Crop King Seeds (CKS) Reviews – Is This Seed Bank Reliable

It is very important for any marijuana grower to start their growth journey by finding the best quality seeds. While some rely on other growers for their seed supply, many others go online in search of the seeds. Seed banks are the most popular spots that many people search for online. Searching for quality seeds online is challenging because there are numerous seed banks.

Crop King Seeds

One of the most reliable seed bank is the Crop King Seeds situated in Vancouver Canada. The seed bank stands out as being among the best seed stockists form a variety of breeders. The company also has one of the best and easily navigable website, which makes it even more popular. Below is a full review of the seed bank.

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History of the seed bank

Crop King Seed bank started its operations in the early 2000s. They started small, gradually building the seed bank up. In 2005 because of the strict marijuana regulations and laws, the company had some problems and shut their doors to all operations.

However, in 2012, they reopened and in 2019, the company got the recognition as one of the leading seed banks in the marijuana industry. Crop King Seeds gained even more popularity after teaming up with many quality breeders ensuring they have a rich variety of seed options to choose from for weed growing. The mix of breeders also ensures that the potency of the strains on offer have more effectiveness and potency.


The Crop King Seed Company also enjoys unparalleled popularity and reputation. This you can tell by the positive reviews and ratings from growers that buy their seeds from them. The immense confidence the company gives its customers is what makes it as one of the top options for the best quality strains.

Strain selection



Unlike many other top seed banks, Crop King Seeds has a limited stock. This however is not a turn off but one of the seed banks strongest virtues. The easy to handle and manage stock allows the company to engineer each strain separately.

By doing this, they give the buyers the ability to purchase well-crafted and experimented strains that come with good precision. The strains on sale at the seed bank come with high germination rates, as they are very potent. The company also sells some of the most popular and highly productive weed strains.

Some of the most common strains that Crop King Seeds sells Are Purple Kush, Hash Plant, Green Crack, Dwarf Low Flyer White Cookies, Dark Angel, Candy Cane and Crown Royale among many others.

Some of the seed banks specials include feminized mix packs, and the auto flowering feminised mix packs, with every purchase you also get a crops king seeds strains THC and CBD charts. The high quality of the seeds from the bank, make up for the limited stock options.

Customer service

One of the most crucial aspects of any company irrespective of its products is the customer care service. If the service is poor, then customers will keep off even if the products are of the best quality. Good customer care service means that a customer can reach out to the staff at any time in case of a problem.

This aspect is what sets Crop King Seeds apart from the rest. The company boasts of an outstanding customer care service that comes with various contact methods for their customers to reach them. All the contacts the company gives works which is another positive thing considering that some companies give contacts that do not work all the time.

One of the best features is the company’s website. Besides coming with easy navigation, you can also contact the company through it by sending them a message. The website also comes with an online chat feature that allows customers to engage the staff on different matters regarding the strains.

The customers also get a free toll phone number, which happens to be the best mode of communication. Available among the contacts is also the physical address of the seed bank.

Usability of the website

Crop King Seeds bank review


Not everyone is tech savvy, which means that navigating a company’s website should not be rocket science. Simplicity allows people with little internet knowledge to understand the sites faster. It is also a big advantage for those that want to spend as little time as possible to browse through the sites.

Crop King Seeds have a very user-friendly website. Even though the website comes with an old-school design, it is easy to navigate and understand. Everything you read from start to finish is self-explanatory. The first thing you see after entering the crop king seed website is the menu.

Located at the top of the page, the menu gives all the details of what to expect. The contacts of the company are also at the top of the webpage making it easy to notice. The website of the seed company is and has everything anyone needs for precise and valuable information.

Payment methods and strain prices

Being a global company, Crop King Seeds offers its customers a variety of payment methods. This ensures that all customers irrespective of their locations can access their favourite strain purchases without any hassles. The most notable methods of payment include MasterCard, Visa, cryptocurrencies especially bitcoin and cash payments.

The prices depend on the strains or strain you choose for your weed growth. The seed bank does not accept western union, international bank transfers, American express and money payments. One of the downsides though is that the prices of Crop King Seeds is more pricey compared to strains from other seed banks.

The reason for the high price is because the strains are of the highest caliber and the customers get only the best for quality seed germination. This justifies the high price and not many customers complain about this because they know what they are getting in return.


Crop Kings Seeds provides shipping to customers from all over the world. The shipping requirements however depend on your location. For Canadian and US customers, the seed bank charges $10 for sending the packages using the regular mail. If you choose to use express mail, you pay $30. Express mail includes tracking of the package.

