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Some marijuana strains stand out because of their potent effects, which include medical benefits too.  Blue Dream is one of the most popular potent strains in the market today. The strain’s popularity stems from its incredible medical impacts that range from relieving pain, anxiety, stress, and relaxation effects, among many others.

It has a sweet aroma of fresh blueberries, which is appealing to many users. Blue Dream is popular with novices and weed connoisseurs alike. The strain is also one of the most potent strains that you will find in reputable dispensaries all across the United States that sell legalized medical marijuana.

You can also buy Blue Dream online from some of the best marijuana online shops across the world. One of the most renowned sellers of cannabis, where you can get the highest quality Blue Dream strain is ILGM. Below is a full review of the Blue Dream strain.

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What is blue dream?


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Blue Dream is a Sativa dominant hybrid strain that is popular for its “pick-me-up” effects. It has a genetic makeup of 60% Sativa, and 40% Indica. Even though the strain contains more Sativa phenotypes, it is not unusual to find phenotypes that lean more towards the Indica strain. It carries the fragrances of blueberry and haze where the latter is Sativa, and the former is Indica.

Blue Dream origin traces back to California, where it is still one of the most popular hybrid strains. The strain leans more on altering the mood without the usual substantial highs that come with many other strains.

Growth information


Blue Dream strain grows well in varying climates and conditions. You can grow the strain both indoors or outdoors with successful results. The strain is easier to grow indoors because you can control its height than it is to grow outdoors. It grows into a tall plant, which becomes extremely hard to control during extreme weather conditions when growing outdoors.

For the strain to achieve its best quality, you need to provide it with all the necessary nutrients throughout all the stages of growth. If you want healthy buds, ensure that the strain gets enough nitrogen, magnesium, freshwater, and fertilizers. The flowering stage takes an average of 9 to 10 weeks, and with proper care, you can expect 500 to 600 grams of fresh marijuana.

The most promising method to grow the strain indoors is hydroponics, which gives you more yields with high potency levels. The strain is prone to mildew, and mite, which is the reason you should keep monitoring it closely. One of the ways to reduce the infestation of mold and vermin is by removing any unhealthy growths on the plants quickly before they cause any damage.


The name blue would suggest that the strain bears the same color. However, it does not take any blue or purple shades. The strain has a vibrant green color with frosty, yellow, and orange pistils. The colors of the buds are sage, and the trichomes appear in complete THC coating. The leaves of the strain range from orange to dark green and dark brown depending on the species.


Blue Dream comes with a pungent smell that hits hard. It also leaves traces of the scent long after smoking it. While this may seem like a bad thing, on the contrary, it shows that the strain provides you with the best high.


One of the things that make it easy to recognize the Blue Dream is its flavor. It has a fruity flavor that comes with hints of sandalwood, citrus, floral ad grape notes. In short, the strain balances qualities from the parent strains of hazel and blueberry.

Effects and medical benefits


The THC content of the Blue Dream is erratic and ranges from 17 to 25%. The levels do not provide the same powerful highs as those of other strains such as Gorilla Glue, but they come with immense medical benefits. CBD levels of Blue Dream are between 0.1 and 0.2%, which means that it derives its medicinal benefits from the THC levels.

Some of the most popular effects derived from Blue Dream include full-body relaxation. The strain induces euphoria like feeling that brings about the relaxation effects. It also is a great day starter as it helps with cerebral invigoration. For those that take other different strains that leave them demotivated, switching to Blue Dream provides motivation.

The strain helps to give them an individual drive to become more creative, focused, and innovative. It inspires those working in artistic fields and brainstorming activities to come up with new ideas. Even with its relaxation effects, the strain does not turn the users into couch potatoes.

It allows for social interaction and provides the energy to carry out tasks physically. The strain also helps those suffering from depression, stress, and mental disorders. It also helps to alleviate chronic pains, fatigue, and headaches. For people with more severe health problems such as neurological disorders and seizures, the Blue Dream will not do much to help you out of the issues.

Side effects

Just like many other strains, the Blue Dream also comes with side effects. One of the most common side effects that you get from using the strain is a dry mouth and dry eyes. It is for this reason that people that use the strain have to stay hydrated at all times. If you experience dry eyes, it is advisable to use eye drops for eye re-moisturization.

Another side effect is anxiety or paranoia, which is a common side effect with many other strains too, but is avoidable. To avoid paranoia, do not overindulge on the intake of the strain. Instead, go what your body needs. Other side effects are mild headaches, fatigue, coughing, and blurred vision.

Whom it is suited for

If you are an artist, writer, musician, or doing anything that requires creativity, you stand a good chance of uplifting or boosting your system by taking Blue Dream. It helps to keep you awake and uplifted at all times. Though the strain balances its nature, it is more suitable for those that need it for anxiety and pain relief than it is for those that need it for purely recreational purposes.

Of course as expected, Dream is not suitable for anyone below the ages of 18 years. It is also not ideal to purchase the product or seedlings if you are in a state that does not have legality to do so.


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FAQs about Blue Dream

How easy is it to purchase Blue Dream?

Blue Dream is one of the most accessible strains to buy off the shelves of marijuana sellers because of its balanced nature. In California, you can also buy the strain easily in legalized marijuana selling dispensaries. The best place to buy your Blue Dream is from a reputable seed bank. Some of the best seed banks include ILGM and Seedmans among many others.

The benefits that come with buying from a reputable seed bank outweigh what you would get from buying locally or from the dispensaries. To begin with, reputable seed banks have quality seeds and products. They provide discrete shipping in different parts of the world, and they give you the option of paying by using different methods. The side effects of the strain are minimal compared to many others in the market, which is one reason it is easy to buy.


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Does Blue Dream cost a lot of money?

The price of the strain depends on your locality and the rates provided by marijuana rates. On average, a gram will cost you about eleven dollars. In some places, buying a gram of Blue Dream will cost as low as $6. In others such as Chicago, a gram may cost as much as $22. The difference in pricing comes about due to the time of legalization per state.

States where legalization came late, the prices tend to be higher than those that legalized earlier. You can also buy blue ream from dispensaries in your locality that cone with special legalizations for selling marijuana for medical purposes. You can also buy the strain online, but only if recreational use of the strain has legalization in your state.

Wrapping it up

If you are craving for happiness or relaxation that calms you, Blue Dream is the perfect strain for you. People love the popular strain because it does not come with the extreme highs that spoil your day instead of making it great. The strain helps to relieve tension and anxiety, and if you are a creative person, you can count on it to uplift you. It comes with a great flavor and a fantastic fragrance.

Though the aroma of the strain stays on long after use, it should not worry you, as it is proof of its potency. The other great thing about Blue Dream is that it grows well both outdoors and indoors spaces. It takes the standard average growing time as many different strains with high yields. It contains both THC and CBD contents, with THC being much higher. The strain also comes with minimal side effects and long-lasting high and energy.

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