Best LED Grow Lights For Growing Tomatoes

Tomatoes are some of the most popular vegetables worldwide, and growing them is both challenging and rewarding. Many people grow their tomatoes indoors for different reasons. One of the main reasons is that they can harvest tomatoes any time they want, irrespective of the season. It also means that if they are doing it for commercial reasons, they will always have a constant income flow.

Others prefer to grow their own tomatoes because they like their organic, which they do not get from the stores. Growing tomatoes indoors requires suitable artificial light sources that can provide the same or almost similar natural light provided by the sun. The light temperatures tomatoes need to grow healthy, strong with high yields is between 75 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Best Grow Lights for tomatoes

With the help of a tomato grow light, growers can enjoy the benefits of fresh tomatoes from their gardens any time they want. Whatever reason you have for growing your tomatoes indoors does not matter as long as you have the right tools and medium for your vegetables. One of the must-haves for indoor tomato growing is a tomato grow light, and we reviewed some of the best on the market and came up with the following picks.

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Our top picks

U-MAX Sunlike Full Spectrum Waterproof Plant Grow Light

One of the best grow lights for growing tomatoes is the highly efficient U-MAX Sunlike Full Spectrum Waterproof Plant Grow Light. The light features full-spectrum lighting provided by 832 pieces of white lamp beads and 104 pieces of red lamp beads, enough for all stages of tomato growth from seeding to fruiting. It is suitable for 6 X 6 ft during the vegetative phase and 5 X 5 ft during the flowering stage.

Moreover, the tomato grow light provides excellent energy efficiency, and it is compatible with the latest lead lamp beads and MEAN WELL drivers. The construction includes a 1.9-inch thick and solid aluminum heat sink with the perfect heat dissipation and a waterproof cable protective cover and power connector that provide you with more opportunities to plant your tomatoes without the fear of water damaging your light kit.

Furthermore, the light system comes with a service lifespan of more than 50,000 hours and a five-year warranty, which you do not get from many other brands. It has a no-fan design, which makes its operation quiet.  You also get two lifting ropes in the package, a wire hook, a 4.5-foot cable, and an instruction manual. The grow light has ETL, UL, and CE approval, and it is ideal for commercial indoor setups, greenhouses, and grow tents.


  • Solid construction
  • Energy-saving design
  • Long lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • Full light spectrum
  • Five-year warranty
  • Easy setup


  • It does not provide dimmable options.
  • It can get extremely hot and bright

HYSTORM 2000W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Double Chips Grow Lamp

The HYSTORM 2000W LED Grow Light is an upgraded full spectrum light ideal for the hydroponic growing system and all the stages of tomato growth. The grow lamp is a powerful grow light that uses nine LEDs that mimic the natural sunlight to ensure plants get the spectrum and brightness they need.  The monochromic LEDs emit IR, UV, Blue, Yellow, Deep Blue, Orange, White, and Red lights.

Furthermore, the tomato grow light comes with the two most essential switches VEG and BLOOM, which help the plants, get enough light during their respective growth stages for better and healthier yields. The highly efficient grow light is also energy efficient at it has a consumption of only 401 watts.

One of the other features that make the grow light unique is its handmade heat dissipation design, making it reliable. Additionally, it comes with an automatic on/off switch, a long lifespan of 10,000 hours, a 90-day unconditional money-back guarantee, and a four-year warranty.


  • Powerful and full-spectrum lighting for different growth stages
  • Energy saving
  • VEG and BLOOM switches
  • Reliable handmade design
  • Auto on/off switch
  • Long lifespan of 10,000 hours
  • Four-year warranty
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Easy to setup


  • It does include an inbuilt cooling fan
  • It can get extremely hot

Xingruyu 150W LED Grow Light

One of the most effective 150-watt tomato grow light to use is the Xingruyu LED grow light with a 380 nm to 780 nm wavelength range. The grow light provides full-spectrum lighting with the aid of 414 pieces of high-quality LEDs made of red, blue, and warm light. The LEDs have enough light to mimic the sun’s natural light, making them suitable for all the crops stages of growth.

Moreover, the grow light has a 180-degree adjustable design that allows you to provide the plants with suitable light illumination by adjusting the lamp and plant’s angle accordingly. The feature helps to promote healthier plant growth. The design is also waterproof, with a heat sink that accelerates heat dissipation, ensuring the lamp works at an average temperature.

