner birthday gifts, a pillowcase gift is a great expression of love to give to a friend. If the friend is a stoner, you can give them this especially Purple Kush designed pillowcase that resembles a big bad of weed. The pillowcase has a zipper lock that functions the same way as a ziplock. The pillowcase is a vivid colour of Purple Kush with a black lining in the interior. The case measures 17 by 19 inches, designed for an 18-inch insert. Aromatherapy never felt better than before, so get this one and your friend will appreciate the gesture

Hipster Men’s Marijuana Weed Leaf Skate Shoe

What else says proud stoner tan a pair of shoes? Both men and women love unique shoes and there is no better way of gifting a stoner than giving them a pair of weed themed skater shoes. The shoes are versatile and you can wear them for a night or around the house. They also go well with all sorts of casual dress and they come with a unique design of hipster marijuana leaf. The material that makes the skater shoes is of high quality and anyone wearing those looks both modern and stylish.

Clipper Lighter-Gifts For Stoner Boyfriend

One of the most used items for stoners is a lighter and they make great gifts for stoner boyfriend. A lighter that is both unique and versatile. The clipper is an eco-friendly lighter made in Barcelona Spain and it comes with refillable fluid and replacement flint. It is round shaped and its popularity makes it the no one selling lighter in over 80 countries. The high tech clipper lighter comes in several designs that suit all kinds of stoners. You can use the clipper for packing up weed in the joints, and pipes, you can use the clipper to open beer bottles or to mark your drink. The lifespan of the lighter is unlimited.

Mold Monster – Smoke Eater

-$5.00 SALE OFF Smoke Eater - Breaks Down Smoke Odor at The Molecular Level - Eliminates Cigarette, Cigar or Smoke On Clothes, in Cars, Boats, Homes, and Office - 4 oz Travel Spray Bottle (Tea Tree Oil)

Not every stoner likes the weed odor on his or her clothes, hair, car, home furniture or walls. Weed odor is not easy to get rid of too and you therefore need something stronger than the ordinary air freshener to get rid of it does. There is no better weed odor remover in the market than Mold Monster Smoke Eater. The smoke eater breaks down weed smoke at molecular level leaving everything smelling fresh. The main ingredient is tee tree oil, which is a natural ingredient. This is the perfect gift to eat away weed odor from car upholstery, home furniture, clothes and even hair. It not only gets rid of weed odor but all other kinds of smells.

Kannastor Herb Grinder

Of all the grinders in the market, Kannastor is one of the most popular because it breaks down weed to slimmer, more manageable content. This 2.5-inch silver grinder allows you to check the status of your herb without having to twist the lid to check inside. It comes with a replaceable screen and a design that that prevents the over shredding of the herbs. It has a limited lifetime warranty and it is long lasting. This perfect gift is made from anodised food grade aluminium and it is easy to clean and maintain.

RAW Bamboo Limited Edition Stripped Backflip Magnetic Rolling Tray

Another item that is of great value to any stoner is a rolling tray. RAW Bamboo Magnetic Rolling Tray made from natural thick bamboo material, features the famous RAW Logo. It comes with multiple compartments that are ideal for filters, cones, tips and dab tools. It also contains a clear ES scoop card for convenience. The size of the rolling tray is also suitable for travelling with wherever you go. It makes a great stash box gift for anyone that loves to stone.

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Stoner Gifts for Her

Calilogo Women’s Weed Casual Pants Jacket Collection

Bestowing a pair upon your friend of cannabis shorts or jacket is the best gesture for a female stoner. The casual pants and jackets are comfortable to wear and they look cute on anyone wearing them. They come in different sizes and you can wear them anywhere. The skin friendly fabric is 100% polyester. The pants have two front pockets that you can use for your phone, wallet or joint.

 Wondermolly Fresh Green Marijuana Canvas Wristlet

If you understand women well, then you know that everyone of them loves an organised purse. This beautifully weed leaf designed organiser makes the perfect Stoner Gift for Her. It can act as the perfect coin purse, which makes it hard to forget where you put the coins. The wristlet is made with quality and sturdy canvas that feels more like polyester. It comes with top dal compartments an interior lined with fabric and a wristlet that you can detach.

