Purple Kush [PK] Marijuana Strain Review & Info

Purple Kush Marijuana was ranked among the top 10 marijuana strains by the High Times in 2016. Still, no strain can beat it. Purple Kush has a rich color of greens and purples. The strain is a hybrid composed of up to 70% purple with a highly compact as well as a rich resinous bud that your eye can’t help but notice. It is so sweet that its tastiness may seem eternal, not to mention its amethyst shade and a brilliant shine like no other. Plant it today, and you will have a jewel for a garden.



What’s more, with the Purple Kush, you will sit back and watch it grow as it only requires little attention. The whole of this plant has a purple tone, which is so notable on its resin buds. It is high in THC but low in CBD. You are sure to enjoy its profoundly calming effect.

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History of the Purple Kush

A brief rich history of this marijuana series is that it is a potent blend of Afghani and Hindu Indica pot that was created in Oakland, California. It boasts of up to 100% Indica genetics, and among other series of cannabis, this one provides a sedating, relaxing, and stoned high effect. The series also provides a moderate to a high amount of THC, rated at between 17 to 27%. It also produces a sticky resin and thus is the number one option for producing concentrates such as Rosin Tech was and shatter. Its flowers are dense and are rich in trichomes, thus a fuzzy white sheen on the flowers that are studded with spectacular psychedelic look-alikes of orange pistons.

The strain is famous due to its total bliss that it rains on one. In fact, from the past, it has continually been celebrated, especially in California. Also, it is featured more often in the music industry, especially reggae and hip-hop.

Growing Purple Kush Seeds

Purple Kush seeds are feminized seeds in that the female plants are the ones that produce the weed and not the male plants. The plant is grown indoors and starts to flower when you subject it to minimal light each day. This can be done in the fall, or this can be mechanized indoors.

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What are its Appearance and smell?

History of the Purple Kush


As pointed out earlier, Purple Kush has bright green and purple leaves. Its flowers burst with flavor. The herb has middle-sized flowers, with its buds looking tightly packed.  The purple color is a result of the cold response in the leaves from its Afghani parent, which is purple. The strain has an earthly woody smell that blossoms into a sweet fruity flavor of fresh grapes when you smoke it. You can’t help but notice the taste of the Purple Kush each time you reach out for a puff. You can sum it up, that it has striking looks and great flavors, however, it packs the punch of a strain that has been bred for full effect and not much aesthetics. It is your best choice when you feel like unwinding after a long week or even day.

Purple Kush Effects

The weed will make an eloquent addition to your daily cannabis routine and is perfect for a time to chill with your pals, your lover, or on a date. This cannabis marijuana will see you break your barriers as well as empower you to melt into a lasting bliss, which only gets better as time goes by.

Most people who hit a few puffs of the Purple Kush before retiring to bed familiarize themselves with the feeling of falling into a deep sleep, enjoying a most restful sleep at night than they have ever experienced. You won’t be mistaken if you call the purple kush marijuana a godsent is you have insomnia.

Side effects of Purple Kush

Purple Kush is cool, and there are no major side effects that have been recorded after consuming it. This is because it is neither a stimulator nor Sativa- influenced cannabis strain in any way. You may experience the following;

  • Increased stress
  • Paranoia,
  • Cottonmouth
  • Anxiety

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ILGM Marijuana Seed Bank:

ILGM stands for I Love Growing Marijuana, is a marijuana seed bank website that was started and owned by Robert Bergman. The founder has more than 25 years learning anything there is to know about the cultivation of marijuana. This is a broad wealth of experience in this field thus you cannot doubt the site or its products.

ILGM is famous for selling a wide range of marijuana seed including feminized seed, auto flowering seeds and more. It also boasts of a number of popular strains you will find in the US today. If you are looking for THC rich marijuana strain, then this shop is your one stop shop. Beginners also can count on the site.

Purple Kush from ILGM

purple kush seed


Currently, the site is the number one site for selling Purple Kush feminized seeds. These seeds are 100% Indica strain and have great resistance against parasites and pests. Purple kush is also very high in THC levels, currently at 22%., and low in CBD You won’t help but notice the nice flavor of the purple kush.

Purple Kush takes 8 weeks to flower, and yields 5 to 9 oz per 3x3ft. While it causes a euphoric effect, purple Kush from ILGM is excellent for people with insomnia, easing pain and stress.

Why People Like Shopping From ILGM

The seed bank ships everyday to the US, NZ, Australia and Western Europe. For all orders below $150 to Australia, the seed bank will ship at absolutely nix. You also are sure of the seed germination from the site. As a result, the company stands by their seeds.  Apart from guaranteed delivery, you will the 24/7 customer support at ILGM will give you optimum experience anytime you purchase from marijuana seeds.

How to buy

Buying purple Kush from ILGM is pretty easy whenever you have an account with the site. Tour the website and register for an account and you can purchase anytime from the comfort of your home. At the moment, the website accepts payments by Bank USA, Bank AUS and EU, or by cash. They also accept Credit Card Payments as well as Bitcoin payments.

SeedMan Purple Kush Seed Bank

Purple Kush Feminised Seeds


SeedsMan Company strives to help preserve cannabis genetics for the coming generations. While it is doing this, it also promotes the need to control the use of cannabis under the legal framework.

The company sells a diverse as well as an increasing range of marijuana seeds for home preservation. By doing this, customers are encourage to preserve them until the time when it will be totally legal to grow them. Along with the seeds, you can count on the company for the right products to store the seeds safer, for long.

Purple Kush at Seed Man Company

The company sells Feminized cannabis seeds, white widow seeds, sensi seeds, auto flowering cannabis seeds, regular cannabis Seeds and purple kush. The site has a range of purple kush strains including purple kush auto, purple kush cbd, and Purple Kush feminized.

Buying Purple Kush From Seed Man Company

Before you can use this website, you have to certify that you are of age to access it. Secondly, as with most marijuana seed banks, you first need to have registered an account with them for you to make any purchase. Registering is easy because you will provide your email address and password for the account. While it ships worldwide, one needs to check that their country and state law to ensure they allow the purchase and importation of the seeds.

Payment Options

Seed man accepts quite a number of payment options such as cards, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, checks and money order, bank and wire transfers, and payments by cash. Currently though, it does not accept PayPal payments.

Contact Information

Seed Man Company address is Tigre Uno Distribuciones S.L/ Pars 45-47, Entresuelo 3a, CP 08029 Barcelona. They have a toll free number for Germany and France which are 0800 180 4057 and 0800 917 552 respectively. Customers from the US, UK and Spain can use +1 (720) 650-8315, +44 2038 932103 and +34 902 757 218 respectively.

Is Purple Kush Of Any Medicinal Value?

You won’t be mistaken when you say that this strain of marijuana has many medicinal benefits. It is known to treat a whole lot of medical conditions; however, only the primary symptoms and not for directly treating severe medical conditions such as seizures, cancers, and the likes. For people experiencing a lack of appetite, nausea, or insomnia caused by a more severe condition or because of an independent cause, then the purple Kush might be the remedy. It is also helpful to use it if you are suffering from chronic pains, nausea, insomnia, but on a larger dose than average. This helps your body to get the full effect of the Purple Kush as a medicine.


Purple Kush, commonly abbreviated as PK, is a heavy marijuana strain whose effects you should not miss out on. The consumption of PK or any other strain of marijuana is the sole responsibility of the consumer as that much discretion should be taken.

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