Best 2×2 Grow Tents For Growing Marijuana Indoors

For people starting out on indoor growing, their starter pack mostly includes one of the smallest grow tents in the market. The most apt grow tent to go with is the 2×2 which is one of the smallest in the market. It is also ideal for germinating seeds and tending to seedlings. The grow tents are also ideal for people that want to grow just one plant.



A 2×2 grow tent is also ideal for people that want privacy and do not have enough space in their homes. Its size is small enough to fit into a small space in your home. As small as the grow tent is, it is very effective in indoor growing of weed.  You can say that it is as good as any other larger grow tent. 2X2 tents come in many different types.

Some people especially first time indoor growers do not what to look for in a grow tent. Below is a compilation of the best 2X2 grow tents to make it easier for you to choose.

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Our Top Picks 2×2 Grow Tent

VIVOSUN 24”X24”X48” Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

Using VIVOSUN grow tents makes indoor growing easy and fun. the grow tents are also some of the most affordable in the market and they come with amazing features making them the perfect starter packs for first time growers or anyone working on a tight budget. This particular one is one of the smallest grow tents for growing a few weed crops.

The grow tent comes with a quality heavy build canvas 600d material with quality stitching that will last for many years. The material can withstand any kind of push, movement, water, dirt and pull without any damage coming to the grow tent.  It also comes with reflective Mylar coating that helps to maintain the right lighting effects for the unit.

To fasten the material in place and give the grow tent its stability are thick metal poles with connectors at the corners. The zippers are also heavy duty and thick that ensure the crops. The thick heavy stitching and zippers also ensure that no light leaks out of the unit.

One of the other things that sets the grow tent apart from many others is that it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. The tent also comes with a 1-year warranty for other issues. The lightweight unit can fit easily in any room inside the house or at the balcony.

The removable floor tray is also another additional feature that helps to provide easy cleaning around the tent. One of the features that the tent lacks is a viewing window, which means, you have to open and close the tent every time you want to monitor your crops progress. Other than this one setback, this grow tent is one of the best user-friendly and affordable 2X2 grow tent in the market today.

MARS HYDRO 2X2 Grow Tent

MARS HYDRO is another great manufacturer of quality grow tents that come with amazing features. The 2X2 unit is also one of the strongest small grow tents to start your cannabis growing journey with. Made with a thick strong material that gives it durability, the grow tent also boasts of an interior 1680 canvas Mylar.

The reflective Mylar canvas ensures that light stays inside the tent for the proper growth of the crops. The thickness and double stitching of the material alongside the Mylar canvas also ensure that no outside lights seeps through into the tent. The hydroponic grow tent material is also tear proof and comes with strong zippers.

You also get a chance to observe the growth of your crops through a special peeking window. This prevents the unnecessary opening and closing of the tent every time you want to check on the crops progress. The same peak window also helps to ventilate the air and dissipate heat.

For first time users, the grow tent comes with a tool-free easy assembling instructions. The grow tent is large enough for one or two crops and small enough to place in multiple environments. You can place it in the kitchen, in your garage, at the balcony, in a closet or even in the living room.

Other features that make the grow tent unique are a removable Velcro floor tray, hanging bars for the grow light and an organizer tool bag. For sturdiness and stability, the grow tent comes with a thick metal pole and connectors that make it stay firmly on the ground.

Gorilla 2X2X2.5 Grow Tent

Not every climate you live in is conducive for weed growing. For this reason the best option would be to buy a reliable grow tent to grow your crops. The gorilla grow tent is one of the best options in the market for high quality indoor growing. One of the things that makes the grow tent stand out is the height adjustment feature.

This comes in handy if you want to grow tall crops. The grow tent comes with extension poles to make it easier to adjust it to the size that suits your crops. Gorilla grow tent is also a durable and robust product made with high quality canvas material. The durability of the canvas material allows the tent to hold growing lights effectively.

It also ensures that the growing plants have a safe and secure environment for their growth. The frame of the tent is solid metal that also adds to the stability, sturdiness and durability. To keep the bugs and pests from entering the tent is micromesh.

Height adjustment goes up to 6’7” from 5’7”. The extension poles do not come with the tent. Many of the customers that bought the grow tent gave it raving positive reviews.