Aroma Outfitters- Essential Oil Diffuser

An aromatherapy diffuser is a gift that anybody, whether a stoner or not would appreciate. This ultimate essential oil diffuser by aroma outfitters is one of the best in the market. It automatically turns the bedroom or living room or any other room into a luxurious spa with its led lights. It is quiet and it takes all the tension away. Use it with your favourite essential oils for therapeutical benefits and healing. Present this to a special friend so they can turn their room into an instant five star spa.

 Cannassist Vitamin Supplement for Men and Women

Being high on weed does not mean that you cannot stay healthy too. using a healthy supplement such as Cannassist vitamin supplement helps the body to process cannabinoids, CBD, and  the perfectly which in turn keeps the you more energized, focused and feeling at your best. All the vitamins are tested and designed for daily use without any side effects. Help your friend to stay bright, balanced, healthy, focussed, relieved and happy by presenting them with this wonderful vitamin supplement.

 ZenRenu Organic Hemp Pain Relief Cream

In our course of our everyday lives, we all go through certain pains that are sometimes hard to relieve using conventional pain relievers. If you have a friend you care for, you can buy for them this wonderful and quality pain relief cream by ZenRenu that comes with a breakthrough formula to help the body heal fast. Made with an natural ingredient that include hemp, MSM aloe, arnica, essential oils and turmeric, the cream comes with a one-year warranty. The cream targets the neck, back, knees, joints elbows, shoulders, hips and the muscles. It also helps to heal various skin conditions.

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Sandra Hinchliffe- the cannabis spa at home

The Cannabis Spa at Home: How to Make Marijuana-Infused Lotions, Massage Oils, Ointments, Bath Salts, Spa Nosh, and More

Few gifts in the market match the power of a book. If you are in the market for the perfect STONER GIFTS FOR HER, you would love her to spoil herself by making various marijuana based products from the comfort of her home. This book by Sandra Hinchliffe brings stoners together. It comes with spa recipes that exceed 75. The recipes include how to recipes and much more. Some of the recipes are for bath salts, marijuana infused lotions, spa nosh and ointments among many others. Everyone can enjoy an interesting read.

Piceo- 5 Pair Marijuana Weed Leaf Printed Cotton High Socks

Popularly known as pot socks, the Piceo 5 pair marijuana leaf printed socks make the perfect gift for anyone. The socks come in five pairs all with different and amazing colours. They are comfortable to wear and affordable. The one-size fits all socks, are durable and will bring a smile to any stoner’s face.

Stoner Gifts for Valentine’s Day

PJ Bold –Marijuana Leaf Chocolate Bar Silicone Candy Mold Trays

Are you looking for amazing STONER VALENTINE’S DAY GIFTS? Do you have a friend that loves making marijuana candies? If you do, the best gift to give such a friend would be a marijuana candy mold tray. You do not get just any other tray but this particular one. The quality of the candy mold trays is high quality with a professional design. The material is non-toxic and BPA free. It is also non-stick, which allows the candy to come out easily. It also means that the trays are easy to clean and maintain.

The trays can make fondant, chocolate snacks, and butter patties among many other delicacies. The Silicone Candy Mold Trays can also make delicious frozen treats and ice cubes.

Steelplant Purplekush Stash Weed Pillowcase

Surprise your stoner friend or family member with a high quality Purple Kush pillowcase for their birthday or Christmas. The pillowcase comes with a top zipper top, a black interior lining and an internal pocket. The material is high quality polyester printed with the vivid colour of purple Kush. It measures 17 by 19 inches designed to fit in an insert of 18 inches. While resting, you can use the pillow pocket to stash away your Kush strain or anything else that pleases your heart.

Joseph Davida –Travelling High and Tripping Hard

Traveling High and Tripping Hard

Many people love adventure stories and nothing tells a story like a good book. If you are looking for the perfect gift, this book about the adventures of a young man trying to find the true meaning of life is one that will captivate any reader. The hero of the story set out to save the world brings out the most amazing moments of his travelling high an tripping hard adventures. Written by Joseph Davida, the book touches on the American history among many other things anyone would love to read. It is simply amazing.

Nugtools-Nuggy Hybrid 7-In-1 Smokers Multi Tool

Nuggy hybrid smoking tools are a sleek set of heat resistant and classy tools especially designed for stoners. They are durable and made with high quality stainless steel. The smoking tools include a Knife, Clip, Alox Shell, Scoop, Scraper, Pick and Paddle. They come with a position-locking clip and a glassware safe scrapper.

