Gorilla Grow Tents Brands Reviews

One of the growing equipment indoor growers rely so much for their plant cultivation is a grow tent. Grow tents provide the crops with the best optimal conditions for proper growth and high yields. Choosing the right grow tent is not a very easy considering there are many types of grow tents in the market that come in different sizes and brands. One of the most popular and most acclaimed brands for grow tents in the world is Gorilla.

The reasons behind the popularity of Gorilla grow tents is that they have robust builds and they are of the highest quality. Whatever STRAIN of WEED you choose to grow, Gorilla grow tents always rise to the occasion and will never let you down. Just like many other brands in the market, Gorilla grow tents also come in different sizes and models. The choice you make for the Gorilla grow tent you want for your weed crops will depend largely on your growing requirements.

Gorilla Grow Tents brands

As much as all the Gorilla tents are of high quality, finding the right one suited for your requirements is not an easy feat. One of the reasons for this is because not everyone knows what to look for in a grow tent. This is where we come in to help you with the choices. We looked at several of the Gorilla grow tents in the market and made our choice of thee best three out of many others.

This however does not mean that the other Gorilla grow tents do not qualify as fit for growing your weed. In this review, we will highlight the features of the GORILLA GROW TENTS and give you enough reasons why they are good buys. We will also highlight their downsides with the aim of helping you make the right decision before going to the store to purchase your grow tent.

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Some Best Selling Gorilla Grow Tents Products:

Review and Buying Guide of Gorilla Grow Tents

Gorilla Grow Tents reviews

Gorilla makes three main types of grow tents. These three lines are the GGT LINE, THE LITE LINE and the SHORTY LINE. The difference is mainly in the name of the lines otherwise they all come with similar features, high quality builds, dimensions and a few features. If most likely you do hot like a Gorilla grow tent from the first line, then you may not like the next one from a different line because the differences are minimal. Below are the features of the three lines and the differences that make them stand out from other grow tents.


With the exception of the shorty line of tents, Gorilla glow tents are much taller than many other grow tent models in the market. All the tents have a height of over 6 feet. The different heights of the grow tents are 6 feet, 7 feet and 6 feet and eleven inches. Alongside the height, the grow tent also come with unique 1 foot and two foot height extension kits.

The height extension kits help to make the tents go higher which means you can end up with a Gorilla grow tent with a height of eight foot and eleven inches. The GGT line is the one with the best height extension kits. This height is ideal for the growing of any kind of plants that grows to high heights.

The lite line maximum height is six foot and seven inches but you can increase that with an addition of a height extension measuring one foot. The shorty line as the name suggests has a height of four foot and eleven inches but you can use the GGT height extensions to increase the height. Majority of the other grow tents have a maximum of 6 foot without the options of height extension kits.


compared to other grow tents, Gorilla tents come with EZterior canvas material fabrics that go through PVE binding technique to make them strong and increase their density. Of the three types of grow tents, only lite line has a lesser density of 210D. The others have a material density of 1680D.

The PVE technique also combines the exterior and interior reflective fabrics more effectively than in other grow tents, which gives the fabrics more rigidity. Majority of the other grow tents have a fabric density of 600D. Even though the 600d is denser than the lite line grow tent fabric, the other grow tents still lack the Gorilla binding method. This in turn makes the other grow tent fabric prone to tears, rips light leaks and more.

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Tent safety

Every indoor grower knows that safety in the grow tent is very important especially in the case of stains from spills. You do not have to worry about any spills from Gorilla tents as they come with flood pools installed at the tent bottom. The pools have Velcro strips all around the tent poles that help the grow tents to rise from the ground at about four inches.

This means that any spill occurring goes to the pools without any distractions and messes. Other features that ensure that you are buying the best safety grow tents in Gorilla tents are the roof sections that cool the rooftop by blocking infrared light. What this means is that there is less fluctuation of temperature from outside the tent.

Another safety feature is the rock solid frame made with heavy-duty metal and interlocking poles that ensure you never have to worry about light or anything else collapsing on the crops or on you as you go about in your activities.

Control of temperature

Another reason why Gorilla grow tents are very popular is because they are the best when it comes to temperature control because of their heights. The height helps to bring down temperatures in the grow tent by 10 degrees Fahrenheit. The thick and dense fabric of the GGT and shorty lines help to insulate the tent against any fluctuations.


Not all grow tents come with pre-filters making them prone to pests and mold. Gorilla Grow Tents on the other hand come with micromesh pre-filters along with double lined ducts that keep the tents resistant to pests and mold. This in turn helps to keep the Gorilla grow tents clean at all times.


One of the things that puts many people off about grow tents is the assembling process. Assembling is not something you have to worry with Gorilla grow tents because the company makes it easy even for first time users. Gorilla tents have Velcro door strips that help you to assemble the tent doors on your own, with large enough zippers that make threading and winding around the tent corners easy.

