How Many Grams Are In An Ounce Of Weed? (Ultimate Guide)

As a new cannabis user, the measurement of the recreational drug might be a bit of a mystery to you. It might also be embarrassing to ask the dealer or the clinician what they mean by an “eighth”, “quarter” or an “O”. Additionally, as a new user or a person coming back to cannabis use after a long time, the measurements might be tricky to understand. However, worry no more since we shall inform you all about the measurements and share other important information to ensure that you have a pleasant experience as you enjoy your puff.

How Many Grams Are In An Ounce Of Weed

The cannabis or weed industry is largely built over the ounce unit of measurement. Nevertheless, the gram is increasingly becoming a popular unit of measure for the cannabis. The eighth is also quite popular. It is therefore prudent as a consumer to understand how many grams are in an ounce as well as understand what an eighth means. As it sounds, an eighth is one-eighths of an ounce. An ounce is equal to 28 grams – well according to many industry dealers. However, the truth of the matter is that they round it down! In actual sense, an ounce weighs 28.3495 grams.

In order to get the weight of an eighth, we simply divide one ounce which is 28 pounds by 8 which comes to 3.5 grams. However, for the most accurate dealers, an ounce is equal to 28.3495 grams. Obviously, the difference is negligible for a person who is buying cannabis in small quantities. However, the difference is quite significant when you are buying weed in very large quantities. Well, as seen, an ounce measures approximately 28 grams. But there is a problem, how do we move from metric to Imperial/American System of measurement?

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Imperial/American versus Metric System of Measurement

Grams and ounces are measurements that are in two different systems. Grams belong to the metric system of measurement while the ounces belong to the Imperial or American system of measurement. The difference between the Imperial and the metric system of measurement is that the former is a base 12 system while the latter is a base 10 system. What this means is that in the metric system, the weights are divided into 10’s such that a kilo is 1000 grams, half a kilo is 500g, quarter a kilo is 250 grams and so on. It is also easy to break it down to 1000s, 100, 10ths, and 0.10. The system is very efficient and is also very effective. Many countries use the metric system (metric means 1000).

Metric vs imperial

On the other hand, there is the American system which is very handy but in some instances it can be a bit confusing. In fact, the metric system was developed much later in order to simplify the Imperial measurement system. The American system as earlier stated is a base 12 system which has measures like stones, pounds and ounces.

Using both the Imperial and Metric Systems of Measurement

If you are in the United States and a few other countries that use the Imperial system, then chances are very high that you will deal with both systems of measurements while buying cannabis. The people who produce cannabis in large quantities prefer to use the metric system of measurement because of its simplicity. As such, they sell the cannabis in kilos. However, the funny thing is that the person who buys the weed for resale has to sell it using the Imperial system. They can decide to sell the weed in “bars” or “half bars”. A bar is equal to 9 ounces while a half bar equals 4.5 ounces.

Most people who buy cannabis do not buy it in ounces, rather, they prefer smaller quantities and this is where the smaller units of measurements come in. These measurements are the eighths, quarters and teenths. As earlier stated, an eighth is one-eighths of an ounce. A quarter is a quarter of an ounce while a teenth is a sixteenth of an ounce or put in another way -it is half of an eighths.

Let us beak it down for easier understanding.

An eighth ounce3.5 grams
A quarter ounce7 grams
A half ounce14 grams
Three quarter(3/4 ) ounce21 grams
1 ounce28 grams
1 pound16 ounces
1 kilogram1000 grams

Moving From Kilo to Ounces

As earlier seen, a kilo is broken down to ounces, but how many ounces are in a kilo? Well the most common answer is 36 ounces but the correct answer is 35.274 ounces. Therefore if your clinician gives you 36 ounces for a kg then you are in luck.

How do you measure your weed?

Since you can now comfortably define an eighth and know how many grams are in an ounce, lets now look at how you can measure your cannabis.