With every purchase, you also get a gift box that comes with the set of tools. The Nugtools come in pink and blue. The tools allow you to trim, roll, light up and hold your joint without any fear of burning up the fingers.

Caratera-925 Sterling Silver Marijuana Earrings

Surprise your woman friend or relative with an amazing pair of weed leaf earrings during the festive season or for their birthday and watch her face light up. This silver pair of earrings is an original design created by Caratera artists and hand finished by Americans. The USA product is of the highest quality and it is hypoallergenic. It is ideal for everyday casual wear and for anyone that is a proud weed stoner. It is a gift worth giving a loved one.

Cheri Sicard- The Easy Cannabis Cookbook

The Easy Cannabis Cookbook

Cannabis cookies are gaining popularity in many parts of the world especially with people that love their cannabis in baked products. If you have a friend or family member that loves to try out different recipes, Cheri Sicard’s the easy cannabis cookbook is the perfect gift to give them. The book has 60 cannabis recipes covered in 225 pages.

The book gives all the instructions on how to use the right herbs, how to maintain safety when handling some of the active ingredients and everything else you need to know about safety in the kitchen. The author, nicknamed as “Martha Stewart of weed” is definitely necessary read.

Zando Unisex Leaf Printed Socks

Socks are a great gift to give anyone. It is even more appealing if you get unisex pairs to give them to both your male and female friends. You can even bestow the socks upon children. The Zando unisex leaf printed unisex socks come in men’s and women’s sizes. They are durable, comfortable, soft and stylish.

The formulation of the design keeps their elasticity good at all times. The unique design includes fashionable and awesome marijuana leaf designs and different colours. The socks can match with casual and formal wear. They keep the feet fresh and with the breathable material and they are 100% made in the USA.

Generic Personalised Marijuana Weed Shower Curtain

A good colour design lights up every room in a home and the bathroom should not be any exception. Grab this beautiful and amazing personalised marijuana shower curtain and make someone smile every time he or she enters the bathroom to take a shower. The curtain has beautiful weed leaf designs on it and the material is durable polyester making it one of the most COOL STONER GIFTS to give anyone.  The colours are so cool that you may order some more for other parts of the house.

Stoner Gifts for Christmas

DIRECTGLOW LLC 50 Piece Glow in the Dark Marijuana Weed Pot Leafs

If you are looking for home decorations for your wall or you want to buy someone the perfect gift to decorate theirs, these amazing fifty pieces of weed leaves will do just fine, the leaves are fun and unique. They come in different sizes and a nontoxic adhesive to help in sticking them to the ceiling or wall. after switching off the lights, the lea pieces glow for between 30 and 40 minutes, the glow at this period is very bright but it goes down to a less bright glow. In normal light, the pieces are ivory colored but green with a glow in the dark.

Smoke Buddy- Personal Air Filter/Purifier

When you have someone around you that smokes and you do not, you should buy for them this air purifier to kill the odor in the room. The air filter works in homes, offices, hotels and even in the car. They filter the air in such a way that you cannot smell a thing. This worthy gift should be in every smoker’s kit.

Naughty Pantry Marijuana Cookie Cutter Set

You can get perfectly weed themed cakes and brownies with this beautiful set of cookie set especially if you are looking for amazing STONER CHRISTMAS GIFTS to give your friends.  The cookies do not even have to contain any THC but as long as they take the shape of your friend’s favourite leaf shape, then they are a good a gift as getting them a joint. One set contains three cutters all of different sizes.

Wrapping it up

It is not a very easy feat choosing the right GIFTS FOR STONERS. What can help you to make the right choice is by being creative and imagining how you would feel if someone got for you a similar gift. Choose something that is both fun and practical. We hope that with this article, you will go and buy what you think your stoner friend would be glad to receive.

All the above gifts are practical and sentimental pieces you can give your friends without feeling awkward to celebrate their birthdays, Christmas, graduation or any other occasion. You can even buy some for yourself. For any comments or questions regarding this article or any of our other articles, reach out to us through the comment box and we will respond.

