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If you are a professional MARIJUANA grower or you have been growing the same for a while, yen you know that grow room ventilation is very important for proper growth of your crops. Ventilation involves a continuous airflow of air between the indoors and outdoors. Good ventilation also means controlled levels of temperature and humidity.

Many of the tools that control the levels of ventilation in grow rooms have combinations of pipes, ducts and fans. This goes for all the crops growing HYDROPONICALLY or in POTTING SOILS and other growing methods. While there are many products in the market that come with all the abilities to keep your grow room ventilated, not all live up to their claims.

We sought to review the best products in the market, which brought us AC Infinity Cloudline T6. Many things convinced us that this is one of the best temperature and humidity controllers in the market. For starters, the reviews are amazing but if you do not take our word for it, below is a full review if the product starting with the things that make it one of the best.

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Reasons why ac infinity Cloudline T6 is the best temperature and humidity controller

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Value for the cost

The kit has great value for its price and comes with all the necessary accessories to make mounting it easy as compared to other products with the same use in the market.

Easy to use

The kit comes with accessories that make it easy to mount and use such as a power adapter, a thermal probe and clamps among others.


Uses advanced technology

The technology that goes into making the Cloudline T6 boosts its cooling and heating effects ensuring that the grow room stays well ventilated at all times. It has an EC motor that uses electronic pulses, smart sensors and programming functions.

Powerful engine

The powerful engine of the product allows hassle free airflow even in the highest static pressure applications.

Easy adjustment capabilities

You can adjust the INLINE FAN to whatever position you deem fit for your grow room,

Comes with a user manual

For novices, you do not have to worry about setting the inline fan up because it comes with a user manual to guide you all through

Good for all stages of growth

You can use the inline fan for all the WEED growth stages from seedling to flowering


It produces no noise and you can around tending to your crops without any distractions from the fan

Energy efficient

The fan does not generate too much heat and uses low energy, which in turn saves on power bills.


You can use the inline fan for hydroponic growing, soil growing, HVAC applications, closet and other rooms cooling and exhaust cooling among many others.

Satisfaction guarantee

The manufactures guarantees you a two-year satisfaction guarantee free from any defects if anything happens to the product in the two years, you will receive replacements and repairs all for free.



It is not large enough for bigger grow rooms so you can only use for small grow rooms

Manual adjustment

Probably the main thing that puts some people off is the manual speed adjustments. This however is no big concern considering all the other benefits that come with the product

Not very usable thermostat functions

The product is modern with the best-advanced technology. It comes with several thermostat functions that many of the users do not need or use.

 Ac infinity Cloudline T6 full review

Best suited for HYDROPONIC weed growing, the AC Infinity Cloudline T6 is an inline duct fan that ventilates the grow room by boosting the heating and cooling effects. It circulates fresh air to the GROW TENT giving your crops quality ventilation for their proper growth. The product features an in-line mixed flow design that allows air to flow with ease even in the highest static pressure applications.

Cloudline T6 contains a DC motor that comes with a PWN control to give quiet and efficient energy performance to your grow room. The inline fan is easy to mount, easy to use adjust as easy to clean and maintain. You can detach the fans blades and impeller easily, which allows you the easy cleaning and maintenance abilities.

The fan also comes with other advanced programming and function features that make it a worthwhile choice. Your complete thermal kit includes a thermal controller, one duct fan unit, two duct clamps, one corded thermal probe, all the essentials you need for mounting, a corded ac plug adapter and a user’s manual.

The manufacturer also gives you a two period of satisfaction guarantee when you start using the inline fan. If you notice any defects within these two years, feel free to return the product for free repairs and replacements.

Wrapping it up

Not too many inline fans are comparable to the AC Infinity Cloudline T6. The advanced technology and the accessories make it easier to have a hassle free flow of air to your grow room which in turn helps your plants grow strong and healthy. Though it is pricier than many other inline fans in the market, it is worth every cent.

Our verdict is if you want the best ventilation for your grow tent, buy this product and you will not regret your decision. Let us know what your views are concerning this product and many of other products from our earlier articles.

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