Using a scale

Although this method is can save you a lot of cash especially if you are a frequent user. One of the advantages of using a scale is that it is accurate and you will be sure that you are getting real value for your money. A good scale should be accurate; it should also be able to measure at least 200 grams. You can get a scale online since they are cheaper than those sold in brick and motor stores. There are very many varieties in the market and getting a scale that is accurate should not be much of a hustle.

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Using your eyesight

Although his method is far less accurate than using a scale, some professional cannabis users can estimate the weight by using their eyes. One advantage of this method is that you do have to invest in a scale neither do you have to walk with one e strapped across your waist. Different varieties of cannabis have different characteristics including density and fluffiness which might make a roll seem bigger or smaller depending on the variety.

Using a ruler and a penny

A penny weighs 2.5 grams and therefore when you place a penny on one end of a ruler, then you should have 2.5 grams of weed on the other end.

Using your smart phone

Technology has revolutionised many sectors. Some smartphones have a measuring scale and if you have one of those then your work is made easier.

However, all the entities that sell weed have their own weights that they use to measure the weed. Unless you are dealing with an unscrupulous dealer, you should rest assured that you are getting the correct amount. Nevertheless, if you are in doubt, it is always prudent to ensure that you countercheck the weight of the weed- after all, you are paying for the merchandise and you should get the correct value for your money.

So how do the measurements look like?

A gram

A gram of weed

A gram is usually a small nugget of the product. As earlier stated, the size will depend on the intensity and fluffiness of the cannabis. Some will be penny-sized while others will be like a crumbled half dollar bill. An eighth or a tenth are the most common units of measurements that you can buy from a dealer or your clinician. At a clinic, however, weed is usually sold as a rolled joint and might go for about 7 to 15 dollars depending on the quality and the location.


An eighth of weed

An eighth of weed

This is the most common measurement of weed sold. It is very ideal for people who use cannabis on a casually or those who smoke it moderately. Again, depending on the location and quality of the product, it can cost anywhere from 25 to 60 dollars. An eighth is about 3.5 grams. It looks something like this.

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A quarter

A quarter of weed

As earlier stated a quarter is twice an eighth and they are also quite common units of measurements. Frequent smokers prefer to buy a quarter for they exhaust an eighth fast, a quarter looks like this. Please note that it might look different depending on the variety of the weed.

A half ounce of cannabis

A half ounce of weed

A half ounce of weed measures about 14 grams and it is a good investment for people who do not want to buy a full ounce and also find a quarter or an eighth too little for them.

An ounce

an ounce of weed

For the constant user, an ounce is the most cost effective option. The price of an ounce will once again vary widely depending on the quality and the location where you are buying the product.

Tricks and tips that will help you enjoy your cannabis like a pro

Tip 1: In order to enjoy your product in the best way possible, it is important to grind it by using a grinder or by hand. By doing so, you will eliminate air pockets which cause uneven burning which results in wastage.

Tip 2: There are many slang names for cannabis and knowing them will go a long way in ensuring that you get your weed without much of a hustle. In most cases weed worth 10 dollars is called a dime-bag which is about one gram. A nickel- bag is usually half a dime-bag and goes for half the price as well. A dub on the other hand, is about 20 dollars which might measure up to 3.5 grams of low quality weed or measure less for the higher quality stuff. A qaud is about a quarter of weed and it measures 7 grams or thereabout, some refer it as a slice maybe in reference to an eight sliced pizza.

Tip 3: Weed can also be bought and sold in large quantities as earlier seen. However, if you buy cannabis in large quantities you are at risk of being at loggerheads with the authorities even in states where cannabis is legalised. Therefore, it is important to buy only the legalised amount of weed to avoid spending some time in jail.

