Tom’s Tumbler TTT 1900 Dry Trimmer, Separator, And Pollen Extraction System

Trimming cannabis buds is one of the essential phases if you want to have a high yield. It is also one of the most strenuous exercises to carry out, especially if you decide to use your hands. To avoid the strain and wasting time while trimming the buds, you need to invest in a quality bud trimmer.

Trimming separates cannabis buds from the leaves, providing you with a smoothness that is gentle on the throat. Separating the leaves from the buds also helps to increase THC levels. One of the best buds trimmers in the market is Tom’s tumbler TTT 1900 Dry Trimmer, Separator, And Pollen Extraction System.

It not only makes the work more comfortable but it also saves you a lot of time. Using the trimmer also saves you costs, as you do not have to hire professional trimmers to carry out the task. Below is a review of the product.

Toms Tumble Trimmer 1900 Dry Bud Trimmer Machine

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Summary of key features

  • Measures 36 by 24 by 8 inches
  • Weighs 30.8 pounds
  • Two nets for quality kief
  • Removable dust cover
  • Durable and sturdy furniture grade PVC with aluminum axle construction
  • Heavy-duty motor with speed control
  • Lubricate zippers


Toms Tumble Trimmer 1900 Dry Bud Trimmer Machine


Tom’s Trimmer is a versatile bladeless system that trims, separates, and extracts. The system is fast, gentle, effective, and it provides value for money, making it one of the best trimmers in the market today. It is also cost-efficient as it helps to cut labor allowing you to save even up to 90% of your money and time without compromising the work quality.

The system is ideal for medium and small size marijuana growers. Tom’s Tumbler TTT 1900 is also a great product that makes work easier for low to medium processors. The functions of the system include the removal of lower leaves from the flowers to help with the preservation of aroma, structure, and healthy trichomes. It does this efficiently without any wastage or damage.

It also uses interchangeable mesh nets to trim, separate, and extract pollen. The TTT 1900 also processes the cannabis for the next stage. It can handle one to two pounds in a 3 to 5-minute cycle or six to twelve pounds in one hour. The construction of the system is a durable furniture-grade PVC frame that comes with a 50-watt high torque DC motor.

The motor has a variable speed control that helps you to choose the rate at which you want to carry out the functions. It also comes with two mesh nets used for trimming and separating. Another inclusion is a pollen extraction 151-micron net.

A removable dust cover, a food-grade aluminum drum, axle, and a funnel flow bag are also other accessories that come with the TTT system. The whole tom’s tumbler TTT 1900 system measures 26 by 45 inches, which includes the drums, dust cover, motor, and frame. It is easy to maintain too.

The accessories, such as the mesh nets are easily washable. You can wash the pollen net using your hands and alcohol. The zipper quickly lubricates using aerosols spray, cooking oil, or beeswax. Assembling the system is also not hard and does not require expertise or a professional to put the pieces together.

To help you with installation and setup, it comes with directions. All the parts of the system have one-year warranty coverage for replacements. Using the product also requires taking maximum precautions that include wearing goggles and safety gloves, not putting pressure on the grate, and keeping your fingers from touching the blades or the glades.

On top of all the fantastic features of the tom’s tumbler TTT 1900 system, you also get the best customer service from the manufacturer. You can call them up with any questions regarding the system to get everything that you need. The system is also easily portable.


  • Comes with versatility as it trims, separates, and extracts
  • It also processes
  • Gentle operations
  • It is noiseless
  • Provides fast applications
  • Cost-efficient as it helps to cut down on time, labor, and costs
  • Helps to preserve the structure, aroma, and health of the trichomes
  • It has a durable and sturdy construction
  • It comes with a high-quality motor with variable speed controls
  • Portable
  • Ideal for small to medium cannabis growing
  • Easy to install and use with the help of an instruction manual
  • Requires minimal maintenance as the nets are easily washable
  • Comes with a convenient removable dust cover that helps to keep the workstation clean
  • It comes with a one-year warranty for all parts replacements
  • Great customer service
  • Great value for money


  • It can be extremely dangerous if you do not take precautions while using it

Customer review

With an average rating of 4.8 stars, Tom’s Tumbler TTT 1900 System is a favorite with many growers. 81% of those that reviewed the system gave it a five-star rating, which goes to show just how good it is. They praised it for its ability to save on time and its easy maintenance.

Out of the ten reviews, the only primary concern was the fear of the PVC material becoming weak with time. With the best care, this would not be a problem for anyone. The other complaint was from a customer that did not get hemp oil for the zipper with the package, which is not a huge problem.

Overall, we can all agree that the three-in-one system is a great purchase.


Wrapping it up

Trimming cannabis leaves and buds is not an easy task, especially if you do not have the right tools. The good thing is that the market has tons of products to use to make work easier. However, some of the products do not give you practical and optimal results. You need to use products that not only make the trimming job easier but also protect the trichomes allowing you to get the most of the THC content.

Tom’s Tumbler TTT 1900 Dry Trimmer, Separator, And Pollen Extraction System comes with all the qualities you would want in a trimming product. What is even better is that the system is a 3-in-1 that comes with a reasonable price and easy to use abilities.

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