A built-in pc cover prevents water mist or moisture from getting to the light beads, making them safe and reliable. You can power the 150-watt lamp using the regular AC socket or a USB connector, and to make it convenient, the set comes with a power cord and USB power plug. The lamps actual power consumption is approximately 35 watts making it great on energy saving.

Furthermore, the lamp comes with a wide application as you can use it for other indoor plants besides tomatoes. It is suitable for grow tents, greenhouses, hydroponics, a large variety of indoor plants that include herbs, flowers and veggies, and all stages of growth.

Lastly, the grow light has a 50,000 hours lifespan, which is an equivalent of about five years or more, a 90-day no fuss money-back guarantee and a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Highly effective full-spectrum light
  • It consists of 414 LEDs
  • Versatile
  • Heat dissipation sink
  • Waterproof construction
  • One-year warranty
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Powered through both USB and AC
  • Long lifespan


  • Light can be too bright for the naked eye
  • It does not include a timer switch

AeroGarden 45w LED Grow Light Panel, Black

AeroGarden 45W LED Grow Light Panel - Grow Light for Plants, Includes Stand and Hanging Kit, Black

If you are looking for a versatile but affordable tomato grow light that will nurture your tomatoes from the germination stage to fruiting, you will do well with the AeroGarden 45w LED Grow Light Panel by MiracleGro. You can use the light in a hanging position or tilt it on its stand, and to make it convenient to use, the unit comes with a hanging kit and a stand.

The grow light comes with a lifespan of 30,000 hours, easy setup and use and an affordable price. The grow light is compact, lightweight, easily portable, and compatible with all growing medium.


  • Made by a reputable manufacturer
  • Versatile-you can use it hung or on a stand
  • Lifespan of 30,000 hours
  • Nurtures plants from germination to fruiting stage
  • Provides full-spectrum light
  • Adjustable 360-degree stand


  • Legs are not too steady
  • It does not include an auto on/off switch
  • Legs are too short

Wolezek Upgraded 4-Head LED Floor Grow Light

-$2.00 SALE OFF Wolezek Grow Lights for Indoor Plants, 4-Head Full Spectrum LED Grow Light with Adjustable Tripod Stand 15-61 inches for Seed Starting, 3500K 6500K 660nm White Red Floor Plant Lamp with 4/8/12H Timer

Wolezek Upgraded 4-Head LED Floor Grow Light is another reliable tomato grow light that comes with fantastic features. It has two controllers-line-in and RF, that support ten adjustable brightness levels, three switch modes, and an auto on/off cycle timer. The timer sets the cycle at 4, 8, and 12 hours depending on the plants’ needs.

Additionally, the grow light comes with an adjustable tripod stand that extends from 11 to 63 inches for broader coverage. It is the perfect choice for different types of indoor plants and suitable to use in different places. The places you can use the grow light include the greenhouse, balcony, living room, darkroom, and office. You can also use it for tall and large plants, as well as potted plants and flower shows.

Lastly, it is easy to set up, use, and it comes with a 12-month warranty and 30-day money-back and satisfaction guarantee.


  • Reliable 4-head full-spectrum light
  • Two controllers
  • Ten brightness levels
  • Three switch modes
  • Auto on/off timer
  • Adjustable tripod stand
  • It comes with an easy setup and ease of use
  • One-year warranty
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Long cord for flexibility


  • The Tripod stand is not too strong

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Wrapping it up

Tomatoes need direct sunlight for at least six hours or more for them to flourish. People living in warm climates have no problems getting the natural direct sunlight just as long as they tend to their other needs. However, not everyone enjoys the type of natural environment that tomatoes need, so others opt to plant them indoors. Growing tomatoes indoors requires light, which is very similar to the natural one.

You can only get that kind of light from a reliable tomato grow light with enough LEDs to mimic the suns light. The above grow lights are some of the best on the market for growing tomatoes from the seedling stage to their fruiting phase efficiently. They are easy to set up and use, provide full-spectrum lighting, affordable and come with other features that make tomato growing both fun and easy.