States where cannabis is regulated and states where it is not regulated

There are a number of states where a person can purchase weed albeit for recreational use. These states include California, Colorado, Washington and a few others. In these states, you can buy the recommended amount of weed without being at loggerheads with the authorities. The amount, weight and measurements of weed in these states is strictly regulated which means you are unlikely to be cheated by authorised distributors. This is not the case with unregulated market where possession of cannabis is a criminal offence.



How much does cannabis cost?

How much does cannabis cost?

Well this is a very tricky question to answer because it depends on a number of factors including, the region, the supplier and the quality of the weed you are purchasing. Some people do buy low-quality cannabis at a much higher price where else patients or people living in states where pot is legal buy high grade weed at a relatively lower price.

In order to know if you are overspending on cannabis, it is important to know the weights (which have already been discussed above) and also how much you really need in order to feel high.

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How much should you purchase as a first time user?

As a first time user, it will largely depend on how your body reacts to stimulants. Each person is different as some people can tolerate large quantities of stimulants while others only need fewer amounts for it to take effect. As a first time user, it is prudent to start small and pick up the pace gradually until you get to your optimum level. Some people require just a few puffs while others require more than just a few puffs to feel the effect. Once you get used to the weed, other factors that will influence your usage include how you like to take your cannabis- vaporised or by grinding it, the quality of the weed- the higher the quality, the less you will need to get high and lastly the amount of money you are willing to spend.

Quantity of scale also applies in the purchase of cannabis as the more you purchase the cheaper the price. However, for first time users, an eighth or a quarter will be enough to go for a few days or even weeks for those whose usage is at the lower threshold. The good part is that you can always get more weed once your stash runs out, as such, you should not feel pressurised to buy in large quantities just to cut on costs. You can buy in small quantities so as not to stretch yourself beyond your budget.

How much should an eighth cost?

There are a number of factors to consider or which will determine the cost of the weed. The quality, grade, location, availability and the method of growing the weed are some of the factors which influence the cost. An 1/8 will go for anywhere between 30 to 75 dollars. For high quality and well natured weed, the average price will be about $60. In California, many dispensaries have come up with eighth “caps” which they sell for $30 dollars to cater for people who might find the 60 dollars to be on the higher side. What this means is that when they put their cup prices at $30, they will sell the eighths at this price.

Additionally, as a user, you should be wary of the cannabis that you buy. Some weed might have mould, high levels of pesticide or potency which are health hazards. Therefore, if you are in a state where weed is legalised, then you should ensure that you purchase your weed in clinics which are certified by the state since they have undergone ISO certification. The certification ensures that the weed they sell is fit for human consumption.

How much weed do you need to feel the effects?

Well as earlier stated, it varies from person to person but the average amount that you need to feel the effects is about 0.25 grams. It also depends on the quality of the plant. A fresh user might start to feel the effects with as little as 0.05 grams while an accustomed user might need as much as the 0.25 grams or higher. If you are a first time user, use little by little, posing between puffs to feel the effect before taking another puff.

Further breakdown on the cost of weed

For a very long time, weed was not talked about openely and many exchanges were done discreetly to avoid detection. This is still the situation in many states where weed is illegal. Below is a list of states where weed is legal and the prices of weed in the said states.

States where marijuana IS LEGAL:

MontanaNevadaNew Hampshire
New JerseyNew MexicoNew York
North DakotaOhioOregon
PennsylvaniaRhode IslandVermont
WashingtonWashington, DCWest Virginia

Prices in the above states vary significantly as they also do in states where weed is illegal. The prices listed in this guide are for medium quality weed, high quality weed is likely to cost much more. The more you buy, the cheaper it will be. If the price listed here is $10 for example for a gram ,if you find that your local clinician is selling it at double price , then you have a reason to be wary of them. However, $15 for a gram is quite reasonable. This guide is just that, a guide, the prices might vary but at least it acts as a base where you can check if you are getting a good or a raw deal.


The gram is the smallest unit of measure. For visual reference, a gram of weed is about the size of a bottle top. Below are the average prices for medium quality weed in the stated states.