Some Other Best Cool Stoner Gifts

Bestseller No. 1
Happy Birthday To My Best Bud Greeting Card | Two Cannabis Buds Holding Hands, Marijuana Birthday Card For Stoner, Pot Birthday Card For Best Friend, Cannabis Best Friend Card For Bestie, BFF
  • Every greeting card is individually printed on 324gsm card and comes with a fresh white envelope at no extra cost.
  • Marijuana Friendship Cards | Make your bestie chuckle with this funny cannabis best friend card. The ideal weed birthday card for a friend or just because you want to celebrate your friendship.
  • 5x7" Greeting Card, A4 Greeting Card
  • ABOUT LEMON LOCO - We're a UK-based card, stationary and gifts design company with one mission: to create hassle free affordable gifts with maximum impact!
  • QUALITY GUARANTEE - 100% satisfaction or your money back. It's as simple as that 🙂
Bestseller No. 2
420 Things to Draw While High: (Gifts for Stoners, Weed Gifts for Men and Women, Marijuana Gifts)
  • Chronicle Books (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 304 Pages - 04/16/2019 (Publication Date) - Chronicle Books (Publisher)
Bestseller No. 3
Just Hit It Funny Cannabis Smoker Weed Marijuana Stoner T-Shirt
  • Get this design as a perfect gift idea for birthday, Christmas, Father's day or any giving present occasions. Great design for any Men, Dads who are Marijuana Stoner! Make an unique outfit with this funny weed design.
  • This Funny Apparel is for Fathers, Dad, Pawpaw that Love Smoking Weed, Marijuana, Canabis Edibles, or CBD Oil. Great Gift Idea for any Pothead, Stoner, Ganja Smoker and Supporter whether for Medicinal or Recreational.
  • Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem
Bestseller No. 4
Udobuy Funny Socks - Novelty Socks - Stoner Gift Idea - Weed Smoker Gift Idea - Funny Gift Idea - Pothead Gift Idea,Funny Stoner Weed Socks,Funny Socks for Smokers,Men Gift,Husband Boyfriend Gift
  • Material:high-quality cotton;Soft and breathable. Very comfortable on your foot.Size & Packing: One size fits most
  • These funny socks create fun memories and get big smiles
  • A great smoking gift idea: These weed themed socks for men and women are the perfect stocking stuffer gift for 4/20, Birthdays, Christmas, Graduation or any holiday occasion. The pot head in your life will be sure to love them!
  • WEED SOCKS THAT MAKE YOU LAUGH OUT LOUD, a great gift for smokers.
  • Great novelty gift for smokers, funny gift for husband or boyfriend,men,women...
Bestseller No. 5
Notebook - Things I Thought UP While Stoned: Blank Lined 100 Pages 6x9 - Notebook To Write In Journal Note Pad Book To do List Funny Gift for Stoners
  • Notebooks, Phil D. (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 100 Pages - 04/16/2019 (Publication Date) - Independently published (Publisher)
Bestseller No. 6
I Like Weed My Cat Maybe 3 People 420 Cannabis Stoner Gift T-Shirt
90 Reviews on Amazon
I Like Weed My Cat Maybe 3 People 420 Cannabis Stoner Gift T-Shirt
  • Grab this funny cute i like weed my cat maybe 3 people design for your girlfriend, wife, mom, sister or aunt ! It's the perfect gift idea & present for birthday, christmas, mother's day or father's day 2020
  • This 420 cannabis design is a perfect gift for stoner, pothead, pot smoker, dab queen, cat lover or owner, who will proudly wear this kitty kitten themed meme thc blunt weed leaf symbol related themed pot kush marijuana print joint smoking stoner design
  • Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem
Bestseller No. 7
200Pcs Stoner Psychedelic Stickers for Skateboard, Laptop, Waterproof Trippy Leaves Mushrooms Alien Stickers for Water Bottles, Bike, Hydroflask, Gift for Adults (#2 Multi)
  • Includes: Contains 200 Pack stickers, a variety of styles of character modeling stickers to meet the love of fans, while each sticker in 2.5 to 3.5 inches.
  • High Quality Material: The sticker is made of Vinyl/PVC material, strong adhesive and waterproof, for anime lovers who like outdoor skateboarding.
  • Best Gift :Fantastic gift solution for Kids Girl teens, adults.
  • Tips: These pre-cut individual skateboard stickers are suitable for all of people,you can use them directly.