CoolGrows 2X2X4 Indoor Mylar Hydroponics Grow Tent

With 4.7 reviews on Amazon, we can all agree that this is a highly rated grow tent. it is one of the best small grow tents to have for your cannabis plants, the tent which is also affordable comes with an easy assembling set up. You do not need to use any tools or an expert to put it up. The structure resembles a small wardrobe that you can keep in a room inside your house.

For sturdiness, the grow tent has metal bar and connectors made from highly strong materials. The tent also comes with a large viewing window that allows you to monitor the growth of the crops without tampering with them. The canvas material comes with double stitching for more strength.

The 600D oxford cloth material is also tear-proof. The reflective material of the mini grow tent prevents any light from escaping the grow space and any external light from entering inside. The reflective material is 95% Mylar coating that helps to increase the light efficiency.

Besides the 2X2 tent, you also get an instructions manual which makes it easier to set up the grow tent.  There are no other accessories provided by the manufacturer.

Topolite 20”X20”X48” Grow Tent

Topolite grow tent is another great buy for the perfect grow space for your cannabis. The grow tent offers one of the most durable and reliable construction, it comes with a highly reflective 600D oxford cloth on its exterior. The reflective Mylar material helps to maximize the unit’s reflective effects.

This it does by keeping any light from escaping the unit and keeping away light from outside from getting into the grow tent. Installation of the unit is easy and does not require any tools or an expert to help with the setup. The strong zippers of the grow tent provide the unit with the best protection allowing the growing of the crops to go on flawlessly.

The grow tent also comes with multiple vents and fans for better flow of air that allows the plants to breathe. For stability and durability, the tent has sturdy metal rods that help it to stay in place at all times. The material of the tent is thick enough to protect the crops and prevent light from leaking out of the unit.

You also do not have to worry about any mess of your floor from using the grow tent as it comes with removable floor tray that collects any water leaks. One other attractive feature is the affordability of the grow tent.

2X2 Grow Tent Buying Guide


With the reviews of the above 2X2 grow tents, you may have an idea of what to expect when buying your unit. Before you choose the grow tent you want for your cannabis, here is a look at what you may have missed from the above units. This buying guide will give you a clearer picture of what to look for before the purchase.


A 2X2 is one of the tiniest grow tent in the market. it can fit in small spaces comfortably. The tent is mostly ideal for people with very limited space or those that do not want to have a larger tent around their homes. You can fit a 2X2 grow tent in a closet, you can place it in any room without the fear of the tent taking up too much space, you can place it at the balcony or even in a cabinet somewhere in the kitchen.

Number of crops

Again, the 2X2 grow tent is tiny and cannot take up more than four plants mini crops. For the best results and good yield, one marijuana plant would be the perfect choice for a 2X2 grow tent. If the strain is not too large, you can plant two crops.

People that want to buy this tent want to plant few plants mainly for their own use. If you want a tent for a larger number of plants, then you should opt for a bigger size.


As small as the tent is, its construction is very important and one of the most important factors to consider before purchase. Ensure that the grow tent you buy has a durable and strong construction with stable frames. Do not imagine that because the tent is small, it should not have all the qualities of a larger tent.

The tent should come with a reflective interior material to allow your crops irrespective of how many they are to receive enough light. The tent you buy should have all the other features such as sturdiness, waterproof, tear proof, lightproof and others to allow the crops to get optimal conditions.


Though 2X2 grow tents are much cheaper than the larger units are, you should also consider the costs of the individual brands before buying. Buy a grow tent that agrees with the budget you have put aside. Even as you try to buy within your means, do not compromise on the quality of the tent.


Reading other users reviews on the different brands in the market will also help you in making a sound decision on the brand to buy. You can also ask other experienced marijuana growers to give you their recommendations.

Frequently asked questions

How many crops can you grow in a 2X2 grow tent?

Many of the people that want to plant marijuana crops in a 2X2 grow tent usually want to plant one to two crops. Technically, the tent can hold up to four crops but that may congest the space. You need space for pruning the crops and allowing them to grow as much as they can with enough space. A recommendation would be one plant if you want the best yield.

Wrapping it up

With the above list of our top picks of the best 2X2 grow tents, you should be in a position to narrow down to the best unit that will suit your preferences. The tents may appear small but they have the same qualities as their larger counterparts. The 2X2 grow tent is especially good for people that are trying weed growing for the first time.

That one plant or two plants you grow in the tent are enough to give you practice for growing a larger number of crops. The buying guide should also help you in finding the right model.

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