Prices in $

Alaska – 10.82Arizona _ 8.28Arkansas – 8.31
California – 8.93Colorado 7.14Connecticut 10.03
Delaware 9.35Florida 8.06Hawaii 9.49
Illinois 10.61Maine 8.41Maryland 10.10
Massachusetts 10.18Minnesota 9.99Michigan 9.74
Montana 8.69Nevada 8.37New Hampshire 10.64
New Jersey 10.68New Mexico 8.13New York 9.67
North Dakota 11.72Ohio 8.32Oregon 6.65
Pennsylvania 10.03Rhode Island 9.11Vermont 10.78
Washington 6.81Washington, DC 18.08West Virginia 9.00

This is the average price of a gram of weed in various states.

Some of the factors which affect the price of weed

One of the greatest factors which affect the price of the weed is the place that you are located or live. Legalization is a factor which also affects the prices since dealers can go to jail if caught selling weed and this necessitates the higher prices they charge.

For recreational weed, only eight states have legalised the use. They include Oregon, Colorado, Alaska, Massachusetts, Washington, Nevada, California and Maine. Although marijuana is legal in Washington D.C, you cannot buy weed in this locality! There are other 21 states (highlighted above) which have legalised marijuana but for medical use only. Medical marijuana requires a doctor’s prescription in order to buy it from the dispensary.

Weed performs best in in temperatures that range between 75 to 86 degrees F- these are generally warmer places. Cannabis does not do well in areas which are above or below these temperature ranges. Although, weed can also be grown in these areas, its quality will be lower compared to the weed grown in the ideal temperature zones which are few and are far apart. It therefore means that as a consumer, the best quality weed has to be shipped from these areas and the price you pay for the marijuana will be inclusive of the shipping costs.

Where can you buy weed

Well, it depends on where you live. If you live in a state where weed is legalised, then you can walk into a store selling marijuana and take home your stash. If you are in area where it is illegal, then you have to do at the street corners.