  • How to Use: Get your stickers, clean the surface, sticker on, then use your imagination to create works now!
Bestseller No. 8
NC Funny Leaf Makeup Cosmetic Bag,Makeup Brushes Toiletry Jewelry Travel Accessories Organizer Zipper Pouch,Birthday Gift for Women Stoner Friend Sister Colleague Auntie
  • 【Size】-Approximately 10 x 8 inches.
  • 【Size】-Approximately 10 x 8 inches.
  • 【Material】-Adopt premium cotton canva,soft&durable.Feature Smooth black zipper with silver pull,won't get stuck after repeated use.
  • 【Doble-sided Pringting】-The fun words&patterns keep the original color in daily use,won't fade.Hand washable, machine washable.
  • 【Unique design Ladies Bag】-Our designer designed some fashionable fun themes for the cosmetic bag,such as teacher/nurse/beach survival kit,let's get high,ghost friend,other 30 year's old,makeup&w-ed,be a pineapple,to my girl/niece,best friend,mother definition,etc.Go get a adorable organiser bag for your toiletry accessaries,or a funny gift for your friends,colleague or family members!
Bestseller No. 9
Show Me Your Doobies Weed Gift | Funny Marijuana Bud Stoner T-Shirt
  • Are you a weed toker that spreads peace, love and hippiness? Trendy weed joke shirt for enjoying blunts, pipes, bongs, joints, THC edibles or CBD oil! Great for a psychedelic festival, hippie bus or dispensary. Sativa in the streets indica in the sheets!
  • Vintage weed smoker tshirt is a cool birthday, christmas or 420 gag gift for any men, women, dad, budtender, plant manager, surfer, friends, carefree stoner, pothead or medical marijuana supporter. Fill your lungs with weed and get the munchies!
  • Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem
-$2.00 SALE OFFBestseller No. 10
FUNATIC Best Bud Novelty Socks | Weed Leaf Stoner Gift with Message About Marijuana | Fun Stoner Dress Apparel | Rasta Theme Green Pot Leaves Present for Men Women Adult | 420 Love Related Party Stuff
  • UNIVERSAL SIZE & FIT: All Funatic Socks are made to fit Men Size 6-11 & Women Size 7.5-12 and designed with the highest available needle count to ensure well-defined graphics and outstanding quality, so they feel as great as they look!
  • DURABLE AND BREATHABLE: Our humorous, stretchable, pre-washed and shrunk socks are great for lounging at home, work, the office, daily life, outdoor sports, running, hiking, cycling, hunting, fishing, biking, skiing, camping, climbing, and more
  • STYLE & CONFIDENCE: Our socks aren’t just comfortable – they’re funny, crazy, and stylish! Whether you’re dressed for a gym workout, work or play, you can express yourself and make a fashion statement with any outfit
  • STYLISH AND FUN: Professionally crafted from a perfect blend of 70% ultra-soft cotton for comfort, 28% colorful polyester for eye-catching design & 2% elastic for durability
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Your happiness is the reason why we do what we do, so if for any reason you are not happy with the purchase of your merchandise please message us right away and we will do our best to get it sorted out immediately
Bestseller No. 11
Brilliant Ideas I Had While Stoned: Marijuana Weed Cannabis Stoner Gift - Lined Journal Notebook, Ruled Diary, Writing, Notebook for Men and Women.
76 Reviews on Amazon
Brilliant Ideas I Had While Stoned: Marijuana Weed Cannabis Stoner Gift - Lined Journal Notebook, Ruled Diary, Writing, Notebook for Men and Women.
  • Publications, Stoner (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 120 Pages - 03/10/2019 (Publication Date) - Independently published (Publisher)
Bestseller No. 12
Womens Pot Head T Shirt Funny Coffee Sarcastic Cool Tee Stoner 420 Gift Weed Lover Crazy Dog Novelty Womens T-Shirts for Coffee Soft Comfortable Funny Womens Tee Dark Heather Grey XL
  • SUPERIOR DESIGN: All our tees are designed and printed in the USA. We screen print our graphic tees with state of the art equipment to ensure vibrant colors and lasting durability. Our awesome funny shirts are perfect for any occasion.