-$27.50 SALE OFFBestseller No. 1
FRENAN Grow Light with Stand, for Indoor Plants with Red Blue Spectrum, 10 Dimmable Brightness, 4/8/12H Timer, 3 Switch Modes, Adjustable Gooseneck, Suitable for Various Plants Growth
  • 【Floor Grow Light with Adjustable Stand】Equipped with stable, durable tripod stand and can be adjusted from 15” to 63”, suitable for more differents size house plants. Widely apply to family balcony seeding/breeding, gardening, flower show, potted plants, especially tall and large plants.
  • 【Highly Efficient Red Blue Spectrum】This Plant Light allows us to actually provide plants with ample light, effectively supplementing the lack of natural sunlight and promoting plant healthy growth. And it can provide red, blue, or mixed spectrum to meet the light conditions your plants need most in different stages.
  • 【3 Spectral Modes & 10 Level Brightness】4 Head Full Spectrum LED Grow Light has 3 light modes(Red Light, Blue Light & Mixed Light) 10 brightness settings ranging from 10% to 100%, we can be switched at will, free to choose the most suitable brightness for our plant growth. Plants grow about 5 times faster than natural.
  • 【Auto Cycle On/Off & Timer】Designed with auto circular-memory timing function and there are 4/8/12H timer setting options for your choosing. The grow light will turn it on by itself every day as your setting, Even you're on the travel, these grow light strip will still take good care of your plants every day!
  • 【Designed Specifically for Plants】Grow lights has a 360° independently adjustable gooseneck design, which can be rotated to any angle for your requirements, which provide a wider and more flexible range of light. The excellent heat dissipation ensures the light more durable for a 50000-hour long life span.
-$9.00 SALE OFFBestseller No. 2
GooingTop LED Grow Light,6000K Full Spectrum Clip Plant Growing Lamp with White Red LEDs for Indoor Plants,5-Level Dimmable,Auto On Off Timing 4 8 12Hrs
15,105 Reviews on Amazon
GooingTop LED Grow Light,6000K Full Spectrum Clip Plant Growing Lamp with White Red LEDs for Indoor Plants,5-Level Dimmable,Auto On Off Timing 4 8 12Hrs
  • 6000K White Light - equipped with 10 Red + 74 White LEDs, this growing Lamp is similar to the full-spectrum sunlight at noon,that is professionally designed for indoor garden plants.Moreover, its color rendering index is as high as 95, the light is soft and flicker-free, which is very suitable for reading lamp
  • Timer Function & Multiple Settings - this growing light offer the timer function with 3 options that is 4Hrs or 8Hrs or 12Hrs, it is based on a 24 hour cycle from the time you set the timer.For example,when keeping power ON, if you select 8 Hrs,it will turns ON for 8 hours per 24 hours.The other two timer settings are the same.
  • Easy to Install - with flexible Gooseneck & strong clamp,it allows you to place the growth light in any direction to provide the best lighting angle for your plants,meet the cover around the plant.Powered by USB or AC Power Plug
  • High Efficiency LED Lamp - as for LED power draw this seedling lights just comsume about 10watt and is equivalent to a 50W Halogen Bulb.Estimately monthly cost roughly $2 in electricity (12 hours a day). It is a great gift if you growing some small house plants.
  • 【365 Days Worry-free Warranty】GooingTop service team offer 365 days warranty and 24h friendly customer service. If there are ever any issues about the product, please feel free to contact us and we will send you a new replacement or full refund.
-$10.00 SALE OFFBestseller No. 3
LORDEM Full Spectrum LED Grow Light, Height Adjustable Growing Lamp with Auto On/Off Timer 4/8/12H, 4 Dimmable Brightness, Ideal for Small Indoor Plants Pack of 2
2,956 Reviews on Amazon
LORDEM Full Spectrum LED Grow Light, Height Adjustable Growing Lamp with Auto On/Off Timer 4/8/12H, 4 Dimmable Brightness, Ideal for Small Indoor Plants Pack of 2
  • Unique Artistic Design: The set of 2 plant lights are carefully designed like a halo for your plants to help them grow better and faster. They are not only plant lights, but also a stylish decoration for any home space, The warm natural light makes them very comfortable to see and to place in your home, they perfectly fit in with your home decor.
  • Full Spectrum Grow Light: It emits all the wavelengths from 380nm to 800nm- just like natural sunlight. With the warm white high efficiency LED diodes & higher PAR output, the grow light greatly promotes indoor growth as it accelerates photosynthesis, ideal for all stages of growth and various of plants such as herbs, succulent, orchids, tomatoes, etc. SAVE YOUR DARK INDOOR PLANTS with IT ! (50,000 hours lifetime.)