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  • Durable & Sturdy Grow Tent: Well-constructed with strong and sturdy steel frame. Reflective mylar interior gathers more grow lights. Heavy duty 600D oxford cloth exterior increases the durability. Reliable zippers provide smoother shut and open. Double stitching perfectly lock light inside. Waterproof tray makes your floor away from water leakage.
  • Effective Ventilation System: Noise-free 4" inline duct fan, Australian charcoal carbon filter and flex aluminum ducting offer a effective ventilation system. Strong and powerful airflow helps eliminate all unwanted smell, also ideal for humidity control.
  • Save Your Time And Money: Forget about choosing the individual item one by one. Our complete grow tent kit not only saves your time but also saves your money. Super easy to assemble and operate, even for beginner growers. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We are always here to provide excellent customer service support before and after buying.
Bestseller No. 2
VIVOSUN Grow Tent Complete Kit, 48"x48"x80" Growing Tent with VS1000 Led Grow Light 6 Inch 440 CFM Inline Fan Carbon Filter and 8ft Ducting Combo
  • Keeps All Light Inside: The VIVOSUN Hydroponic Mylar Grow Tent is made of high-quality 600D Oxford canvas that is lined with reinforced PE layer and 100%-reflective mylar walls, which can effectively block all light from leaking and boost the output efficiency of your setup; The zipper part has also upgraded with the black inner lining to prevent light into the tent; There is no need for additional flaps or tape, you can just zip up to create a lightproof seal environment
  • High Efficiency & Lower Cost: The VIVOSUN VS1000 LED grow light uses the latest high-efficiency (2.75μmol/J) LED plant light technology with premium Samsung LM301 diodes, providing uniform lighting and stronger light output; The energy consumption is only 100 watts, making it more efficient than traditional HID lights and other plant lamps on the market; It is perfect for covering 3 x 3 ft. area (4 x 4 ft. max) and lights can be absorbed better by plants
  • Advanced Made Easy: Don’t waste time buying and returning parts that may or may not be compatible or safe to use together-this three-part grow tent fan kit includes everything you need to get set up
  • Precise Data: VIVOSUN wireless indoor outdoor thermometer records accurate all time/24 hours max and min temperature and humidity readings; Temperature trend arrows indicate whether it’s getting warmer or colder near the remote temperature monitor; Temp Accuracy: ± 1.5°F/± 1°C; Humidity Accuracy: ±5%
  • Reusable and Versatile: Made of pliable, braided, and heavy-duty polyester, this netting can be used for vertical gardening, horizontal gardening, and A-Frame trellises; It’s long-lasting, reusable, and will support your plants’ growth; You can easily fold it up and store it away after you’re done using it
Bestseller No. 3
BloomGrow Alphapar 200W New Tech Pro Full Spectrum Sunlike LED Grow Light Kit + 32''x32''x63'' Grow Tent + 4'' Fan Filter Kit Indoor Plant Growing Complete Package
108 Reviews on Amazon
BloomGrow Alphapar 200W New Tech Pro Full Spectrum Sunlike LED Grow Light Kit + 32''x32''x63'' Grow Tent + 4'' Fan Filter Kit Indoor Plant Growing Complete Package
  • Grow Tent: 96% highly reflective waterproof diamond mylar (enhance the reflective effect); 600D high-reflective Diamond Mylar, Large heavy duty Zippers & Double Stitching for protection against light leaks. Easy entry and access
  • Ventilation Kit: Pre-filter included,Cleaner air to promote better health; Use Coal Based activated carbon environmentally friendly materials and Carbon Layer Thickness: 1.5 inches; Durable ceramic-coated. Composite fan blades and center hub which reduces noise and vibration
  • LED:【Save Grow】Just consumes about 200w power. High Efficiency PPF LEDs make you cost less but get more.【Highyield Grow】Re-defined & Wide coverage light design, benefit your plants everywhere.【 Lazy Grow】Real full spectrum (sunlight) for plant from veg growth to bloom, no need to change your light source.【Durable Grow】High-end & high performance self-heating dissipation construction for long lifespan. Plug and play directly.【Quiet Grow】No Fan design and make grow room so quiet.
  • HYGROMETER: High stability & accuracy.Display temperature, humidity and time sim,ultaneously; ROPE HANGERS: Up to 75-pound weight load capacity per ratchet; a pair can handle 150-pounds; SHEARS: Enable excellent smooth and clean cutting action for precise results, also reduce hand strain; TRELLIS NETTING: Heavy-duty nylon tangle-free net is ideal for growing vining vegetables, fruits, and flowers; TIMER: 24 Hour settings with switch knob
