Ilovegrowingmarijuana (ILGM) Marijuana Seed Bank Review

Buying quality Marijuana seeds is a major determine feature of the quality and quantity of your harvest.

It is critical to purchase your seeds from reliable vendors because that will guarantee value and an impressive yield. Online purchase is very tricky because you are not accorded the luxury of seeing the product physically before paying for it. You have to trust your gut feeling.

However, there are commendable online seedbanks that have been true to their promises of delivering praiseworthy seeds. In this article, we are going to review such a seed bank and get to know the remarkable features behind its high popularity and credibility. Join me as we learn more about I LOVE GROWING MARIJUANA seed bank. Read along and discover what makes it measure up.

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I Love Growing Marijuana, or simply IGLM is a reputable marijuana company that has been in existence since 2012. The company possesses a wealth of information on how to effectively grow cannabis seeds and also provide quality seeds for sale. This online seed bank has a wide range of strain selection, and it’s an excellent choice for anyone looking forward to starting growing this product.



History of IGLM was founded by Robert Bergman, a seasoned Marijuana grower in 2012. The world-renowned online seed bank started as a blog where the owner would share his experience in growing Marijuana. The blog became massive, and Bergman pulled in breeders making IGLM a fully-fledged seed bank.

Robert Bergman is a veteran Marijuana grower who started the venture over 25 years ago in his home with a few plants. He is very passionate about growing Marijuana and enjoys sharing his insights with other enthusiasts.

What set IGLM apart from other sites

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IloveGrowingMarijuana is a unique site because the author and founder hand-select the seeds to ensure only the best are retained in the seed bank. This is important because he can bring his 25 years of expertise in the selection process, ensuring that the grower gets the highest quality strains.

The quality of the seeds sold in this bank is unmatched with a 100% money bank guarantee if your seeds fail to germinate or sprout. Here are a few more defining features that separate these online seed bank from the rest.

Guaranteed germination

IGLM offers high-grade seeds and is therefore confident to ensure a 100 per cent germination of their seeds. So long as you follow their instructions to the letter, the company assures sprouting of your seeds without much effort.

They are ready to replace your order if the seeds fail to germinate ultimately. You will be required to send the failed seeds to them for inspection.

Competitive prices

The seeds are relatively affordable, especially when you factor in promotions, freebies and free shipping.

Free shipping

IGLM offer free shipping of their products to Europe and the USA. Delivery in Australia and Newzealand is provided at reasonable rates


They provide an assortment of hand-selected seeds to ensure you choose the variety that meets your unique needs. They also offer a beginner-friendly kit with fertilizer and plant protector that will help a novice grower to navigate the murky waters of marijuana farming. Buyers operating a tight budget can still purchase mixed packs of marijuana seeds. In a sense at IGLM, there is always something for everyone.

Guaranteed and Discreet Delivery

With IGLM, you are assured that your seeds order gets to you and does so on time. The order is discretely packaged to avoid being detected by the customs authority

If for any reasons your order does not reach you, probably due to loss or being seized, the company will send you new seeds for free! This may sound too good to be true, but its what IGLM promises and they are true to their words.

The juicy part is in the amount of effort and creativity that has been put to disguise the packaging. You won’t find outrageously labelled parcels such that can quickly sell you away.

No one will find out the contents of the package and so you can feel comfortable and confident carrying it around.

Customer service and support

The IGLM has a reliable 24/7 support system that will make you feel at home right from the start. The team is super friendly and prompt in answering any question that you might be having.

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Besides, they offer excellent growing tips helpful to both veteran and novice marijuana growers. This is such a big deal, especially for beginners who may feel overwhelmed they learn the different loops and twists of the trade. You can download the Marijuana Bible for free to get to learn more about this product. The download is available for everyone at no cost.

User’s Reviews

These factors are what makes the seed bank very popular around the world with its users, giving very positive reviews. Each strain has its own independent review which will allow you to learn about the experiences of other growers before buying that particular strain.

Also, the seed bank has a rating of 9.8 out of the possible 10. This is what some growers had to say

The Best Of the Best – I am a Professional Grower, started in Colorado, 15+ years (experience). These and all seeds on the site have a 95% Sprouting chance. I do all organic soil and hydro as well as cloning. I can tell you now with the proper love care and environment; you can’t beat it. Local seeds in the USA are overpriced and crap. My first pull from the Purple haze was 1.1Lbs each with topping. Thanks, ILGM Peace guys!” – Shroomz420 aka Lucy”

The consistent positive observations in most of these reviews are the quality of the seeds, speed of delivery, and super-efficient customer service.

Modes of payment

IGLM accept different payment methods such as Bank deposit, Bank transfer, credit cards, bitcoin, as well as cash or cheque payments. They will guide you in their step-by-step instruction for whichever payment method you choose.

Bitcoin is highly recommended because of its anonymity feature and also the company offers 10% discount for this mode of payment.