The tent roof section also fits well on the frame without forcing it to fit. The tents come with viewing windows that help you to monitor the crops from outside the tent, doors that you can open to 360 degrees enabling you to get to every part of the tent, extra height that allows you to stand comfortably in the tent and standard sizes that are hydroponic friendly.


When it comes to the design, very few grow tents if any can beat Gorilla grow tents. This goes from the ducting of the tents, the tool pouches, the high quality stitching, ventilation features, the pre-filter meshes and much more.

Downsides of Gorilla Grow Tents

With every product, there is always the good side and the bad side. From customer reviews, you can tell that majority are happy with everything that the tents offer. Some users however complained that assembling the tents is not easy as the claims. Another disdvantages is the price of the tents, which is much higher than many other grow tents. The high price however is worth everything because the tents come with much better features than other grow tents.

Our Choice of Three of the Best Gorilla Grow Tents

Gorilla SHORTY Indoor 2×2.5 Grow Tent

  • EZ viewing windows
  • Adjustable height
  • Ideal for both professional and new growers
  • 360 degree access door
  • Thick and dense 1680D fabric
  • Flood protection pool
  • Micromesh pest control pre-filters
  • Easy to open and close heavy duty zippers
  • Instructions manual for easy set up

One of the things to note about this product is that you can only buy it from Grow Strong Industries and Amazon. The tent is ideal for both novice and professional weed growers. The tent comes with many amazing features that include large EZ view windows, stable ducting ports, 360-degree convenient tent door access, a thick material and a height of 5’8” inclusive of the extension kit.

The density of the fabric is 1680D and the pole diameter is 19 mm. it comes with a sturdy frame with interlocking metal and heavy-duty flood protection pool. The zippers are thick and easy to open and close and there it stays clean always with the help of micromesh pest control pre-filters. The grow tent comes with an instructions manual for easy set up.

Gorilla Grow Tent GGTSH33 Tent

  • Adjustable height options
  • Thick and dense 1680D fabric material
  • Steel frame for sturdiness
  • Easy to open and close industrial zippers
  • Spill tray
  • Tool pouch
  • EZ viewing windows
  • Durable

This Gorilla grow tent is the best in the market. It measures 3’x3’ and comes with a 9” extension kit. The extension poles are adjustable and they help you to increase the height of the grow tent from 4’11” to 5’8”, the grow tent also comes with a heavy 1680D fabric that makes it durable and more efficient. the sturdiness of the grow is unquestionable as it comes with an all steel frame that can support weights of up to 300 lbs.

Besides all these, the grow tent also has strong easy to open and close industrial zippers and EZ view windows that allow you to monitor the crops without interrupting their growth. To keep the grow tent clean and free from pests and mold, it comes with a sturdy spill tray to collect any spills and a tool pouch for all your gardening tools. It is easy to set up for both newbies and professional growers.

The only complaint that some of the users said about the grow tent was that it is not as high as they would have wanted it to be.

Gorilla Grow Tent LTGGT44 Tent

  • Ideal for all types of weed farmers experienced and new
  • EZ view windows
  • Strong easy to open and close wraparound zippers
  • Affordable
  • 360-degree doorways for easier grow tent access
  • Spacious
  • Height adjustable options
  • 1680D heavy and strong fabric
  • Sturdy frame with interlocking poles
  • Adjustable micromesh pre-filters

The above product is from the lite line and it is ideal for both professional and first time weed growers. The tent comes with height adjustment options allowing you to double the yields of your crops. It also happens to be one of the most affordable Gorilla grow tents but with the same high qualities and efficiency.

Some of the features that come with the grow tent are the large EZ viewing windows that allow you easy monitoring of the crops without any interference, wraparound zippers, 360- degree doorways that allow you to reach even the most difficult spots in the grow tent, double clinching ducting ports measuring 10”, sturdy frame with interlocking poles and spacious enclosure.

The canvas material is dense 1680D durable material that provides you with a secure and safe growing atmosphere. the brow tent also comes with pest and mold resistant adjustable micro mesh pre-filters and reinforced seals that ensure nothing from the outside environment gets into the grow tent.

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Wrapping it up

If you are looking for the smartest, strongest, cleanest, thickest, tallest and most efficient grow tents in the market, do not have to look anywhere else because GORILLA has you covered. the tents allow you to have complete control of your crops with the many features they come with for both professional and new growers.

We hope the above article covers everything you need to know about the Gorilla grow tents and you will have fun using them from the privacy of your home. The three grow tents above are some of the best choices among many others in the Gorilla grow tent line of products. We wish you happy shopping and growing and if you have any questions or remarks to make, do not hesitate to write on the comment box.

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