  • Fast Shipping & Discreet Package
Bestseller No. 4
MARS HYDRO Grow Tent Kit Complete 2x2x5ft TS 600W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Indoor Grow Tent Kit 24'x24'x55' Hydroponics Grow Tent 1680D Canvas with 4” Ventilation Kit for Grow Tent Complete System
1,347 Reviews on Amazon
MARS HYDRO Grow Tent Kit Complete 2x2x5ft TS 600W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Indoor Grow Tent Kit 24"x24"x55" Hydroponics Grow Tent 1680D Canvas with 4” Ventilation Kit for Grow Tent Complete System
  • 【MARS HYDRO AMAZON SERVICE】Quickest FBA Shipment Speed +100% Satisfactory Seller Solution+30 Days Hassle-free Return + 5 Years Warranty of Grow Light =Happy Purchase, any problems will be responded within 8 hours!
  • 【Grow Tent Kit Complete System Includes】Mars Hydro 2x2FT TS600W grow light, 24"x24"x55" grow tent, 4"inline fan with speed controller, 4"carbon filter, 33ft length flex ducting, duct clamps, timer, humidity thermometer, 3pcs 5 Gallon grow bags, adjustable rope hangers.
  • 【HIGH EFFICIENCY ENERGY SAVING PLANT GROW LIGHT】It Consuming only 100 Watts output with 225pcs LEDs, more scientifically and energy-efficient! Max 2.0g yield, highest PAR/LUMEN output(430μmol/m².s), perfect suit 2' x 2' veg stage, 1.5' x 1.5' bloom stage. Full-spectrum led grow lamp, ideal for all growth stages. TS600W without dimmer.
  • 【HIGHER QUALITY GROW TENT】It's made of thicker1680D canvas grow tent material(ALL OTHERS brands grow tent are 601D canvas), which is tear proof & perfect light locking; 13% denser zipper teeth helping zippers work smoother & more durable; 33% better support capacity metal frame(thickness is 0.8mm, OTHERS only 0.6), ensuring security and stability, supports up to 88lb/40kg.
  • 【EFFICIENT 4"INLINE FAN KIT: Fan Speed】2550RPM , Airflow: 200 CFM , Noise: 28 dBA. Upgraded Inline Fan with EC motor & metal case & 3 settings speed controller, more durable & safer to use! 4" Fan Carbon Filter; 1050+ RC 48 Australian Virgin Charcoal with 33ft length flex ducting, moves air quickly & efficiently for optimal ventilation.
Bestseller No. 5
Spider Farmer Grow Tent Kit Complete 3x3x5 SF-1000 Dimmable Samsung Diodes & Meanwell Driver, Grow Tent Complete System 2.3x2.3ft Growing Tent Kit Set 27'x27'x62' with 4 Inch Inline Fan Carbon Filter
714 Reviews on Amazon
Spider Farmer Grow Tent Kit Complete 3x3x5 SF-1000 Dimmable Samsung Diodes & Meanwell Driver, Grow Tent Complete System 2.3x2.3ft Growing Tent Kit Set 27"x27"x62" with 4 Inch Inline Fan Carbon Filter
  • TOP NOTCH QUALITY LED GROW LIGHT: Use Samsung LM301B diodes and MEAN WELL driver; full spectrum light ideal for all stages of growth; adjustable light intensity with dimmer switch; protective coating on LEDs helps extend the lifespan; no fan, zero noise. Only consumes 100w, running 50% less power than other Blurple lamps or HPS. This light delivers a powerful light output and uniform canopy penetration resulting in maximum yields.
  • DURABLE & STURDY GROW TENT: 100% Reflective Mylar interior maximizes the efforts of grow lights; heavy-duty 1680D Oxford cloth exterior adds durability; reliable SBS zipper shut and open smoothly; double stitching for strength and light protection; well-constructed with strong and sturdy steel frame; plenty of openings for fans/ vents/ electrical cords; removable viewing mesh screen for viewing & removing humidity; bottom tray prevent water leakage on the floor and keep tent stay clean.
  • POWERFUL VENTILATION SYSTEM: Quiet and powerful 4” Inline fan and RC412 Australian carbon filter and flex aluminum ducting combo; very easy to install and use; gives strong airflow and proper air circulation.
  • MONEY & ENERGY SAVING COMPLETE GROW TENT KIT: Compare the cost of individual items and the cost of our complete grow tent package, our kit saves $$ and a lot of time vs buying each item separately. Designed to be user-friendly; comes with easy-to-follow installation instructions; is easy to assemble and is very simple to operate, even for beginner growers. All parts are compatible and properly matched; everything comes in 1 box with discreet packaging.
  • VALUE FOR THE MONEY: Getting a high-quality grow tent kit means that you’ll get more value for a longer period of time. All parts are backed up by local maintenance centers in the USA. As a manufacturer specializing in the production of Led grow lights for more than 10 years, Spider Farmer has been insisting on creating more efficient, more suitable and better quality home grow equipment, being a trusted partner for every grower!
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