OG Kush Marijuana Strain Review [Everything You Need to Know]

Regardless of whether you are from the West Coast, you probably have heard about the OG Kush. If you have not, it is one of the most popular cannabis strain in the market today. Its popularity is due to its medicinal qualities but has as well grown in use among celebrities and musicians alike. The cannabis strain is well known for its highly sticky, resinous and condensed buds.

OG Kush

You can readily find in in most of the dispensaries that sell marijuana products. It is known to be a powerful nighttime medication that can help with issues such as depression, chronic migraines, bipolar disorders, and many other body ailments. The weed is highly potent and can leave you in a stony trance for several hours.

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Origin of the OG Kush

OG Kush is identified to be the genetic backbone to all the cannabis varieties in the West Coast. It is considered to be a legend in the marijuana industry due to the numerous world-known cannabis varieties that arise from this weed strain. Even then, there are a lot of misconceptions that surround its origins. Many experts claim that it is a hybrid even with no actual knowledge of its genetic background. Many people claim it to be a mix of a pure-Indica landrace strain, Hindu Kush and Chemdawg. Several sources claim that OG Kush found its way to the Grateful Dead Show in the early 1990s in a seed bag. Others argue that it was first introduced in Los Angeles by Matt Berger in 1996 when he brought it alongside The Bubba. He later used it to create the famous Bubba Kush. Another rumor claims that in the early 1990s a cutting of the 91 Chemdog found its way to Lake Tahoe where OG Kush was grown as a hermaphrodite clone. Even with the mystery surrounding its origins, its popularity stems from its highly conclusive effects.

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Effects of the OG Kush

It is used extensively due to its high THC potency. It registers a THC potency that ranges between 20 to 27 percent giving it a potent punch. The weed delivers a highly euphoric mental and physical buzz that some users describe to be sedating while others claim it gives them a rush of energy. Given its high THC potency, you should be careful when using it. When you smoke too much of it, you may become dizzy or even paranoid. It may also leave your eyes and mouth dry. You should, therefore, always have a bottle of water close when using the strain. Since everybody has a different physiology, the effect the strain has on the body is not similar. To some, it may be of help in alleviating headaches while to others; it may cause problems upon excessive use. However, users claim that it makes them feel happy, Euphoric, relaxed, and uplifted. It may also leave you feeling extremely hungry. Since it is highly versatile, the strain is used in the treatment of a variety of health conditions.

The Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

There are several ways to tell the flavor profile of a marijuana strain. My most preferred method is giving the jar of Kush a sniff. Sometimes the best way to enjoy the flavor is by rolling about a gram of the ground material in a raw paper and lighting it up. The OG Kush carries one of the freshest scents from nature. When you roll up a joint and light it, it burns very quickly, giving off a sweet and spicy flavor. It delivers a woody, earthy, and piney flavor to your taste buds with a jab that finds even the most proclaimed cannabis smokers find to be surprising. It carries some subtle spicy undertones with a faint citrusy taste. Its physical appearance is just like that of traditional cannabis as it has a yellow-green sugar leaf color with some green and orange pistils. The buds have a mold like covering of trichrome, which gives them the high levels of THC. If you want to enjoy the pleasure of smoking cannabis, you should not mistakenly get rid of these trichomes as most newbies tend to do. They carry the weight of the overall OG Kush potency.

Growing OG Kush Cannabis Strain

Not many cannabis growers take on this strain due to its difficulty in growing. Even though it is the most popular and high in demand strain, it requires a highly controlled environment for it to thrive.

Growing OG Kush Cannabis Strain

Some tips you can use to get the best from your OG Kush strain whenever your plant it.

  • It can grow Both Indoors and Outdoors

Different cannabis strains that can either thrive indoors or outdoors. With the OG strain, you will get more weed if you plant it outdoors. However, it is best if you plant it under controlled conditions indoors. You can either train your plants using SOG or SCROG method if you want to boost your yields. When growing indoors, you can get a harvest of about 482 grams per square meter while it flowers within eight weeks of growing. Whenever you grow outdoors, the plant can deliver up to 454 grams per plant, and you can have your harvest by October.

  • Use a Hydroponic System for Indoor Growth

One of the reasons cannabis growers fear growing this strain is its high susceptibility to diseases when you plant it in soil. Therefore, it is best to use either Rockwool, clay pellets, or coconut fiber when you grow the strain indoors. You should also incorporate a hydroponic system alongside the growing mediums.

  • Be careful with the Nutrient Intake

Most marijuana strains require a massive intake of Nitrogen, Potassium, and Phosphorous. You should ensure that the plants receive plenty of supply of calcium and magnesium that will help to strengthen the plant and allow it to withstand stress. An OG plant without enough calcium has weak stems and poor development of flowers and buds. The plant has a likelihood of contracting root rot, a problem that you will find in many hydroponic systems.

  • Maintain the Right Growing Temperature

OG Kush grows perfectly between the temperatures 65 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Unlike many strains that cannot grow in lower temperatures, OG Kush handles itself well. As a rule of thumb, you should lower the humidity levels as the plant approaches the flowering stage. You should maintain the temperature at around 80 degrees during the growing phase but drop it to 70 degrees during the flowering period. You must ensure a temperature difference of no more than 10 to 15 degrees between the day and night throughout its growth. Any temperature lower than what the plant requires inside your grow room can lead to stunted growth or in the worst-case scenario kill your entire plant. When the temperature exceeds 85 degrees Fahrenheit, the buds will inherently grow at a slower pace and with a reduced potency and smell. The high heat can as well lead to oxygen deprivation in the roots making the leaves of the cannabis plant to wilt.

