5+ Best 4×8 Grow Tents Reviews

For people that love indoor gardening, Grow Tents re some of best chambers to use. Grow Tents are structures made from sturdy canvas material and are easy to take apart. If you are on a budget that does not allow you to use permanent structures like grow boxes made from aluminium, then Grow Tents will do just fine for you. Grow Tents come in different sizes and come in handy if you want to change to something different in future and need to take them apart. They are easy and convenient to use.

If you grow cannabis and want more yields, you should definitely go for a 4×8 Grow Tent. You can still go for a bigger size than this if you still want more harvest from your indoor cannabis farming.  Below are some of the best 4×8 Grow Tents you can find in Amazon.com today.

PS: Due to the effect  of covid 19, many products on amazon still not unavailable, so I tried to find some other quality supplies, you can click on the image bellow for more information.

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Top  4×8 Grow Tent Reviews

iPower 4×8 Grow Tent

iPower is a company in china that manufactures some of the best products in the market. The products are also much cheaper as compared to other Grow Tents in the market. This however does not mean they are of less quality. iPower 4×8 is one of the best Grow Tents for professionals in the market and from peoples reviews one of the best choice tents to use. One of the reasons besides the price that many people go for it is the beautiful design of the tent. It is also one of the most sold online tents on Amazon proving just how popular it is.

Hydroponic iPower Grow Tent is great for growing seasonal foods and fruits, herbs, exotic fruits, vegetables and cannabis. The yields are usually very good which is worth everything compared to the price of the Grow Tent.

Features and Specifications of iPower 4×8 Grow Tent

iPower 4×8 Grow Tent comes with a removable floor tray and it is water resistant. It makes gardening both easy and fun. Some of the best features of the Grow Tent that make it popular are

you can control the lighting to the levels you want. This makes it possible to grow whatever you please at any place of your choice.

The interior of the tent has lining, which is highly reflective allowing you to attain the best favourable growing conditions.

The Grow Tent features a tubular metal frame which is both sturdy and rust free. The metal frame comes with support bard where you can easily hang your lights and your gardening tools. They are heavy enough to support everything that you want to hang onto them.

For easy set-up of the tent, there are zippers on the reflective interior lining of the tent. The zippers allow you to easily open up and close the tents making them very easy to manage.

The tent also has ports that help to improve moisture and vapour control inside the tent. You can use the ports to add in your own filters, electric appliances and ductwork.

The floor pan is waterproof which makes indoor gardening less messy and easier to carry out. Wherever you keep your Grow Tent, there is an assurance that because of the waterproof floor pan, the environment around will always be clean.

The door to the tent is large enough to allow you to set up growing equipment and plants with ease. A large zipper closes the tent door.

The Grow Tent dimensions are 96x48x80 inches and it weighs 39 pounds, with a shipping weight of 45.9 pounds.

It comes in two colours-silver and black

The material type is vinyl

There is a one-year manufacturer warranty

The tent only ships to the US

The good and the bad of iPower 4×8 Grow Tent

The Good

  • Very durable
  • Made from a sturdy material
  • Open-close transparent window
  • Removable floor tray
  • Vent doors that are easy to adjust
  • Comes with a user guide manual
  • Comes with a one year warranty
  • Affordable
  • Easy and quick to assemble
  • Beautiful design

The Bad

  • It is a bit heavy so when assembling you have to be very careful.

VIVOSUN 4×8 Grow Tent

Made with excellent artistry, VIVOSUN 4×8 Grow Tent is one of the best indoor farming tents for professionals. The tent measures 96x48x80 inches and great features that make it one of the best buys in the market. VIVOSUN, the company that manufactures the Grow Tent is trusted as one of the companies with good quality products. Weighing at 55 pounds, the Grow Tents weighs a little heavier than other tents of the same size in the market.

The Grow Tent is great for growing foods like vegetables, seasonal and exotic fruits, vegetables, herbs and many others.

Features and Specifications of VIVOSUN 4×8 Grow Tent

Manufactured by one of the most trusted companies that make quality products, VIVOSUN Grow Tent is very popular. The material that makes the tent is light proof, which makes it more efficient as it blocks light coming in or out. This is with the help of a 95% reflective coating inside the tent that allows light to reflect more thus resulting in better yields. Also, to retain the light inside, there is double stitching on the material. It is also tear proof and great for growing vegetables, flowers, herbs, and many others.

With users giving the tent a rating of 4-2 out of 5 stars, it goes to show how great a tent it is. you can read all the  Apollo horticulture 4×8 customer reviews on amazon.com

The frame that makes the 4×8 Grow Tent is very sturdy and allows you to assemble all your gardening tools and plants with ease. The corners of the metal are strong and will not come down or bend under pressure.

You do not any other special tools to assemble and dismantle the tent because the design of the frame is easy to handle.

The door zippers are quality and very durable. They allow easy access of plants and gardening tools to the tent through the door.

There is an observation window where you can peek at the progress of your plants without going in.