Choose the most convenient option, and if you want a more inconspicuous method, just mail them the cash and get your order. You will get their mailing address in the website

Discount and promotions

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Growers and enthusiasts of Marijuana should always be on the lookout in the ILGM website for occasional exclusive deals. You can walk away with some great seeds at reduced prices and other enticing deals.

ILGM is committed to helping you every step of the way in this exciting venture. The special products are designed to boost your morale while giving you a leap to experiment on new and improved stuff. The best in their arsenal is the mix pack where you get to experiment with a whole bunch of mixed strains to see which one is easy to grow, get an excellent high, obtain a bountiful harvest and so on.

As if that was not alluring enough, ILGM has its popular Buy 10 get 10 free deal that promises growers 10 free seeds extra for every 10 seeds you purchase from them. If that does not whet your desire to grow, buy Marijuana seeds from this reputable company, I don’t know what else will.

Nutrients and Fertilizers

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ILGM offers different varieties of plant foods that help your buds to grow healthy and produce more produce.

Flower Power fertilizers. This is a range of potent fertilizers that will help your plants thrive even in harsh environments and boost your yields

Phosphorous NPK formula. This helps in the blooming process. Am sure you want your buds to flourish no matter the conditions

Balanced NPK formula. The leaves are an essential component of your plant. Enrich them by using this balanced formula

NPK 19-5. This nutrient has been designed to boost the overall growth of your plant

These Flower Power fertilizers are discretely shipped and are easy to use and store. Besides, the availability of a Marijuana Plant Protector ensures that your treasured buds are free from any pests, fungi or mould, which can easily ruin the plants. Both the fertilizers and Plant protector have been designed and developed by Robert Bergman.

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  • High-grade seeds with a germination guarantee relatively affordable strains
  • A wide range of seed collections to choose from
  • Guarantee re-placement for failed seeds at no cost
  • Discrete shipping with no suspicious identification
  • Free shipping to USA, Canada and Western Europe
  • Beginner-friendly packages with all the tools need to start such as fertilizers
  • Enticing offers and discounts
  • Lots of free resources available on their websites including growing tips and amazing products reviews
  • Non-traceable means of payment such as Bitcoin ensure your confidence while buying their products
  • Reliable customer service that is friendly and super efficient in addressing your concerns
  • Ships to New Zealand at a reasonable fee
  • Interactive forum on their website where you can conveniently chat with experienced growers and learn valuable lessons.


  • Not a massive collection compared to seed bank giants like Seedman
  • Shipping fee to Australia is $25
  • Charges $25 if you want your order to be tracked

As we have seen, the company’s trustworthiness is beyond par, and you can rest assured that your seeds will get to you as agreed. They offer comprehensive support regardless of the level of your experience and the size of your order.

At ILGM, you will not just buy quality seeds, but you will also dozens of invaluable grow guides tailor-made to sort the issues at hand. Besides, there is a robust and interactive forum comprising the most seasoned weed growers that will answer your questions and address your pertinent concerns.

IGLM Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about and their answers

Is ILGM legit?

This is a genuine concern since the internet is flooded with lots of scams claiming to sell high-grade marijuana seeds. However, this website is real, and you can read thousands of reviews on their website, authenticating their existence and products.

Where does that company ship from?

ILGM ship from Europe. Its ardent customers are in the USA, Canada and New Zealand

Where does ILGM obtain their strains?

The founder and author of the website Robert Bergman and his team breed their seeds. They also bring carefully selected breeders on board, therefore, producing some of the top-notch buds in the market.

What payment methods does ILGM accept

As mentioned earlier, this seed bank accepts payment using debit or credit cards cash cheques and bitcoin. However, ILGM highly recommends bitcoin because it is 100% anonymous, and therefore, it is safe and secure. Besides, ILGM offers a 10% discount on payment by bitcoin, which is a very nice deal.

Do I need to open an account to make a purchase

Absolutely ‘no’. Similar to many popular online seed bank ILGM allows you to complete your purchase as a guest without necessarily registering an account.




IloveGrowing Marijuana, founded by Robert Bergman, may not have the most extensive collection, but you are sure of buying exceptionally quality seeds. They offer free shipping for USA, Europe and Canada and promises a re-shipment if your cargo gets lost or is seized by the customs authority. The icing of the cake is in their packaging. You will not find funny inscriptions such as ‘contains marijuana seeds’, and you will feel confident to instruct the delivery guy to leave the package at your doorstep in case you are without.

Their website is written in super easy, direct language with English, French, Dutch and Spanish translations. You are sure to find loads of free information that will guide you and offer tips on growing high yielding marijuana plants. Other products such as fertilizers, nutrition and Plant Protection products are world-class and offered at competitive prices.

They have an interactive forum with useful tips for both veterans and beginner growers.

In a sense, it is challenging to find any fault with this seed bank as they seem to have everything put together in a very seamless manner. We highly recommend this seed bank as you are sure to get quality value for your money.

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