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Strawberry Cough is a phenomenal strain that has elevated cannabis to a level of being a magic fix that makes everything better. This strain is a Sativa dominant breed, which I sure to deliver a clear-headed high in a conspicuous fruity sweetness. The strain is 20% Indica and 80% Sativa. With a THC of 15 to 20 percent, Strawberry cough is excellent in inducing euphoria that counteracts anxiety while in social gatherings.

However, it is also an excellent companion when you want to have your precious ‘Me Time.’ It will transition you to a deep calmness and allow you to have a profound encounter with your core being.

Consistent with its name, Strawberry Cough faithfully does two things: first, it will wrap you into its exhilarating sweet strawberry aroma, then after the puff, you will cough out a strawberry flavoured smoke. This strain can cause persistent cough even to the savviest smokers.

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Origin of Strawberry Cough

Strawberry Cough marijuana strain


The exact source of this strain is unknown, but there is a legend that suggests that it was developed by Kylie Kushman, who is the former editor of High times.

This legend indicates that Kushman was given a clone that had grown near a little strawberry field somewhere in Connecticut.

He called the strain Strawberry Fields, but he didn’t stop at that point since he had seen the potential for something more and better. He combined the strain with a Haze plant, therefore, producing a sweet strawberry hybrid fusion and giving rise to the strawberry Cough we have today

Its origin notwithstanding, this strain has rapidly gained massive admiration from growers and smokers alike. The demand for strawberry Cough seeds remains high all year long.

Strawberry cough physical characteristics

The buds of this strain appear in such a way that they reflect its hybrid nature. The solid compact leaves represent an Indica heritage, while its conical shape resembling a pinecone is where the Sativa dominance is expressed.

This strain is generally colourful both on the inside and outside. Looking at it, you will see a beautiful interlock between the bright green buds and the somewhat reddish pistils. Top that off with a wide range of orangey trichomes that form a slightly yellowish moistness. What you get is a deep-coloured strain that is very appealing to the eye.

Strawberry cough taste and smell

Just as the name implies, the predominant flavour for the Strawberry cough is strawberry. The strain gives a reminiscent of alluring fresh strawberries growing on a farm during the summer season. Some undertones, such as earth and skunk, seem to seep through the main flavour profile, probably one of the reasons why this strain causes coughing after inhaling.

The pungent aroma in this strain engulfs any room it is put in with the smell lingering long after the buds have been removed or have been locked away.

The taste is similar to the aroma save from a few minor differences. Overall, this strain has a rich, fruity taste with subtle hints of earth. You can compare this to eating berries picked straight from the dirt.

As for the after taste, you will experience a combination of spicy and herbal flavour. This taste will remain in the mouth long after you are done smoking.

Growing Strawberry Cough strain

Many growers agree that this is among the easiest strains to grow and maintain. It will grow naturally in a compact form, making it a more hands-free plant. It is low in maintenance, and all it needs is constant pruning of excessive foliage and breeze to cool the plant. It is a perfect choice for starters who are trying their hand in weed growing.

The strain will do well in both indoor and outdoor environments as long as the temperatures are suitable for its flourishing. It prefers warm temperatures ranging between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit, equivalent to 21-30 degrees Celsius, including during the night.

The standard flowering period for this cannabis strain is between 9-10 weeks. Outdoor crops will typically yield on average 14 ounces of valuable bud per plant while indoor harvests are approximately 14 ounces per meter squared.

Where to Buy Strawberry Cough Strain

This strain is available in their breeder’s websites. Visit the IGLM website or the Dutch Passion Website and select the strawberry cough seeds of your choice.

Strawberry cough- ILGM

Strawberry Cough


I Love Growing Marijuana is a seed bank that was founded by a renowned Marijuana grower Robert Bergman. The website began as a blog where the founder would share his experiences and tips on growing healthy cannabis plants.