A waterproof floor tray makes the tent hydroponic allowing a clean gardening environment

The Grow Tent comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty

The good and the bad of VIVOSUN 4×8 Grow Tent

The Good

  • Comes with a user manual, which is easy to read
  • The tent is easy to assemble and dismantle
  • The material is high quality canvas
  • An easy view window allows you easy observation of your plants
  • The tent comes with its own tool bag
  • Removable waterproof floor tray
  • Two-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Carbon fibre belts for better support and durability
  • Affordable

The Bad

  • As compared to other grow tents, it is heavy
  • Some users claim that the zipper could be better than it is

You can find all the information about this product and read customer reviews on Amazon.com

Apollo Horticulture 4×8 Grow Tent

This is another product from Apollo horticulture, a company famous for high quality professional use products. Recommended places for Apollo horticulture products are places with good ventilation and do not include closed environments like residential places and any other place with enclosed spaces. Before purchasing this product, you have to agree by the conditions, otherwise the company will not be liable for any mishaps. Measuring 96x48x80 inches and weighing 46 pounds Apollo horticulture 4×8 Grow Tent is a favourite with many professional indoor farmers.

Features and Specifications of Apollo horticulture 4×8 Grow Tent

Manufactured by an excellent company that makes high quality goods, this tent has a very thick canvas material that is both waterproof and tear proof.

A reflective Mylar lining on the interior of the tent makes it possible to retain the light within the tent improving the yield. To prevent the lighting escaping through the pinholes, there is a double stitching on the canvas.

A thick frame made from very high quality steel reinforces the tent material making it more sturdy and safe. The steel frames allow you to align your tools and plants with ease and without fear of the tent coming down on you.

A removable floor tray makes it easier to maintain the tent and avoid messing up the environment around the plants.

Apollo products come with 90-day manufacturer’s warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee and the Grow Tent is no exception.

The good and the bad of Apollo horticulture 4×8 Grow Tent

The Good

  • Comes with an easy to read and understand user manual
  • Great observational window that allows you to peek at your plants without going inside the tent
  • Easy to remove floor tray
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Thick good quality canvas material
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • 90-day manufacturer’s warranty

The Bad

  • The zipper messes up after some time, which needs replacing

IDAODAN 4×8 Grow Tent

If you are on a tight budget and looking for a Grow Tent that comes with great features and many benefits, then IDAODAN 4×8 grow will do just fine for you. Weighing 41.9 pounds, It is hydroponic and made from high quality canvas material. strong metal push-locks give the tent durability and provide enough safety  for anyone using it. It also comes with a removable floor tray and a transparent observation window that allows you an easy peek at the progress of your plants.

Features and Specifications of IDAODAN 4×8 Grow Tent

Comes with a reflective 100% Mylar interior lining that gives a boost to every kind of lighting set up you have around inside the tent. The lining has double stitching to block any light escaping through the pinholes. This also keeps the odours in and pests out.

Made with Durable high quality canvas material, which is light and thick. It is tear free and the supporting frame is buckle free. The canvas material is PE that makes it eco-friendly and can therefore not harm your plants.

The tent also has quality zippers that do not jam and a firm steel interlocking frame.

An easy to follow instruction pamphlet

Two-year manufacturer’s warranty

The good and bad of IDAODAN 4×8 Grow Tent

The Good

  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Made with eco-friendly PE material
  • Simple to understand user pamphlet
  • Easy to set up and dismantle
  • Comes with a two year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Observation window that allows you to peek at your plants from outside the tent

The bad

  • The tent does not come with a removable floor tray

IPOMELO 4×8 Grow Tent

The above tent is an IPOMELO product that comes with many great features that include a strong thick canvas made from tear proof material. it retains light inside the tent, which is a big boost to the plants. Since the tent requires that you hang the lights inside, it comes with a strong powder coated steel frame to support the lights and your gardening tools. The frame is 19 mm and it is stable and very durable.

Features and Specifications of IPOMELO 4×8 Grow Tent

Besides the thick tear free canvas, the tent also comes with a 19 mm steel powder frame that gives the tent double strength and one you use to hang your tent lights on without worrying about any bends or buckles.

Comes with an easy to remove floor tray, which makes cleaning the tent easy, fast and efficient

The inside of the tent has a 100% reflective Mylar lining that keeps the light inside the tent.

Double stitching on the lining makes it tear free, pest free and keeps the odours inside the tent.

IPOMELO Comes with a tool bag that allows you to keep your gardening tools tidy clean and neat.

Has an easy to follow instruction pamphlet

The good and the bad of IPOMELO 4×8 Grow Tent

The Good

  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Easily removable floor tray
  • Observation window makes it easier to monitor your crops
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with a tool bag

The Bad

  • Sometimes there is a leaking light in the tent so you have to be very careful. You could cover the light with dark tape to avoid any disappointments.


Many of the above Grow Tents have very many similarities. They are all affordable, strong and very durable. Majority of them have reflective Mylar linings, which makes them great for crop growth. It is up-on you to consider the one that suits you best as some have additional features. The prices also differ and majority of them come with manufacturers’ warranties.

Carry out your research thoroughly and if you need more information about the prices and shipping details, you can visit Amazon to learn more.

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