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If you love fish and gardening, you can enjoy both of the two worlds by using the amazing aquaponics gardening system. For cannabis growers, aquaponics is not very popular but for those that try the gardening method say that it is both fun and challenging. Using this system means that you are dealing with two items that you have to ensure thrive under all costs. Neglecting one will see even the other one wilt away.

indoor aquaponics

For you to succeed in taking care of the crops and the fish, you need to get the right aquaponics kit systems. The systems contain two units, an aquarium for the fish and a grow bed for the crops. The plants grow without soil which means that they grow hydroponically with their roots hanging into the water. The waste from the fish feeds the crops while the crops keep the fish healthy by accumulating the nitrogen in the water.

The cycle is an unending process that keeps the water clean and free from harmful bacteria. The aquarium or the fish tank makes the most important part of the unit. If you are venturing into this kind of gardening for the first time, it may be daunting to find the right units. We did our research and reviewed some of the best aquaponics systems in the market. The following five are our top picks and they come with everything to start you off on an adventure you will love.

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Our Top Picks Best Aquaponics Kit

Ecolife Eco-Cycle Aquaponics Indoor Garden System

One of the most popular and highly rated aquaponics kit is the simple yet effective Ecolife’s eco-cycle. The unit cones with a unique well-crafted design with enough space to grow a number of weed crops effortlessly. The unit can fit into any room of the house with ease as it is small in nature. Unlike many other aquaponic kits in the market, the Eco-Cycle does not come with a fish tank. The unit comes mostly as an add-on to other 12 by 24 inch aquariums.

The unit combines the traditional looks of a 20 gallon aquarium and the modern looks of a 13 slot raft grow bed. It comes with a programmable LED lighting system that ensures your cannabis gets enough light throughout all the growth stages. It is the only unit of its kind that comes with a LED lighting system.

The simplicity of the set up makes it easy to use even for first time users. Besides the fish tank,  The unit comes with everything else you need to kick start your aquaponic growing which also includes an instructions manual and a remote control for the lights. The construction of the unit is sturdy and the price tag is attractive.

Besides being a great source of quality crops, the unit also makes a great learning tool. One main advantage that you will love about the Ecocycle unit is that you do not need to change the water all year long. The fish in the aquarium clean the water as well as fertilize the crops.

Back to the Roots Watergarden Self-Cleaning Tank

Aquaponic farming comes with class and a certain charm that makes farming and rearing fish a fun thing to do. It is even more fun and fulfilling if you use a unit that comes with a beautiful easy to use design. Using Back to the Roots Water Garden Aquarium takes you to the beautiful wonders of a revolutionary type of farming that is not as popular as many others in the market especially for weed growers.

The simple yet compact aquaponic unit is a great starter kit especially for those willing to give aquaponic growing a try for the first time. The fish tank part of the unit can hold a number of small fish species while the top part of the unit comes with three slots for your cannabis crops. The unit takes only about 10 minutes to assemble and set up and it is small enough to sit well in any room. The complete kit includes an aquarium, water pump, fish food, grow bed and media, micro green seeds, a user manual and a coupon.

The affordable unit comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Though the unit does not give you large space to grow many crops, it is the perfect starting point to becoming a good cannabis grower. Besides the growing crops and the little swimming fish in the aquarium, the unit also adds beauty to any room.

AquaSprouts Garden

One of the things you have to know about aquaponics units is that they add charm and sleekness to any room. This is so especially if you have different species of colored fish in the aquarium part of the unit. The AquaSprouts Garden is one beautiful unit that will transform the look of the room in seconds. The affordable and popular unit comes as an add-on that fits on any 10-gallon aquarium perfectly.

Unlike many other units, this one does not sit on the top but covers the sides of the aquarium as well. This gives the unit a more elegant look as compared to others and more space for the growth of your cannabis plants. The unit comes with everything you need to start your journey to growing your weed.

The unique charming design of the unit also goes well with all kinds of décor. You do not require any special tools to set up the unit as it comes with the easiest assembling tips and instructions. The unit measures 10 by 28 by 17 without the large grow bed and the light bar.

The unit also comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty which adds to its value. AquaSprouts Garden aquaponics aquarium is simply one of the best aquaponics aquariums in the market today.

Ecoqubec Aquarium

Unlike many of the other aquaponics units, Ecoqubec Mini Aquaponics kit gives more focus to the fish than it does to the crops. The main agenda of the aquaponic unit is to have a system that keeps the fish tank clean with the plants doing all the cleaning. The unit is compact and comes with a very attractive design that changes the look of your room instantly.

The space the unit comes with for growing crops is minimal but it still gives you the opportunity of seeing at least one plant grow healthy with a good yield. It is ideal for first time growers looking to grow weed for personal use. The unit measures 8 by 8 by 8 inches, making it small enough to place practically anywhere in your home or office.

The aquarium tank holds clear 1.5 gallons of water. The construction is durable and safe acrylic. Irrespective of your weed growing or fish keeping prowess, the setup of the tank is easy and needs no professionalism or an array of complicated tools for assembling. All you need to keep the unit working well is feed the fish on a regular basis.

The water in the tank should also age for between two to three weeks which is enough time to make the fish comfortable. The price of the unit is fair and worth every penny.

Endlessfood Systems Aquaponics System

Endless Food Systems is not new to quality aquaponic units. This particular unit, the Genesis 24 aquaponic kit comes with amazing features that make it one of the best systems in the market. The unit comes with everything you need to start growing your crops and rearing the most amazing small fish you can get. Well almost besides fish and water.

The system comes with 24 square feet of space set aside for growing your favourite crops and a 140 gallon fish tank. The system, which utilizes aquaculture and hydroponics, ensures that you get healthy crops that come with quantity yields.

The whole package of the unit includes an insulated fish tank, pre-cut plumbing connections, radial filter, bacteria inoculant, plant supplements, oyster shells, API freshwater test kit, owner’s manual, easy to clean valve system, EDDHA iron, clay pebbles and non-GMO seeds.

The water in the unit feeds both the fish and the crops. The fish produce ammonia waste that goes to feed the crops ad fertiliser high in nitrogen levels. The crops on the other hand remove nitrogen from the water making it safer for the fish. This is the cycle that keeps both the fish and the crops thriving.

The system grows an estimate of 240 pounds of crops annually and 25 to 30 pounds of fish. The unit comes in three amazing colors of gray, plum and tan and it is affordable. It also adds charm and beauty to any room because of its unique design.

Wrapping it up

If you are ready to go on an adventure of a different kind of growing technique while enjoying the best of what nature can offer, go with aquaponics and enjoy the ride. All the above units are some of the best in the market and they all come with impressive designs that add charm to any room. They all come with easy set ups and affordable prices.

The systems also do not need much effort to keep them clean as the fish and crops do all the cleaning. Though the units do not have too much space for many crops, they are a great way to start growing great yielding and healthy cannabis for your personal use.

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