Best 150W LED Grow Lights Review

There is no doubt whatsoever that 150W LED lamps are one of the most preferred grow lights by indoor cannabis growers. It is a result of their efficiency that not only lies in their preservation of energy but they also provide a light spectrum good enough to support a plant from the seedling stage until it matures and begins to flower.


Here is a list of the top 150W LED light bulbs that you can incorporate in your grow room today to achieve the best plant yields.

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Our Top Pick 150 Watt Grow Lights

Osunby LED Grow Light, 150W Dimmable Growing Lamp

If you are looking for a grow light that is true to the color quality it produces, then you should get the Osunby LED Grow Light, 150W Dimmable Growing Lamp. The lamp produces a full spectrum light that consists primarily of two colors, red and blue. The grow light surface consists of 289 grow light LED chips, of which 212 chips are red while seven chips produce a blue plectrum of light.

The blue wavelength ranging from 460 to 470nm is enough to boost photosynthesis and promote the growth of healthy plants. The red light spectrum aids in the blooming stage of your cannabis plants. The lights are good enough for use through any growth stage. They will support your plants from their early young ages to grow faster and remain healthy while at it.

The grow light is one of the best for cannabis growers, but you can readily use it for any other plant indoors. It can replace a 150W HPS/MH grow light when using a power of only 45 watts. Still, it gives off a light spectrum that is compatible with all the stages of plant growth. You do not have to worry about heat dissipation from the system. It has a body made of aluminum housing that helps with the heat, unlike other grow lights that use a plastic casing.

The heat from the LEDs is, therefore, dissipated through the body, helping to increase the lifespan of the grow light while still not protecting the plants from burning. The grow light can provide a covering of 3ft by 3ft when you set it at the height of 2ft above the plant canopy. It works best when operating not more than 12 hours in a day.


  • The grow light is cost-friendly
  • It is lightweight and easy to assemble
  • It produces a full spectrum light
  • It comes in a steady housing that promotes heat loss
  • It has a long lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • The grow light is energy efficient as it consumes very little electricity while providing the right light spectrum
  • You can control the amount of light you want through is light dining feature
  • It comes with a two-year warranty


  • Its aluminum body may not facilitate to remove all the heat. You, therefore, need also to have a ventilation system that is working in the grow room.

Growstar UFO Led Grow Light, 150W Full Spectrum

The Growstar UFO Led Grow Light is for the indoor growers that want an eco-friendly product that is big on energy saving. The company making the light focuses a lot on maintaining the quality and creating a lamp that has a tremendous environmental impact. The grow light uses both epileds chips and Cree LED chips. It provides a full spectrum light with a PAR value of 3000K. The CREE LED chip takes an angle of 90 to 120 degrees to help create a wide lighting area and increase the level of brightness improving on the plant output.

It provides a full spectrum light that ranges from 380 to 760 nm and comes with both UV and IR rays. The grow light can, therefore, help plants through all their stages of growth. The lamp has its inbuilt cooling system made of an aluminum heat sink and an aircraft-grade aluminum case that conducts heat to the outside of the grow light body.

The grow lamp is long-lasting, with a lifespan of 50,000 hours. It makes use of Zener diodes that prevent the whole lights from going off when one LED chip is out. It also prevents static electricity from flowing through the chips.


  • It provides a bright white full-spectrum light that supports all the stages of plant growth
  • It is highly energy efficient than the traditional lighting of similar wattage
  • The grow light comes with its cooling mechanisms
  • It is long-lasting as it can stay for 50,000 hours in operation
  • The grow light effectively helps to increase the plant yields


  • It is not waterproof, therefore best only for indoor use
  • It is too bright to look at directly with bare eyes
  • It produces both UV and IR rays but is very dim

CANAGROW 150W LED Grow Light Bulb Full Spectrum

The CANAGROW 150W LED Grow Light Bulbs considers every problem that an indoor grower faces when growing their plants and works around solving them. Having been around for more than seven years, the company understands what indoor growers want. They use OSRAM COB LED Chips to make their lamp. The chips are one of the newest in the industry and help to give a top-quality light.

