Why Does My Vape Taste Burnt Even With A New Coil?

After switching from smoking traditional cigarettes to vaping, many people realize that they need to know certain things to always enjoy their new experience. Vaping has been touted as a safer alternative to smoking. But, unlike a traditional cigarette that requires a person to just light and inhale, vaping is different. A person needs knowledge of the operation and maintenance of a vaping device.

Why Does My Vape Taste Burnt

Operating a device for the first time and maintaining it can be a complex task for some people. And, regardless of your chosen device type, you may experience a nasty sensation with it at some point. That is the sensation of an unpleasant, burnt taste. This taste of a charred newspaper can mask the delicious taste of an e-juice.

What’s more, the taste can affect even a person that uses the best vape mod. Luckily, this taste doesn’t mean you stop vaping. You just need to know what causes it and how to prevent or avoid it.

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Burnt Taste Explained

A burnt taste can transform an otherwise amazing experience into an awful one for the throat. Instead, of a smooth, flavorful vapor, you can feel an unpleasant burnt taste after taking a long puff. Your day can be messed up by this sensation. It can even make you think about quitting vaping altogether.

This taste can be a dry hit or a burnt hit. In most cases, vapers use these terms interchangeably. However, they have different meanings. Both a dry hit and a burnt hit are unpleasant. But, a dry hit is not as shocking as a burnt hit. A vaper experiences a dry hit when the coil wick dries up leading to the sensation of less flavor and exhalation of fewer vapors. This happens without coughing and nastiness that is produced by a burnt hit.

Causes of a Burnt Taste

Causes of a Burnt Taste

Most people that use vape mods experience a burnt taste sensation at some point. This can be caused by several things. Here are the major causes of a burnt taste.

  • Chain Vaping– This is a major cause of a burnt hit. It occurs when a person vapes continuously and without breathing spaces between one puff and the next. This can damage the coil because they don’t allow the wick time to absorb e-juice between their puffs. Thus, the cord burns when dry.
  • Unprimed coils– Coil priming is important when vaping. It soaks the wick with e-juice. If this process is skipped, the wick is ignited when dry. And, this causes a burnt taste that is usually irritating.
  • High power vaping– This can damage the coils and cause a burnt hit. When the stipulated standard wattage range is exceeded, faster failing or roasting occurs. When a person vapes at higher power, their e-juice vaporizes quickly. That means the wick is not allowed enough time to absorb e-juice. Consequently, puffing gives a burnt taste.
  • Low amount of vape juice– Even the best box mod vape will give a burnt taste if it has low juice in the tank. Therefore, a vaper should not extract the content of the tank completely before they refill it. That’s because apart from providing a burnt taste, extracting the content of the tank completely can damage the coils. When the tank goes completely or almost dry before a refill, the wick is left with insufficient e-liquid to absorb. This produces an unpleasant burnt taste.
  • E-juice choice– The chosen e-juice can be the reason a vape gives a burnt taste. Recently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), noted that 94% of patients with EVALI aged 13-17 years were likely to get nicotine and THC products from unregulated, informal sources. But, in addition to causing this disease, e-juice from informal sources can contain high sugar content and VG concentration. These are likely to cause the burnt taste of vapes. That’s because these are stiffer and denser for absorption by the coil wicks and can lead to the failure of a vape pen.
  • Old coil – Using an old coil can also cause a burnt taste. On average, a coil should be used for 2 to 3 weeks by a person with a normal consumption habit. Using a coil longer than this can lead to a burnt taste.
  • Poor maintenance – Even the best vape mods produce a burnt taste if not maintained properly. A crucial maintenance practice for vaping devices is cleaning the coil. Proper coil cleaning lengthens its life. It also prevents the production of a burnt hit. A coil can be cleaned with a cotton bud and alcohol to remove residue.
  • Excess cotton – When a coil has excess cotton, the device can produce a burnt sensation. The wick is responsible for vaporizing the e-juice from the tank. The coil hits the absorbed e-liquid to produce the vapor that is inhaled via the mouthpiece. If the wick gets too small, the vaping experience is affected negatively. It can even cause leaking. The presence of excess cotton increases the area that needs saturation for the device to work properly. And, this can cause the burning of the wick. The time required for the absorption of e-juice by the wick is also increased.
  • Cold weather– This may come as a surprise but cold weather can also cause a burnt taste when vaping. That’s because cold weather changes the e-juice viscosity. It becomes thicker and this makes coils more likely to be clogged. Warm weather, on the other hand, thins the e-juice. Additionally, cold weather can make the PG heavy mix to behave like VG dominant combination that may not be ideal for e-juice.

Public Health England says that compared to smoking, vaping is up to 95% less harmful. But, some researchers have refuted the claims, especially with the increasing cases of EVALI, a disease that has been associated with vaping. Overall, most people consider vaping a healthier smoking alternative. However, it’s important to use quality vaping products to ensure safety and enjoyable experience when vaping. That means choosing the best box mod and purchasing e-juice from regulated and reputable vendors. This combined with proper use and maintenance of a vaping device can help prevent a burnt taste.

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