T8 Led Grow Lights Bulbs Review

As a cannabis grower, you understand that to get the best harvest in an indoor garden; you need to set up an environment with the best growing conditions. One of the most important factors to consider is light. Your plants need a light that equals in comparison to that of the sun in a controlled environment. But which light should you choose from all the different types that are flooding the market?


The T8 grow light rivals many in the benefits that it gives you and your indoor garden. A T8 lighting unit can deliver a light spectrum that will support your cannabis through the different growing stages. It is also one of the best lights to use in a vertical farming system. Here are some of the top T8 grow lights that you can get for your indoor garden.

Best T8 Grow Light Bulbs

GrowLED LED T8 – LED Grow Light Tube

One of the T8 LED Grow Lights that stand out is the GrowLED LED T8 LED Grow Light Tube. The grow light tubes make use of both red and blue spectrum that is close to that of sunlight to help in the growth of plants. The wavelength ranges from 650nm to 450nm supporting plants through the germination, vegetative stage, and flowering phase. The grow lights tubes are very versatile as you can install them indoors, in a growing rack, or a vertical farm. You can, therefore, use them in both a hydroponic and aeroponic setup. The bulbs have a low heat output. You can use them without fear of burning your plants due to heat. Additionally, they do not consume much power allowing you to save up to 40 percent of your lighting utility bill. The tube will service your farm for a long time before you make any changes.


  • It is easy to install and use
  • The grow light delivers a light that is close in comparison to that of the sun
  • It does not emit a lot of heat
  • The light from the tube can support all the phases of your cannabis plants growth
  • It is energy efficient saving you on paying large sums for electricity


  • The light it produces is very bright that it may hurt your eyes if you look at it directly

LightWise T8 Grow Light DL544 4 FT 4 Tubes Economy Fixture

If you are on a budget, but you still want to get a grow light that can deliver the best results to your cannabis plants, you should consider getting the LightWise T8 Grow Light DL544 economy light fixture. The lighting unit is one of the cheapest in the market, but it is better than some grow lights in the market today. The grow light delivers a light intensity of 13500 lumens that is powerful enough to support the growth of your plants. It does not consume much power helping you to save on your utility bill. The lamp comes with four 700 series Phillips bulbs together with a UL approved ballast. It also comes with hangers that allow you to hang it anywhere in your grow tent. The whole body is water-resistant, allowing you to operate the light even in a damp area.


  • It is cheap
  • It provides a vigorous light intensity
  • The grow light is waterproof
  • It readily supports the blooming phase of plants


  • It is not easy to change the position of the lamp since the hanging strings are not adjustable

T8 Full Spectrum Grow Lights

Sumerflos T8 LED Grow Light

The Sumerflos T8 LED Grow Light boast of providing a full spectrum led grow lights to your indoor plants acting as a perfect replacement to natural light. The grow light produces a blue light in the range of 420 to 495 nm that is important in the growth of seedlings. It gives off a red light ranging between 610 nm to 710 nm playing an essential role in the blooming and fruiting of the plant. It also produces a green yellow and orange light that gives the plants a healthy look. The grow light fixture comes with an aluminum reflector that helps to dissipate heat efficiently and provide the LED chips of the lamp a longer lifespan. It makes use of integrated LED chips to distribute light uniformly on the plants. The LED lamp tubes have an extendable design that allows you to join together up to 4 grow lights without the need of using connecting wires. The grow light uses light beads to provide a warm white light that is not too bright for the eyes. It is easy to install and use the grow light as it has a plug and play feature. Once you follow all the installation instructions given, the light will become operational within just a few minutes. The grow light is a favorite to many indoor growers.


  • The grow light provides your plants with a full spectrum light that is similar to that of the sun
  • The light is distributed equally on your plants
  • The bulb has a long lifespan thereby saving you costs on unwanted replacements
  • You can keep your grow room neat since the lamp does not use too much wiring
  • It is easy to use as you only need to plug on the on and off switch


  • You need to continually refill water back to the tent when using the lamp

Barrina LED Grow Light, T8 Full Spectrum

You should ensure that your plants’ transition from the vegetative phase to the flowering stage with ease by using the right light. One such light that you need to consider acquiring is the Barrina LED Grow Light. The lighting fixture can help reduce the costs that you use when growing your plants. It can also extend the flowering period of your cannabis plants and help improve the quality of your cannabis buds. The grow lamp produces a full spectrum light consisting of red, blue, and green wavelengths supporting plant growth from germination to flowering. It is effortless to install as you only need to connect the power cords, and the lights will start functioning. The lamps come with a linkable feature that allows you to join up to 6 bulbs together without the need for connectors or cords. The grow light contains a reflector made up of aluminum that helps to improve the efficiency of light falling on the plants by 17 to 20 percent. The aluminum reflector also helps in increasing the efficiency of heat dissipation, thereby protecting the LED chips from burning up and dying early. The grow light can last for as long as 50,000 hours with continuous use. The manufacturer offers a two-year warranty on the grow light assuring you that you are purchasing the right product.


  • It provides a full spectrum light that is important for the growth of your plants
  • It produces a bright light
  • The lamp is highly efficient
  • It creates a super bright light that replaces 1400W of general plant light while using only 252W
  • The grow light can last for a very long time, with a given span of 50,000 hours.
  • Installation is simple and organized without the need for many wires
  • The grow light provides enough value for its price


  • The grow light gives off a lot of heat. You need to have an excellent and operational ventilation system to control the internal climate of your grow room and increase the lifespan of your LED chips.

EAMATE White Light Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

The EAMATE White Light Full Spectrum LED Grow Light is one of the best T8 LEDs that produce a bright white light that is great for your indoor cannabis plants. The grow light gives a full spectrum light that fully supports your cannabis planta through all the stages of plant growth. Its white light may be bright, but it does not harm the eyes. The LED chips that make up the bulb are highly efficient and economical as they help you to preserve electricity by up to 70 percent. You will, therefore, save on your utility bill. The bulb is housed in a polished aluminum shell that helps to reflect light to the plants minimizing on any wastage of light and maximizing on plant growth and increasing the plant’s yield. It is effortless to operate the device as it has an on and off feature that you only need to plug and start running. There is no complicated wiring required as the bulbs have an extendable feature that allows you to connect up to 6 bulbs together, creating a chain. You can, therefore, expand your grow tent to whatever size you want without worry. Due to the amount of heat the bulbs produce while operational, it is essential to position them 4 to 12 inches away from the cannabis plants canopy. You should also ensure that there is plenty of water in the grow room.


  • The grow light is energy efficient
  • It produces a high quality full-spectrum light that perfectly replaces natural light and brings out the best of your plants throughout all their stages of growth.
  • It is easy to install and operate. You only need to connect the on and off feature and switch it
  • The grow light is lightweight and does not too many cables creating a messy grow tent
  • The aluminum reflector helps to improve the distribution of light by reflecting light to the plant’s canopy


  • It produces a lot of heat that may burn your plant’s leaves if positioned too closely.

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Summing up

Even though no bulb can provide you with light that 100 percent resembles the sun’s natural light, the T8 grow light provides you with a close comparison that supports plant growth delivering incredible results to your plants. To add on, you can get the lights at budget-friendly prices. Considering this, you should consider getting the grow light if you want to have an abundant harvest at minimal costs.

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