The blog’s popularity spread like wildfire, and soon Bergman gathered a few experienced Marijuana breeders intending to produce high-quality marijuana seeds. The seed bank has kept true to its initial goals

Strawberry cough by ILGM is a Sativa dominant hybrid with 20% Indica and 80% Sativa. The seeds are feminized, which guarantees germination and a generous harvest.

This is a low maintenance plant, and growers of all stages will love interacting with this strain. Strawberry cough by IGLM will offer you a smooth, energetic high with a sweet strawberry taste. You will also experience a skunk tone as the strain diffuses in your palate

Strawberry cough from this renowned seed bank has a THC level of 18%, which will ensure you gently experience a clear-headed highness!

IloveGrowingMarijuana is a reputable seed bank and will deliver your seeds discreetly without anyone noticing.

Strawberry Cough breed by Dutch Passion



This great strain from Dutch Passion is a very productive plant and has been used for ages due to its medicinal properties. It is a Sativa dominant bred with a ratio of 75% Sativa and 25% Indica. It is known to produce a comfortable yet potent experience, and its most bred for its calm high.

If you are looking for a strawberry cough strain that will ease anxiety and is fully packed with medicinal properties, then this strain from Dutch Passion is your preferred choice.

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Effects of Strawberry Cough Strain

Being a Sativa dominant strain, Strawberry Cough is a perfect choice for those seeking a smooth but sluggish high.

This strain is not extremely heavy and will not keep you couch-bound like Indica dominant strains tend to do. This is a great substance to use during the day or when you have errands to run. You can get high but still be productive. Its sort of like killing two birds with one stone.

Typically, Strawberry Cough will offer a slow but sure descent into the world of euphoria. You will feel happy but energized at the same time. I other words, Strawberry Cough will not interfere with your daily activities; on the contrary, it will give you a boost of energy, making you even more productive.

The only downside is that this strain can make you cough uncontrollably. Besides the cough, the sweet sensation it leaves in your mouth will make you crave for more.

Other negative effects of consuming this product are dry mouth and dry eyes. However, these effects are short-lived and can be solved by drinking lots of liquids during and after the smoke.

Medical benefits of Strawberry Cough

Medical benefits of Strawberry Cough

Many have called this strain the ultimate mental health cure marijuana. This is due to its potency in combating a range of psychiatric disorders, including stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, and Paranoia. The strain calms the mind and body and slows down the heart rate so that one can focus on the most important things without anxiety.

Nevertheless, extreme caution should be taken by individuals suffering from mental disorders. Such people should begin by consuming a small dosage as they experiment on what works for them. Strains such as this, which have a higher percentage of THC, can have adverse effects on mental health patients, which is why it is essential to take a step at a time.

Patients seeking relief from chronic pain, such as those who have cancer, are advised to consume the Strawberry Cough in large quantities to reap maximum benefits.


  • It is a Sativa dominant strain which means it gives a lovely high which does not immobilize the user
  • Beautiful buds a pleasant smell and flavour that will leave your tastebuds asking for more
  • Smoking this strain does not hinder your normal activities
  • It has a calming effect making it perfect for eliminating stress and anxiety
  • It is used to chronic numb pain
  • Growing this crop is easy as it does not require intense maintenance
  • It charges the user with physical, mental, and spiritual energy which can be channelled to other activities making you more productive


  • Induces cough which can be irritating
  • The smell is very pungent especially if you want to smoke unnoticed
  • Causes dry mouth and eyes
  • The skunk undertone taste is a big turn-off for many marijuana smokers.

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Final thoughts

Strawberry cough is a strain like no other. It is perfect for any person who is serious about Marijuana, whether a grower or a smoker. It goes down very smoothly, and its positive effects on the mental faculties are second to none. It is a beautiful strain that has maximized its flavour while providing an incredibly fantastic high.

Besides, if you are seeking an alternative method to chronic numb pain, combat depression, stress anxiety, PTSD, and a wide range of mood disorders, this is the strain to go for. It is imperative to consume this product responsibly, mainly due to its high potency nature. It can lead to addiction or dependency. Also, be sure to follow the law of the land to avoid problems with the authorities.

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