  • Auto on/off Timer Everyday: This growing light has 3 cycle timing settings (4/8/12H) which will stay on for 4/8/12 hours, then off for 20/16/12 hours and will automatically turn on and off at the same time the next day, no need to unplug/re-plug. It will take good care of your plants while you are at work or on vacation, easy & convenient!
  • Brighter Plant Light with 4 Dimmable Levels: Our grow light has more new technology LED diodes which makes it brighter and more efficient. Also it has 4 brightness settings (25%-50%-75%-100%), to meet each plant's lighting requirements at different stages, without worrying about burning your plant.
  • Easy to Use & Height Adjustable: Just stick it into potted plants, adjust height, then turn it on, quick and easy! The lighting part can be adjusted in height in order to work with different plants and provide the right amount of light intensity for each plant. Also a larger area or more plants will be covered when the telescope is extended longer.
Bestseller No. 4
LBW Grow Light for Indoor Plants, Dual Heads Full Spectrum 200W LED, Auto On/Off Timer, 6 Dimmable Levels, 3 Switch Modes, Adjustable Tripod Stand 15-63 inches
8,088 Reviews on Amazon
LBW Grow Light for Indoor Plants, Dual Heads Full Spectrum 200W LED, Auto On/Off Timer, 6 Dimmable Levels, 3 Switch Modes, Adjustable Tripod Stand 15-63 inches
  • Upgraded Dual Head Grow Light with Stand: This indoor grow light has a flexible dual head design, and is equipped with a tall & stable tripod stand extendable from 15 inches to 63 inches, which provides a larger illumination area for tall and large plants, and the gooseneck also makes it more flexible to use. You can set the grow light at any height and in any direction to get the desired illumination angle, it's ideal for all kinds of your plants at all growth stages.
  • Full Spectrum Plant Light: Equipped with 100 high efficiency LEDs (12 Red + 60 Warm White + 28 Cold White), this grow light emits full spectrum light from 380nm up to 800nm, which is professionally designed for indoor houseplants. Similar to the sunlight at noon, this plant light provides high luminous efficacy for more plants, at the same time, saves your electric bill.
  • Auto on/off Timer Everyday: This growing light has 3 cycle timing settings (3/6/12H) which will stay on for 3/6/12 hours, then off for 21/18/12 hours and will automatically turn on and off at the same time the next day, no need to unplug/re-plug. It will take good care of your plants while you are at work or on vacation, easy & convenient!
  • 3 Lighting Modes & 6 Level Brightness: This LED grow light has 3 switch modes, each light can be controlled individually, you can turn one light on, the other light on, or both on. It also has 6 brightness settings, to meet each plant's lighting requirements at different stages, without worrying about burning your plant.
  • Easy to Use: Just within 2 minutes! Screw up the tripod, gooseneck, and the plant light, adjust the height and angle, done! High-quality LED beads have a 50,000h lifespan. 12 months warranty plus 30 days satisfaction or return guarantee, 100% money back. Contact us first if any issues and we will make it OK.
Bestseller No. 5
Grow Lights for Indoor Plants, Four Head LED Grow Light with Full Spectrum & Red White Spectrum for Indoor Plant Growing Lamp, Adjustable Gooseneck, Suitable for Plants Growth
  • 🍒【Adjustable gooseneck & telescopic pole】The flexible gooseneck can be rotated 360 degrees, and the pole can also be telescopic, allowing you to more easily adjust the distance between the plant light and the plant
  • 🍒【White & red LED lamp beads】Simulating natural light, especially red light, can make plants better photosynthesize to promote healthy growth
  • 🍒【Efficient full-spectrum LED lamps】The plant growing light has 72 LED lamp beads, and vegetables, fruits or plants can be fully cared for and supplied without sun exposure
  • 🍒【Designed for plant growth】This plant growth lamp can meet the needs of light in different growth stages such as fruits, vegetables, herbs, etc
  • 🍒【Multiple usage】You can put it on the balcony, living room, office, greenhouse, you can use it for indoor gardening, breeding, potted plants have a wide range of uses, especially suitable for growing plants in the dark or when it rains
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