  • NEW FAVORITE SHIRT: We manufacture our tees to be the best super soft high quality shirts. They are made from ringspun cotton to get that comfortable vintage fit and feel. The stretchy material will conform to any body shape so you look your best.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Whether you're cute and adorable or sarcastic and nerdy, get ready to have fun with this graphic tee. Machine washable (inside out in cold water, hang dry,). Larger sizes are available - 3XL 4XL and 5XL – for most novelty designs
  • ANOTHER CUP FOR THE CAFFEINE LOVER: For that friend who's addicted to coffee, this is a must-have accessory to their wardrobe. Or maybe you're the drinker who can't live without the ground beans? Click add to cart now!
  • WOMENS FIT: This listing is for an adult women's slim-fit t-shirt (also known as junior fit). These cute fitted tees run small so double check the size chart and order a size up if you're between sizes.
Bestseller No. 13
Milktoast Brands Adult offensive crayons, a funny gag gift for adult coloring (Stoner Edition)
  • Featuring shades of your questionable life choices and memories you can't quite recall, this pack is perfect for those "creative" sessions. With colors like Munchies Mango, Peach and Chong, Bong Water Brown, and Lemon Kush, this pack is a vibrant reminder of all those times you said, "Just one more hit." Ideal for scribbling in those adult coloring books you swore you'd finish, or for passive-aggressively gifting to that friend who's "totally not a stoner."
  • Disclaimer: No actual cannabis is included or used in the making of these crayons. But if you're considering buying these, you probably don't need any more.* Always color responsibly.
  • 24 Assorted Color(s), or at least 22-23 different, since we used the cheapest labor we could find
  • OUR MONEY BACK (to be more sanitary than the harded socks in a teenage boy's bedroom or the hands of a politician)
  • Not recommended for rectal use (or do it, but don't send us photos)
Bestseller No. 14
Puff Puff Pass: The Card Game for Stoners w/ 109 Hilarious Trivia, Conversation Starters, Would You Rathers, and More.
2,765 Reviews on Amazon
Puff Puff Pass: The Card Game for Stoners w/ 109 Hilarious Trivia, Conversation Starters, Would You Rathers, and More.
  • 109 CARDS THAT ARE PERFECT FOR STONERS. Made by stoners, for stoners, after interviewing other stoners.
  • LAUGH ALL NIGHT. This game has hilariously high conversation starters, funny videos, insane would you rathers, fun facts, and more...
  • GREAT FOR ANY SIZE GROUP. Gameplay is simple. You'll be able to play no matter how high you are.
  • THE HIGHEST QUALITY STONER GAME. Printed on THICC Recycled Joint Papers that were once used by Bob Marley (just kidding it's just very nice paper). Shrink-wrapped in a custom box.
  • ELEVATE YOUR NEXT SMOKE SESH. No more wasting time thinking about what to do. We did all the hard work for you.
Bestseller No. 15
Ukodnus I Love You More Than You Love Weed Keychain for Boyfriend - Weed Keychain Gift for Him Men- Stoner Gifts for Weed Lovers - 420 Gifts Marijuana Jewelry for Husband Best Friends
  • Weed Keychain Gift for Boyfriend: I Love You More Than You Love Weed. Great 420 gifts, to tell her/him how much you love her/him
  • 420 Gifts Marijuana Jewelry - Perfect gift for 420, birthday gifts, Marijuana jewelry, or for simply treating yourself
  • Anniversary Gifts For Him Her Couple - Perfect for Valentine's Day or anytime you need to say "I love you"
  • Perfect Gift For Couples - It's a great gift for your girlfriend or boyfriend or husband or wife or lover or best friends. Boyfriend Gift, Girlfriend Gift, Going Away Gift, Best Friends Gift
  • Material - Made of stainless steel, it is hypoallergenic, does not rust or tarnish and is very durable. Packing by nice velvet bag, ready to make a gift.
-$2.25 SALE OFFBestseller No. 16
Fantasy Gifts Stoner Bear Polyresin Ashtray - 4"x6"
  • 4"x6" polyresin ashtray
  • Stoner bear design
  • Built-in cigarette rests
-$1.00 SALE OFFBestseller No. 17
LighterBro Stealth Black - Stainless Steel Sleeve to Transform Your Pocket Lighter - Lighter Case with Poker, Super Sharp Knife & Scissors, Bottle Opener, Screwdrivers, & Keychain Holder
  • TRANSFORM YOUR LIGHTER INTO A MULTITOOL MASTERPIECE: Our durable and reusable metal lighter case is made from 100% 420 stainless steel, heat-treated, and nearly indestructible. Features 7 tools plus fire in 1 multitool: knife, poker, scissors, bottle opener, two screwdrivers, key ring.