If you are in Australian or New Zealand customer, you only get one offer of receiving the package via the regular mail. The cost for this is $10. For customers from the other parts of the world, the option of receiving their strains is also through regular mail. The cost for this too is $30 and it comes with the tracking option.

The cost of sending the packages may seem expensive for some but for others it is okay considering that every package is discreet and straightforward. Canadian customers receive their packages in unmarked envelopes and customers from other parts of the world receive their packages meant for their eyes only.

Some of the most notable privacy packaging methods the company uses are rolling the strains in pens, hiding them inside flashlights or tucked away in other objects that people will not pry into. Another privacy measure the seed bank takes to ensure that their customers get the best services is by not having any records showing their payment transactions.

Promotions and discounts

Crop King Seeds 3


If you subscribe to the seed banks newsletter, you can count on getting a discount for the strain you purchase. The seed bank however does not have a laid out plan for regular discounts and promotions. Unlike some seed banks that have discount coupons, Crop King Seeds does not have any.

Pros of Crop King Seeds

To summarize the reasons behind the popularity of Crop King Seeds, below is a look at the pros.

  • The website is easy to navigate and user friendly
  • There is guaranteed safe and discrete delivery of the seeds
  • Ships to all parts of the world
  • Offers various payment methods including the discrete payment using bitcoin
  • Quality customer care services
  • Guaranteed germination of 80%
  • Quality strain selection
  • Highly potent and quality strains
  • Different options of strains to choose from


Like every other seed bank, crop king said also has its downsides. Some of the most notable are’

  • Seed selection is limited to a few strains
  • Does not allow payment by some of the most common payment methods such as money order, American express and cheques
  • Seeds are pricier compared to those from other seed banks
  • Shipping costs are high

Frequently asked questions

The following are the FAQs that many of the customers of crop king seed ask

Do the seeds come with a guarantee of germination?

Crop King Seeds ensures that all the strains go through vigorous testing before they put them out for sale. They also give a guarantee to customers to replace any seeds that do not germinate. The guarantee however extends to the germination process and not the growing process. In short, yes the seeds come with a guarantee of germination.

Approximately how many strains does the seed bank have?

Crop King Seeds boasts of about 40 strains or slightly above this number. The strains include sativa, indica, hybrids, auto flowering high THC strains, low THC strains, high CBD strains and low CBD strains. The seeds categorized as dwarf, regular, feminized and self-flowering are of the highest quality.

Is Crop King Seeds a legit company?

One of the reasons some of the customers ask this question is because at one time or the other thy have had to deal with online scammers. There are stories of customers that sent their payments ending up with no strains or paying and receiving either the wrong strains or low quality seeds that do not germinate.

Crop King Seeds is however a legit company that lives up to its reputation. The packages get to the customers on time, discreetly and without any damages. The strains too are of the highest quality with equally high germination abilities.

Is there any record at the company of my private details?

Many of the weed growers like to keep their business private. For this reason, they would not want their private information out there for everyone to see. This is so especially for customers from states or regions with strict marijuana growth regulations.

Crop King Seeds does not store any of the customer’s private details nor do they sell any of their customer’s information to other online retailers.

Product reviews

Below is a review of two of the most popular strains from crop king seed bank




Candy Cane is an auto flowering strain that produces its buds in 7 weeks of growth. The plant does not grow to a high height and it does not require much maintenance to grow. It contains a THC level of 18% and a CBD level of between 0.10% and 0.40%.

The strain gives the users a buzz that stays on for between 30 and 50 minutes after consumption. Crop king seed ships the strain all over the world.

Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush is another popular strain from CKS. The feminized seed grows into a thick crop with sticky and many buds. The strain takes between 10 and 12 weeks to grow fully. Bubba Kush also provides quality and high quantity yields that amount to between 80 and 100 grams per crop. The plant is good for relaxing and as a pain reliever especially after surgery.

Wrapping it up

Crop King Seeds is a favourite with many customers. The high ratings are all because of the great customer service coupled with the quality of the seeds that the bank offers. The fact that the seeds come with a guarantee of germination is also another reason for the high popularity.

The seed bank also provides the customers with all information they need online. Navigation through the website is easy even for first time growers. They also have quality shipping options that ensure their customers get their seeds in good condition through discrete mailing.

Even though the prices of the seeds are high, the cost is worth the quality of the strains. The limited variety of the strains is also an advantage as they company is in a better position to engineer every strain. For more information on the different strains on offer, you can always check the seed banks website.

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