  • Improving the Yield through Increase of CO2

Carbon dioxide is an integral part of the photosynthesis of OG Kush marijuana. One of the best ways you can increase your plant yield is by introducing CO2 into the growing system. An increase in the amount of CO2 can raise your OG Kush yields by 20 percent and increase the plant’s capability to resist stress by light and heat.

  • Preventing Powdery Mildew and Bud Rot

The biggest problem of growing OG Kush is the development of these two diseases. You can easily spot powdery mildew as it appears as a whitish powder on the leaves and stems of the plant. However, it can quickly spread to bud spots. Bud rot, on the other hand, is difficult to spot, and you may miss it if you are not careful. It can occur when your grow room is highly humid or poorly ventilated. The best way to deal with the diseases is ensuring there is good airflow in the growing area as well as incorporating pruning when taking care of the plants. It is best to use organic fungicides and compost tea when you spot any mildew. When the plants are mature, you can spray them with a mixture of water and 3 percent hydrogen peroxide to kill the mildew while sterilizing the plant.

Harvesting the OG Kush

When you compare the OG Kush to the other strains of Marijuana, it has a faster flowering time. The strain only takes 6 to 8 weeks to start flowering. It is also one of the largest strains you can find as it matures at the height of 78 inches. The weed delivers a yield of about 1 to 3 OZ per square foot. However, the return varies depending on whether you grew the plant indoors or outdoors.

Purchasing OG Kush Seeds

All the OG Kush Seeds are not made to be equal. They vary genetically depending on the breeder. But which one should you choose? Here is my top list of the best OG Kush Breeders that you can get top-quality seeds.

OG Kush by I Love Growing Marijuana



My top best cannabis breeder is I Love Growing Marijuana. Their 25 years of experience in dealing with different marijuana strains can guarantee that you get only the best strain. Their Kush strain is a hybrid of Indica and Sativa, Old World Paki Kush and Chem dawg each making up 75 percent and 25 percent of the strain respectively. It has a high THC level of 17 percent and low levels of CBD. The strain thrives better indoors than outdoors with a flowering period of only 55 days. Whenever you plant it outdoors, you can expect to harvest it during early October. The strain carries an earthy, woody, and spicy aroma with some sour, herbal, and lemony elements that you can feel when you light the cannabis in a joint. It delivers a euphoric, happy, and relaxing feeling. However, upon smoking the strain, I commonly found myself feeling very hungry even after consuming a meal. It is my best remedy for stress and occasional headaches. I’ve heard from close friends that it also helps them deal with depression and Insomnia. But since I have never suffered from either, I would take that for word. The best thing about purchasing from I Love Marijuana is their excellent customer service as well as a delivery guarantee that your Kush will always arrive on time.

What other clients say:

“Just the best….Period

In over 5 years of doing business with ILGM I have NEVER had a seed fail to germinate……If I lost a plant it was my own fault…..this is the only place I shop for seeds”


OG Kush Autoflower Seeds by Quebec Cannabis Seeds



Another top quality OG Kush strain seeds are by Quebec Cannabis Seeds. The strain is also made up of 25 percent Sativa and a 75 percent Indica. The most significant difference to the previous Kush strain is its THC and CBD levels as they are all medium. I prefer using this strain when planting outdoors since it can grow the same way as it does indoors. Unlike other strains, this Kush strain only grows to a short height and when mature you can get a harvest of about 200 to 300 grams per meters squared when you apply COG. When you smoke the Kush, you will get to feel a balance of sweet lime and some acidity. The Kush delivers a high feeling that is not over the top but lasts for a longer time than any other strain I have tried.

What other Clients Say:

“This is the best medication, for my nero pain in the nerves. And superb to sleep on when the indica kicks in.”

Martin O

Super OG Kush Feminized Seeds by True North Seed Bank



The Super OG Kush is a new variety that is bred from two Kush varieties, the Hindu Kush and the OG Kush. By mixing the two families, the Hindu Kush strain was able to acquire the structural and flowering traits of the OG Kush together with its intense aroma. Its makeup consists of an 80 percent Indica and a 20 percent Sativa. The reason why it is called “super” can be said to be due to its high THC levels of about 20 percent and low CBD levels that are less than one percent. If you want a massive harvest, this is the strain to get. You can harvest up to 500 grams per meters squared of dense and hard buds. The best part of it is that you only have to wait for 55 days for the plants to begin flowering. It allows you to make your harvest by September, unlike other strains that you have to wait till October. You can grow the seeds either indoors in a controlled environment, outdoors or even in a greenhouse. The Kush is highly potent and will leave you in a relaxing trance. It has a citric and spicy taste and smells alongside some exotic hashish notes.

What other clients say:

“Excellent Genetics

Very strong OG smell off this one, super dense buds coated in frost. I ran 18/6 with led in small tent, very good results.”


Summing Up

We do hope that by following the above extensive review on the OG Kush Strain, you can quickly tell what to look for when searching for the best seeds to plant. You should not feel discouraged whenever you hear that it is one of the hardest strains to grow. All the plant demands are enough care and attention, and you sure will reap the benefits of a healthy and bountiful yield.

To get more information about other marijuana seeds, feel free to go through our other articles. Contact us if you find any missing detail or if you want to share more information.

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