  • FITS BOTH BIC AND CLIPPER LIGHTERS SEAMLESSLY: Save the time, space, headache, and hassle of finding small individual tools for the job - Our insert allows you to transform your fire starter into a small toolkit designed to seamlessly fit CLIPPER and BIC lighters. Upgrade your igniter so that you always have the tool you need at hand!
  • IDEAL FOR A VARIETY OF ACTIVITIES: Our multi-tool lighter case is great for partying, barbecuing, fishing, camping, everyday use, wilderness survival, sun glass repair, skateboarding, tinkering, hunting, boating, and more. Moreover, despite being jam-packed with a wide variety of useful and handy tools, our case stays compact and non-bulky so that your lighter remains convenient and easy to fit in your pockets, backpacks, or bags.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Our riveted stainless steel lighter sleeve is terrific for the outdoorsman, the smoker, or anyone who likes having several tools all in one device. Expertly made using the finest quality materials available, our metal lighters case is built for year after year of convenient, functional use.
  • YOUR ON-THE-GO FIXING GADGET: Whether you're on an adventure, at home or in the city, you'll love bringing our cool pocket lighter case along with you on all your adventures. Need to adjust your glasses while out shopping? No problem! Need to cut some rope while out camping? No problem! The possibilities are truly endless.
Bestseller No. 18
Stoner Avenue Street Sign 4 Signs of Exit 420 /High St /Mary Jane Lane /Stoner Ave, Vintage Rustic Retro Duplex Printing Waterproof Trippy Room Bedroom Decor
  • [4 STREET SIGNS SET] The stoner room decor consists of 4 signs of different street name, which guide you to "STONER AVE /EXIT 420 /HIGH ST /MARY JANE LANE". Incorporating these 4 signs into your house decor will create a stronger retro and rustic atmosphere that a single street sign can't get.
  • [DUPLEX PRINTING] All the street signs room decor are double-sided printed with high-definition images and matte finish, so they will give you a good vibe of the vintage retro sense. Especially when the signs are hanging in the air, you can vividly appreciate the retro aesthetics no matter which side you're on.
  • [DURABLE PVC MATERIAL] The stoner decor signs are made of enduring PVC, which is waterproof and rust-resistant. As the signs are crafted with UV-treated inks, they are faded-resistant even when surfaces exposed to UV rays. It is because of this material with the UV treated ink that the signs are durable enough to be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • [EASY INSTALLATION] The stoner signs set is designed with 4 small pre-punched holes. You can hang the signs with rope or chain, freely lean them against the vase on the table, or simply stick them to the wall. The installation is so easy that you don’t need to come up with an elaborate strategy to mingle them in your house.
  • [MULTIPLE USES] Featuring retro vintage colors and matte finish, these road signs are classic and timeless. Not only are they unique stoner accessory gifts for friends, but they can also be used as wall art to make a great addition to a party, bedroom, bar, office, or patio.
Bestseller No. 19
Doobies And Boobies Weed Funny 420 Stoner Pothead Men Gift T-Shirt
  • Grab this funny cool Doobies And Boobies Weed outfit as a gift for your best stoner friend or pothead relative who loves Weed 420 THC Pot Marijuana Cannabis Stoner 420 clothes
  • This funny Doobies And Boobies Weed apparel is a perfect gift and present for potheads, stoners, 420, weed lovers, pot art lovers and smokers men, women, adults for Father's Day, Mother's Day, Birthday or Christmas 2019
  • Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem
Bestseller No. 20
High Maintenance Weed Cannabis Pocket 420 THC Stoner Gift: Heart Journal Notebook 6x9 inch 100pages
  • R Vega, Micaelo (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 100 Pages - 05/28/2022 (Publication Date) - Independently published (Publisher)
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