The bulbs provide a full spectrum light that helps to promote healthy plant growth from the seedling stage until the flowering phase. It does not consume a lot of power and is very useful when you compare it to a traditional HID, T5 grow lamp. The lamp can readily replace a 150W HPS/MH grow light when using a power of only 50 watts.

It has an inbuilt heat dissipation system consisting of an aluminum heat sink, cooling fans. The fans use a double ball bearing and are of better quality like oil-bearing fans. The COB LED provides superior coverage of between 8.4 sq. to 14.3 sq Ft when you place it on a height of 18 to 24 inches.


  • The grow light uses one of the newest LED chips to provide light to your plants
  • It gives a full spectrum light that can support your plants from the seedling to the flowering phase.
  • The grow light comes with its cooling system that gets rid of the heat produced by the LEDs
  • It is highly effective than a similar traditional light
  • It provides excellent coverage for your plants


  • The lamp is not waterproof
  • It creates too much heat even with a cooling system

Relassy 150W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum

Not many grow lights can work both indoors and outdoors. However, the Relassy 150W LED Grow Light overcomes this challenge as you can use it in both indoor and outdoor settings. It can handle various weather conditions, be it rain or snow. The grow light has received several certifications showing that it is safe to use, handy, and provides good luminosity.

The lamp uses COB LEDs to provide a full spectrum light with a wavelength ranging from 380 to 800nm, consisting of red, blue, IR, and UV rays. The light aids plants to thrive from a young age until they mature and flower.

The lamp comes with built-in intelligent temperature control that ensures the temperatures of the grow light remain less than 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Since it does not use a fan, the lamp is silent and perfect for an indoor setting.


  • The grow light can work in both an indoor and outdoor setting
  • It provides a full spectrum light
  • It has an internal intelligent cooling system that keeps the temperatures low
  • It is lightweight since it does not contain a fan making it ultra-thin
  • It is energy-saving since it can replace a 200W HPS/MH grow light while only using 50W
  • It has a lengthy lifespan of about 50,000hrs in operation.


  • The lamp produces a very bright light that may blind you when you look at it directly.

Sandalwood 150W Dual Mode LED Grow Light

The Sandalwood 150W Dual Mode LED Grow Light can work both indoors and outdoors effectively. The grow light produces a wavelength that increases your plant’s photosynthetic performance as they grow. It also supports them during the flowering phase.

It is very reliable as it can deliver a very bright light of 2660 lumens at a low temperature. Each LED has a lens that reduces the scatter of light and focusing the light on the plants. It comes with a grow and bloom switch. You can, therefore, choose a different wavelength of light depending on the stage of growth.


  • It is lightweight and easy to install
  • The grow light comes with inbuilt fans that are relatively quiet
  • It provides a powerful and bright light
  • The lamp is highly durable and can last for a long time


  • The light is too bright for the eyes.
  • Since it does not emit a lot of it, it may affect your plants during winter.

Miracle LED 604761 (150W) Ultra Grow Lite

One of the best grow lamps that you can find in the market is the miracle LED Ultra grow lite. It is an energy-efficient grow light as it uses only 12 watts of power to operate. It uses less energy than a regular bulb helping you to save on cost. The lamp provides an equivalent strength to an incandescent light bulb of 150 watts.

It produces a white light spectrum that is in close resemblance to that of the sun. The lamp does not contain any mercury, and thereby it cannot affect you.


  • The bulb is better than most bulbs of the same price range
  • It gives a light that is similar to that of the sun
  • It highly efficient as it uses less energy but produces excellent results


  • The bulb is expensive

Summing up

LED grow lights are one of the most efficient lamps that you can use in your indoor garden. Regardless of the size of your farm, you can get a suitable 150W grow light to support the growth of your cannabis plants. Even though some of the lights may be quite expensive, it is an investment worth making if you want to have a high yield harvest.

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